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Bo s struggles to connect ink on pages to the living boy he once was accentuate the edifice of memory and the extent to which we interpret and meticulously craft even a genuine memory As we follow Yambo s efforts Eco invites s to consider the connection between what we read what we think and who we are between lived experience and read experience between knowledge gleaned in the world and knowledge gleaned through the written word It brings to my mind a pet metaphor of medieval monks which compares reading to eating To read is to consume a whole digest it and to absorb its nutrients If you are what you eat as they say then to the medieval scholar you are literally what you read What one reads becomes one s identity insofar as it crafts one s thoughts and helps determine one s actions This view of identity as thought does not conform neatly with current fixations on identity as deed but as with so much from the Middle Ages I think we benefit from entertaining such ideas and I was tickled if not surprised to discover them floating around in a work by Eco a consummate medievalist by temperament if not by tradeI will not here reveal the final issue of Yambo s labors because whether or not he recovers his memory constitutes the point of tension The Duchess of Vidal upon which the plot relies for its momentum I had intended to address my single criticism of this novel but it seems wiser now to glance over it if not swallow it completely It pertains to Yambo s adolescent view of women and one woman in particular a view I found discordant with the otherwise rather acute emotional as well as academic intelligence of the character Would a man so obsessed with the mind really carry a lifelong torch for a boyhood crush based solely on appearance But none ofs is consistent so perhaps this is no criticism at all and merely an observation of what I found nlikable about Eco s protagonist When I remember reading this book and what I took from it this will probably be a detail I will selectively omit crafting my memory willfully so that I recall only my enjoyment of the book which was considerable I read every 449 pages of this book and feel like I wasted a lot of time This book needs SO MUCH editing The premise and some of the ideas presented had great potential for a very interesting story however it fails in almost every way There is no characterization the story barely moves from page 1 to page 449 and there are many story lines which are left nfinished 90% of the book is tedious description of dated material such as books records photographs etc which are suppose to evoke certain memories for the main character but the writing is factually descriptive to the point there is no room for sentimentality or connection for the reader I also had a hard time believing the main character would be intellectually limited to his ideas of how his personality was spawned by these random objects he found in his childhood home In part 3 which I am sure a lot of readers don t even make it to there is actually a section which would have made a terrific short story on it s own Sadly it doesn t make p for the rest of the book Additionally my copy of the book was poorly laid out the corresponding photosdrawings were placed too far ahead or too far back from the writing To place an image and have to flip back to see it once it becomes clear what it refers to makes no sense I m really lukewarm on this novel I bought it when it first came out in paperback here in the US and then put it p on the shelf next to The Brotherhood of the Rose and let it sit there like a bottle of wine The Winning of Andromache until last week I admired all of the colorful illustrations in it but the synopsis of the story itself didn t really grab me Anyway long weekends of staying inside prompted me to pull it down from the shelf andncork it Much of it is pretty good from the point of view of a middle Aged Guy Myself The Big Difference Being That I Myself guy myself The big difference being that I myself not spend my formative years nder a fascist dictatorship But I could relate to the pursuit of one s past through the books of one s childhood For most guys my age in the US that could be The Hardy Boys Doc Savage GI Joe Wacky Packages Batman boy scouts school primers and capitalist propaganda For our protagonist it wasn t much different Comic books heroes like Flash Gordon records radio anthems and fascist propaganda But then much of the novel is like looking at someone else s scrapbooks You see what was meaningful to them yet you re still distant from really knowing them Maybe that s the point Then was meaningful to them yet you re still distant from really knowing them Maybe that s the point Then is the all consuming nconsummated first great love in our past The one you admired from nearby the one who made your reel with vertigo if you got too close to her or him in school We chase after her in all the subseuent relationships of our lives She s always there faceless in the fog of adolescent memory This book is about her as well But I don t imagine anyone besides me wants to know about that girl So you read this book admire the pictures and think about your first crush and then move on Still I did kind of like it This book really disappointed in the end after giving