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An innocent at heart and the kind of person who lets life rush around him and carry him towards his next opportunity Even his relationship with Robin seemed muted by an innocence that I can t describe properly Piv was at once worldly yet sheltered and though he dreamed big his mindset kept him forever shuffling to the beat OF POWERFUL DRUMMERSROBIN S PERSONALITY WAS A STARK CONTRAST powerful drummersRobin s personality was a stark contrast Piv S She Wanted To Roam And Be Free Piv s She wanted to roam and be free she was still very tied to a foreign belief of ntitlement Falling in love with Piv gave Robin an anchor but it never really filled the hole that was constantly xposed in her soul In really filled the hole that was constantly xposed in her soul In life with Piv Robin is the composed foreign woma We are so proud of Zoe Zolbrod s debut novel first novel in the Morgan Street International Novel Series Currency is the book I m looking for when I xperiment with genre fiction However Currency isn t genre fiction because the characters are so well developed and the relationships are not secondary to the plotI viscerally xperienced the needs of the characters They need sleep food money ach other safety and finally their own homes One seuence in an airport in Singapore left me with that relieved feeling of waking up from a bad dream and realizing it wasn t realIt is a devastating treatment of the traveling American hipster that wants a beautiful xperience and looks to xotic Thailand When our main character ncounters multiple versions of herself that she must differentiate herself from she gets into trouble She can t let go of her ntitlement and her need to be a better backpack rat than all the other backpack rats in Thailand Even though her uest is vain I want her to succeed in her uest because I like her The other main character the boyfriend Piv I want him to succeed too He has his own issues about identity A uestion I have for other readers is how they take Piv s internal dialog which is in less than fluent English I think this style serves to illustrate a slightly alien mind at work I could imagine someone uestioning it because wouldn t an internal dialog be fluent If it was fluent English would it come across as just slightly alien intelligence Is it the author s responsibility to make it happen without relying on missing articles Piv s xperience with wrestling snakes into panty hose was awesome It makes me chuckle to think about it nowThe book is also asking if I m not supposed to be selling cars and not supposed to be living a freewheeling xistence helping to digest the world s dwindling supply of Rhinos what AM I supposed to do with this lifeAfter numerous clues that Robin s traveling should nd the hammer comes down and it is great reading when it does There are scary people coming at her from very uarter and I really felt like it was happening to me People s faces change from cultured to animalistic than the creatures she is smuggling It contributes to a growing darkness in the storyCriticisms Her conversations with her dad ring false to me Maybe I ve never xperienced such an inept father Anyway the point is that her father is no help and she has to get out of her situation by her own wits Better to A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, edit anything about her father. Piv her charismatic Thai lover who dreams of a better life becomembroiled in the. When Piv and Robin meet a tentative and touching bond is formed Piv Is A Native is a native Thailand and is a small time hustler living on the fly according to how his luck is transpiring Robin on the other hand is an American backpacker who has dreams of settling in Thailand after seeing the world one stop at a time Piv and Robin share the sights shop and have a great time living amongst the other tourists and natives but soon their supply of ready money begins to dwindle alarmingly Through the rose tinted glasses of new love Piv and Robin begin to "Dream Up Schemes That Will " up schemes that will them to continue their languorous life together One day Piv decides to take a business chance with a group of foreigners he knows As Piv and Robin become invested in their new business opportunity Robin becomes increasingly anxious Why are these foreign men paying her to smuggle unmarked cartons out of the country Has she unwittingly become involved in drug trafficking Though Robin is unnerved with all these things Piv is much relaxed and seems to believe that he has no business asking uestions a fact that bothers and shames Robin and sends their relationship into a tail spin When Robin secretly opens one of the cartons as it is in transport she is horrified by what she finds and begins to try to free herself from the situation But Piv is loathe to make waves with his foreign friends and although he doesn t plan for it to happen he becomes an ill used pawn in a game of international smuggling a game that Robin can t save him from This intricate and involving thriller set in the The Shadow Reader exotic locale of Thailandxamines the ways in which two innocent people get caught up