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PersBut what s really interesting is the discussion of eco friendly yarns at the beginning It s a good uick reference There are a ton of cute projects in this book well written charts as needed Some cables some lace some basic some complex The yarns used are all green yarns like Eco Wool yarn is neither dyed nor chemically processed or Schulana Sojabama bamboo soya a fiber from soybeans that is similar to silk in feelThere s smaller projects like Sustainable Bamboo Scarf Soap Nut Vessels a little bag to throw your soap nuts into There s wearables like like Sustainable Bamboo Scarf Soap Nut Vessels a little bag to throw your soap nuts into There s wearables like Sprout tank which uses Classic Elite Sprout yarn organic cotton or the classically styled All North American Hoodie using St Denis Nordiue wool yarn a yarn grown harvested processed distributed all in North America Filled with thoughtful essays about what it means to nit green The essays might be my favorite part of the book Several patterns I d like to try when I become slightly proficient The Caterina wrap videvik shawl and slippers look interesting. Organic and Are natural dyes safer than chemical dyes Providing 20 clever designs for earth friendly garments accessories gifts and home furnishings craft enthusiasts of all skill levels will projects that balance the altruism of saving the planet with the joyful benefits of their favorite ,

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D it or reviewed it So I got it from the library Again And I Love and I love Either I ve never seen it before or I was in a funk when I looked at it There are some great pattern sin here and I love the reviews of the green products I favorited 4 projects in this book May be worth buying this one The essays about environmentally conscious aspects of Rejected Rejected Rejected knitting were great I almost wish that had been the whole book None of the patterns were particularly interesting to me possibly because none of them would actually be flattering on me or possibly anyone over say a size 6 or 8 I didn t check sizing to see how large they were going because well they were all very boxy and looked like they d be a pain in the neck to modify Less information than Knit Green It hasnitting projects and intermixed guest pieces One person said they didn t vaccinate their sheep So many things I d love to make in this book especially the skirts There are creative home accessories to make as well like a soap nut bag structured tote and cute slip. Electing organic products facilitating an alternative to chemical detergent recycling old projects reducing disposable plastic bags and creating pieces that provide warmth and save on energy #And Timely This Practical #timely this practical explains answers to important uestions such as What makes a yarn. ,
I was a little disappointed with this book I thought it was going to be a bit informative than it was Instead I didn t really learn anything that I didn t already Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison know The patterns while fine weren t really for me The essays from various people in thenitting community were nice though Great ideas great essays I made the commuter napsack which gorgeous although there seems to be some errata in the flap I haven t found it documented but made written it is way too big and has funny proportions I m actually still working out the best number of stitches to cast on but it looks like no than 65 not the 99 in the pattern Still I liked the patterns and ideas Worth a look Interesting read but I didn t really love any of the actual patterns I enjoyed this book for the discussion about moving towards greener sustainable approach to nitting recognizing it is not a simple all or nothing discussion that has many nuances some interesting projects to go
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to I thought I read this book But I had not marke. Detailing a wide range of perspectives and approaches to environmental issues this uniue crafting manual offers ideas for nitting conscientiously Leading figures of the industry from designers to yarn company executives share their methods for integrating green principles into their work and lives Knitting Green