a fairly fascinating glimpse of the culture of an Italian childhood Male Medusa, Caught in Coils (Otherkind Kink: Male Medusa, under Fascism I was enjoying the plot and then suddenly it ends in this inexplicable way as if Eco suddenly got horribly sick of writing the thing I m keeping it for the gorgeous color reproductions Umberto Eco is a novelist of ideas His The Name of the Rose even though a thrilling mystery story was actually a primer on medieval Christianity and monastery life Foucault s Pendulum which I couldn t complete is a textbook on occultism and conspiracy theories The Mysterious Flame ofeen Loana is ostensibly a novel about a man searching for his lost memory but it is actually a treatise on growing Leaving Loneliness up as a bookworm in fascist ItalyThe point is attempt this book only if you are happy with long rambling passages full of information because nothing much happens here If you are the kind of person who wa. Nas montanhas do Piemonte onde passou grande parte de sua infância e adolescência E é láe Yambo na verdade Giambattista Bodoni The Man They Wanted Me to Be um comerciante de livros antigos já na meia idade mergulha em sua própria vida Com a ajuda de músicas odores livros eadrinhos coisas e viu e tocou há sessenta anos Yambo tenta retornar para o presente De Flash Gordon e Dick Tracy ao primeiro amor Umberto Eco resgata sua própria juventude misturando se página a página com seu protagonista Justificando o subtítulo Romance ilustrado Eco passou dois anos à procura de imagens e ícones e representassem a memória de Yambo e a sua própria A Misteriosa Chama da Rainha Loana recompõe a história da Itália dos anos 1930 e 40 Eco traz à tona histórias de Julio Verne; discos de 78 rotações; figurinhas de álbuns. I rounded نامه های عین القضات همدانی / جلد اول up 35 starsAs a translator I am confident in stating the problem with translation is translation The Mysterious Flame ofeen Loana is meant to be read in its original and by those who truly appreciate pop culture and memories thereof The words are well translated into English the ideas are adapted properly to English the strain lies in this Latin based language speakers culturally Die Plotter use five sentences where an English speaker wouldse one Normally this is not a problem we readers can easily transport ourselves to the culture in which the book is written and find comfort in all five sentences In this case however transporting reuires an enormous amount of historical knowledge of WWII Italy that challenges even the most resourceful of outsiders in this case outsiders being non Italians as well as those not well versed in earlier pop culture I spent much time looking The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl up references in this book which took away so much from the flow I also found so much of what I lookedp to be rather obscure in nature making it hard to identify with the main character s specific memoriesThe great redeeming ality of the book is the descriptive process of reordering memory The premise of the book a man who loses all memory save for those of the books he has read lends to a great philosophical debate both for the character and naturally and perfectly for the reader This is classic Umberto Eco great philosophical debate tied p in a suspenseful storyline Indeed the best part of the book involves the gorge what a great physical representation of its philosophical counterpart and the book s ending the culmination of philosophical dilemma in a great gush of arguments and ideas I won t say book spoilers stink but I do still recommend this book for those who are drawn to Eco are aware of the reference and cultural pitfalls this particular book may present are curious about WWII era Italy and above all contemplate the gorges and abysses of our own rocky memory The beauty and richness of Eco s language is as good as it gets in this book Every sentence was a work of verbal art The language sang to me I was awed by its power Truly a great novelExampleThis man a failure since birth not only reads he also writes I could write too could add my own monsters to those that scuttle with their ragged claws across the silent sea floors That man ruins his eyes over pages on which he sets down his obsessions in muddy ink from inkwells whose bottoms are thick with sludge like Turkish coffee He ruined them as a boy reading by candlelight he ruined them in the penumbra of libraries his eyelids reddening He writes with the help of strong lenses dogged by fears of going blind If not blind then paralytic his nerves are shot he has pains and numbness in one leg his fingers twitching involuntarily his head shakes badly He writes with his thick glasses nearly touching the pageP399 This was not as engrossing as The Name of the Rose and not as complex as Foucault s Pendulum but The Mysterious Flame of een Loana hit me harder and at a personal level than Eco s other books The theme is nostalgia and personal identity Through Yambo s amnesia Eco explores the way in which we construct our identities through scraps from our past what books we ve read movies we ve seen music we ve heard experiences we ve had It also shows that what we choose to forget and how we choose to tell our own stories are just as important as what we remember and the objective facts of our lives The honesty