in a set of strange and dangerous circumstances that Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies endanger both self and otherAs an armchair traveler I get toxperience a lot of the world through the books I read I ve read a lot about many countries in Asia but must admit that reading about Thailand was new for me Aside from being a thrillersuspense novel this book really could be included in The Travel Genre As It Is Through The Eyes Of travel genre as it is through the yes of American tourist that the outer reaches of Thailand are xamined and magnified Not only was this book taut with suspense it was also the type of book that seeks to The Power Of A Choice explain the delicate balance thatxists between tourists and foreigners and the ways in which this balance can be disrupted or destroyedThis book is told through the alternating viewpoints of Piv and Robin and because of this the story takes on sort of a double life within its pages Piv is unassuming and na ve and sees the foreigners as people to mulate and become close to He carries no high scruples when it comes to his life casually taking rest in whatever opportunity arises He has had several short term relationships with foreign women and laments the fact that he can t seem to find permanence and stability in these flings When he meets Robin avenues begin to open up for Piv and though he recognizes this it doesn t stop him from continuing to live his hand to mouth xistence While reading the chapters told from Piv s point of view I came to realize that although he was an adept player in the world he lived in Piv was. Robin an American backpacker low on money but infatuated with travel and beauty and. Out of the story I think Set in Thailand in the mid 1990s this compelling novel has two protagonists Piv a young Thai man who has learned the financial and sexual benefits of flirting in English with foreign women and Robin a young American drifting around the world for as long as her credit cards hold out which won t be for much longer When they meet Piv says he will call her Nok a Thai nickname that means one bird Strapped for cash the lovers try out different ideas for making money including Piv s plan to make "Some Business With Very Dubious Acuaintances Piv And NokRobbin Are " business with very dubious acuaintances Piv and NokRobbin are two birds darting aimlessly around a field oblivious of the hunters stepping in closer and closer with their nets The leisurely pace of the narrative only prolongs the suspense This book is a fascinating xploration of love culture trust and conseuences of looking in the wrong places for asy money I really The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right enjoyed my time reading this book Actually I feel pretty sad that it s done because I was really involved in the world of the story What I learned from this book How to write one This book focuses on the relationship of Robin a young American backpacker touring Thailand and Piv her Thai boyfriend Robin and Piv have knownach other for only a short time and Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling each isn t uite sure of the other s intentions Yet they are very attracted to one another perhapsven in love Both think vaguely and romantically of some sort of Monsieur Pain export business they could work together to help themxtend their vacation love affair indefinitely Unfortunately Robin has run out of money and the two become involved with some seriously shady characters in an attempt to make money and stay together Robin and Piv are both sympathetic characters but they are complicated Robin s attraction to Piv may largely stem from the thrill of the new the different the other And Piv for his Part Has Made A Sort Of Living has made a sort of living of tourist girls He is not one to work hard and is always looking for a way to scam himself into a better life His actions have been fairly harmless to date but his character is uestionable The ambivalence Robin and Piv feel towards one another rings very true specially since they ve known one another for such a short time and since they ach have reason to be uncertain about the other Yet I was rooting for them to be together and to find a way to make it all work out I saw their relationship as a sort of dramatic stand in for very relationship in its arly stages when we ask ourselves How much do I know this person Is she who I think she is Maybe she s a jerk or worse but damn I m so attracted Robin and Piv of course have it worse since they also face daunting cultural conflicts The book is also highly visual the scenes played out so clearly it was practically as if a movie screen was before my yes The action gets intense and the author brings it all to a thrilling climax But for me the uieter uestions of identity and trust were the heart of this book Highly recommended This books was incredible She tells it from the perspective of a Thai man and his lover I felt like I wanted to read about the characters when the book nded Highly recommend. Dangerous world of international animal trafficking in this xotic literary thrill.

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