The Horseman's Bride (PDF)

Ill know that this is major especially since there is a big family secret involving all of them Me gust el personaje masculino E incluso ella pero como todo estas historias son flash Historias e bolsillo ue les falta profundidad Clara Seavers s Grandmother Mary has temporarily hired a new worker named Tanner to help her out on her ranch Grandma lives alone on the ranch next to the Seavers ranch At first Clara is worried about having a stranger on the ranch with Mary but when Tanner comes to their rescue one The Mystery of Risk day when twoirty lecherous men show up at Mary one Alchemy Arts day when twoirty lecherous men show up at Mary ranch and hold Clara and Mary at gunpoint Clara realizes the value of having him around Tanner also has a magnificent looking stallion that Clara is interested in breeding with her mares As they get to know each other a little better they become attracted to each other But Tanner has secrets of his own and he isn t planning on staying at the ranch longThis was a highly enjoyable read The book had some happy moments and some sad moments I liked the heroine Clara She was strong brave and spirited Clara always wanted to breed and train horses and loved working on her family s ranch I also liked Tanner whose real name was Jace Denby He used to work as a field Geologist Was An Engineer was an engineer he would have liked a future in politics but he voluntarily took the blame for his brother in law s murder and he has been on the run as a wanted man ever since The other characters in the book were interesting and likable especially Clara s Grandmother Mary I liked the time periodera of the book 1919 and I liked how the families were close and cared about each otherA lovely western historical romanc. Ired farmhand but she can't eny the rugged unexpectedly caring man ignites her spirit and heart The Jace fights their mounting passion the she'll risk to make him hers forev. The Horseman's BrideOne of the better romance novel s I had but in comparison to some other books I read this yearjust okayMildly complex character basic but compelling plot fun but unoriginal setting More bad things happened than I had expected Seems like a fairly mediocre read The langauge is trite and oesn t really capture the period at all Wooden characters The Life of Kitty Storm don t help I can t help but find Clara a pain Ending was trite and the whole story was just not that good The only thing I thought was interesting about this book was the way the author wove the new technologies cars and telephones into a modern 1919 western story She showed that folks weren t totally sold on cars but telephones filled a need that outlying areas could appreciate immediatelyLet me give you an example of why I think this novel is so awful But what he and Clara hadone had been an act of love he argued with himself To turn her away when she begged him to fulfill her would have been cruel What tripeI cannot imagine a 19 year old girl asking a 29 year old man to take her to bed in 1919 The story a 29 year old man to take her to bed in 1919 The story not engage me I skimmed the last half of the book just so I could say I finished it well It had all the ingredients just so I could say I finished it well It had all the ingredients love an innocent man accused of murder strong women Mary Clara Annie Hanna good and just male figures Judd and uint and the bad guy but it was for me uite previsible I had some very interesting moments but I was not hooked like usually I on t like the cover too lalala It s got some good things going for it but overall it s so mediocre it hurts This one is a spin off of the Seavers Brides series Again I liked the 1st one but not the seuel nor the spin offAt the beggi. A WANTED MANNot even a remote Colorado ranch can shelter Jace Denby while he's on the run He voluntarily took the blame for his brother in law's murder but one Therapy of Love danger this fu. Ning we learn that uint and Annie were not blessed with children It seemed sad but at the end uint and Annie were to finally be parents Then Claraiscovered the secret of her parentage but even at the end Clara idn t reveal what she learned I liked her at the beginning She was wary of Jace like any cautious girl must be of stranger Then They Get To Know Each Other And Fall In they get to know each other and fall in note to self linked with The Borrowed Bride and His Subsitute BrideJace Derby is a man on the run from the law He stops when he thinks it is safe and takes on odd jobs before isappearing again usually late at night Mary Gustavson hires him to help out on her ranch Clara Seavers is shocked after learning that her grandmother has hired a man she knows nothing about The fool fixed a part of the fence that has been own for years and pracitically killed her and her that has been own for years and pracitically killed her and her by oing so It was only skill that kept them from running full force into the wire fence She was spitting mad at the hunk until she saw his horse then all she could think of was using the prime flesh on her mares and having the best foal s next season Hopefully the stallion would get her mare s heart pounding as s next season Hopefully the stallion would get her mare s heart pounding as as his owner if he really owns him makes her pulse flutterJace is totally enchanted by the vibrant and fiesty granddaughter but he knows he can t stay long Fate is cruel to finally show him a woman he could see spending the rest of his life with but he is to honorable to rag her into his life Leaving Mary s ranch will be the hardest thing he will ever have to The Passport That Does Not Pass Ports do Excellent reead and so much happens like Uncle uint and his wife come for a visit Those who have read the other books Gitiveoesn't see coming is impulsive Clara Seavers With the law on his back he must leave though her beauty and fierce courage entice him to stay Clara oesn't trust this ,