with which Eco traces Yambo s as what we remember and the objective facts of our lives The honesty with which Eco traces Yambo s will strike every reader close to home Yambo s experiences are his own but they will also call to mind the childhood and adolescent experiences of any reader I found myself spending a lot of time in my own past while reading this book and thinking about my own personal storyThe final third of the book is a tour de force a secular pop culture Divine Comedy that is spectacular *and mind bending I wouldn t recommend this as your first Eco book * mind bending I wouldn t recommend this as your first Eco book if you re a fan of his other works The Mysterious Flame of een Loana is not to be missed The Mysterious Flame of een Loana tells of an antiuarian book dealer who has suffered a stroke and lost all memory of the people in and events of his life At the novel s outset the protagonist Yambo begins the daunting work of trying to reinsert himself into the life he has forgotten He finds that he does not recognize his family or closest friends but can still appraise a 17th century work of natural history His only sparks of memory relate to books he has read These come back to Him In Snippets Names in snippets Names plotlines Yambo laments to his wife that his memory is made of paper In an attempt to reconnect with any memories of real people or actual events he takes a solitary trip back to his childhood home in a rustic town called Solara At Solara Yambo finds booksThe majority of The Mysterious Flame describes these books and how poring over them at 60 Yambo imagines what he must have taken from them as a child This central portion of The Mysterious Flame the meat of the novel is filled with images from the books magazines and comics Yambo finds which is a wonderful boon to Eco s readers in following Yambo s mental journey Performing this task of self rediscovery Yambo concocts an elaborate method of reference and cross reference to try and reclaim memories of himself at 7 at 10 at 13 For example as he reads a comic book from his 6th grade year he plays music that would have been current looks at newspapers from the period to give himself context of world events at that time tracks down his school notebooks to retrieve what he may have thought when he read this book or that The Yambo reads however the farther his pre stroke memory retreats With every book he encounters he creates a new memory of himself as a child interpreted by himself as an old man but without actually remembering that childhood as he lived it Is knowing what he read as a child enough to infer who he was or who he became Yam. Imagine acordar m dia e perceber Make Your Moment ue você perdeu a memória Não sabe onde está como se chamaem é sua mulher ou marido se é casado ou não Approaching the Guitar uem são se ée existem seus filhos É o I, Afterlife ue acontece com Yambo o protagonista do novo romance de Umberto Eco A Misteriosa Chama da Rainha Loana Yambo lembra se de Waterloo de como se dirigem automóvel e se escova os dentes mas não lembra Can I Tell You about Nystagmus? uem ele é Permanece a memória semântica sabe tudoe leu sobre Napoleão ou Julio César e consegue citar trechos inteiros da Divina Comédia e automática mas perdeu se a memória afetiva o Last Whales ue constitui seu ser e sua própria história Depois do comae causou a amnésia por recomendação médica Yambo viaja para a casa de campo The Art of War ue fora de seu avôm colecionador de tralhas inuilharias jornais e revistas antigas.
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Nts to forego all the preliminaries and cut to the chase this novel is not for you But if like me you enjoy infodumps you might enjoy muddling through this tomeSignor Yambo Bodoni a seller of ancient books has had an incident what exactly happened is never stated but we may assume it was a stroke which has left him with a strange form of amnesia Usually an amnesiac retains his implicit memory which allows him to brush his teeth swallow his food and even drive a car However explicit memory which contains the record of the actual such operations he has carried out in the past is gone In the case of Yambo due to a strange irk he has lost only part of his explicit memory that which is called episodic memory related to his actual actions The part called semantic memory which records the results of those actions is largely intact What this means is that Yambo can remember the books he has read and that he has retained the knowledge he has accumulated without actually remembering how he did it And needless to say he has no personal memories leftIn attempt to get his past back Yambo travels to his ancestral home in Solara where he spent most part of his childhood with his paternal grandfather his parents having died ite early There in his ancestral home he rummages through his childhood books magazines notebooks and music to trace a trail of paper memory in the hope of capturing his lost personality In the process he goes through a wealth of childhood memorabilia hoarded in the attic and boarded p chapel of the villa during the growth and collapse of the fascist empire of Benito MussoliniYambo has flashes of recognition when he hears a piece of music or reads a particular line in a book He calls it a flame which lights The History of the Future up his mental fog giving glimpses of a lost time In fact he is obsessed with metaphors about fog which keep on running through his mind As he digs through the books comics and magazines he devoured as a child and listens to the music from a vanished time he is suddenly plunged into the dark well of his buried memory and the story moves towards its climaxAs a novel I would call this a resounding failure There is no characterisation at all apart from Yambo most are pasteboard there is no plot development hell there is no plot worth the name and there is little temporal movement However if one considers this a treatise on popular culture during the days of Mussolini as I said at the outset it isite an enjoyable read especially because Eco floods the book with colourful illustrations and garish posters We are actually part of Yambo s journey through his troubled pastThe author sees the attic as a sort of womb into which his character can enter and come out in symbolic rebirth If a cellar prefigures the Sanzoku Ou - King of Bandits Vol. 9 underworld the attic promises a certain threadbare paradise where dead bodies appear in a pulverulent glow a vegetal elixir that in the absence of green makes you feel you are in a parched tropical forest an artificial canebreak where you are immersed in a tepid saunaI had thought cellars symbolised the welcome of the mother s womb with their amniotic dampness but this aerial womb madep for that with an almost medicinal heat And in that luminous maze where if you pushed aside a couple of roof tiles you would see the open sky a composite mustiness hung in the air the odour of silence and calm I have a feeling Eco here is trying to talk about the lost memory of a generation of Italians where fascism has been safely ensconced in its attic retreat Maybe it s memory of a generation of Italians where fascism has Been Safely Ensconced In Its safely ensconced in its retreat Maybe it s for the country to go back there and dust it out to come to terms with itAll in all rather a disappointment I was about 150 pages into the book when I started feeling the way you feel when you re looking through stacks of photo albums with someone you don t really know who s telling you very detailed stories about people you ve never met and places you ve never been people and places to whom you have no connectionIn the end the concept of the book which is what drew me to it in the first place was what is what drew me to it in the first place was what it weak People are interesting because of their experiences their memories of them their stories Yambo a blank slate at the beginning of the book has none of these and 300 pages is a long way to go to get them By t I expected a lot from this book when I bought it and I have to say that I was My First Glitter Book, Colors (Board book) uite dissappointed I liked the lead character a lot and the offset for the plot was excellent but it seemed to me that he Ecodidn t play around enough with all the possibilities which his character s situation allowedAt Solara the idea of trying to recover his history by surrounding himself with his childhood things was very appealing to me but at some point I got sick of rummaging through old vinyl discs and stamp collections with him I enjoyed the stories about the books but these too grew old after a while Though it was interesting to learn about Facist Italy from the perspective of a boyspoilerI liked the twist since it s not really a twist when he found the old book had a stroke and started floating amongst his memories againIt was very satisfying to finallynderstand who he is and where he comes from But what wasn t satisfying was the ending The idea of all the characters from the comics and books which inhabited his life to come to him in his final moments is charming but it also left me with a sour taste in my mouth since the author left all the ends rather loose I still would like to know what happened with the book he foundHighlights Gragnola I think that was his name and his long speech about why god is a facist sent me holleringAlso Yambo s musing about whether he s dreaming or dreaming of dreaming or perhaps just existing in a sort of suspended state as just a brain floating in fluid into whom someone sends images as he wishes Reminded me of the Matrix So to sum it p I wasn t too thrilled by this book though it had its momentsuote By war s end I had learned a great deal not only how babies are born but also hoe jews die7507. Famosos; gibis; as obras de Emilio Salgari; canções populares por onde passam jovens frágeis e inesuecíveis Signorinella pallida outras apaixonadas C eravamo tanti amati ousadas patriotas Le ragazze di Trieste; além dos hinos fascistas com suas promessas de perenes primavera e juventude Primavera Giovinezza visando ao fortalecimento moral das fronteiras do Império Italiano E mais o rádio de galena as ondas curtas e a BBC de Londres Toda ma semiologia Kent Hrbeks Tales from the Minnesota Twins Dugout ue leva aos tempos do Fascismo e às portas da Segunda Grande GuerraMontado oebra cabeça A Misteriosa Chama da Rainha Loana revela se a autobiografia de Goodbye My Fancy uma geração Um romance fábula sensívele mostra e muitas vezes é preciso revisitar o passado para viver o presente Um livro emocionante cheio de calor e lembranças de suspiros e saudad.