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The Innocent's Surrender3rd reading Still good with the same Detention of Doom problems I was struck this time by how the heroine s stepmother got her happy ending by outliving her husband I not sure she earned her HEA since her lover was crippled because of her All of her children were horrible And she got to keep her immaculate reputationThis was a re read and I think I enjoyed it the second time around because I knew the forced seduction it was rape I won t sugarcoat it was coming and I wasn t reeling from it when I read on after that scene and I could see the hero s true feelings coming through view spoiler The marriageroposal out of the blue the next night makes Fromentin perfect sense now He really did have feelings for her even though he knew he had dug a huge hole for himself with no clear way to fulfill his dreams hide spoiler I m mildly ashamed to admit that I liked this book lolFirst things first let s get the majoroint of contention out of the wayTheir first sexual encounter if not strictly rape was most definitely dubious consent Honestly I m leaning towards the rape designation as seen in my keywords He doesn t Punishing My Slutty Little Sister physically force her but when a man tells you to get naked and get in the bed or else he ll have his men come and forcibly undress you that s rape So Ick and yetI still liked the book hangs head in shame It was nice to find out that while Alex hadn t been a saint that a lot of hisrevious reputation was exaggerated and it was Blood+: Russian Rose, Volume 2 plain to see that he was actually devoted to Natasha Of course it earned a spot on my notorious oh noes u saw me nekkid shelf which is as some of you may know aet eeve of mine I can t stand when a hero sees a heroine naked without her knowledge or consent drives me bonkers but it seems to be so opular in romances for some reason Get a clue authors that s not sexyclears throat Er Sorry Soapbox issue and all thatAnyway Natasha earned a Friedrich Barbarossa (Gestalten Des Mittelalters Und Der Renaissance) (German Edition) place on the TSTL shelf because she actually went along with her brothers scheme to begin with facepalm Yeah sooooo wouldn t have happened in real life but hey it s an HP that s why we read them trueAnd yeah I guessed what the sister s deal was waaaaaaaay back in the beginning though I didn t have the specifics uite worked out in my headYes it was contrived Yes it was melodramatic and yes the ending was way too neat andretty but that s all art of being an HP You wouldn t read them if you didn t enjoy a bit of a literary soap opera now would you DSo despite all the negatives I have to say that overall it was an enjoyable read 4 Stars There s a lot of cussing here And spoilers I m annoyedThis was just shit I read it all because I thought after the forced sex he s going to be doing some epic groveling to get ole chicky backNope No groveling And do you know why Why because she lurves him And he lurves her It happened in a glance from across the room years ago when she was a teenager Granted when he couldn t get her he went crazy and became a huge hormone driven slut but it s ok cause this is love And nothing says I love you like forced sex Yum yum And while everyone s screaming rape rape can we just say real uick err Wtf is up with ole girl I mean he has her brought into his bedroom He s there naked and waiting and is basically blackmailing her into sex and instead of fighting she s all for it She ll do it and make his life hell later Because giving up the v card is no big deal to her What in the ever loving fuck bucketsNo no no You do not go oh it s ok what s a little rape among friends You do not say I ll make his life hell eventually No you make his life hell right in that second Because fuck this cocksucker You do not make it easy for someone to hurt you You roast his frank and beans till he can t use the fucking things then offer to stomp out the fire for himI m not sure what issed me off about this book the main character or that a woman wrote this with a clear conscious Like it s erfectly all right for this kinda shit to go on and not only is it alright why it s romantic Eat my shit I enjoyed this for the crazy train HP it was I never fail to get a kick out of the outrageous things *these Greek tycoons will do for revenge and to get their woman I also never *Greek tycoons will do for revenge and to get their woman I also never to wonder exactly how many rivate Greek islands are off the coast of Greece There must be thousands because every Greek tycoon hn hero has one Plus with all the Greek bazillionaire tycoons you d think Greece would be the world s greatest financial ower Anyway back to the story The h is a British girl who was orphaned as a child Her father had a Greek tycoon friend who stepped in and swept the little girl off to Greece and raised "Her As His OwnCut "as his ownCut the h s early twenties Her Greek foster father had died several years before and she returned to England and has her own small business and a boyfriend she is thinking of giving her virginity to Then her foster brothers call and the crazy train boards thereview spoilerThe brothers say there s a serious business issue she must fly to Greece for foster father had given her a share in their shipping company When she gets there they talk her into signing a betrothal agreement to another Greek tycoon the hero whom she had seen once at a arty and never spoken to although she d subconsciously lusted after him ever since The H is her foster family s arch enemy however due to reasons no one will disclose Anyway the bros have this seemingly bizarre and out of left field lan to get a loan for their failing business by roposing a marriage in the guise of a eace offering to end the feud But actually they believe the appearance of an alliance with the incredibly wealthy H will make a bank likely to approve their loan Then once they get the cash they ll break the engagement and continue a feudin Yee HawHer brothers assure her the H will know they are just using him to get a loan and won t take the betrothal seriously and she has no reason to think this gorgeous international layboy would want to marry her The brothers claim they just hope to keep up the appearance long enough to get their loan The h just wanted to get back to England her boyfriend and her business as soon as ossible so she gives in and allows herself to be guilt trippedharassed into signing the betrothal agreement along wit. Natasha Kirby had long been saddened by her family's feud with the Mandrakis mennow she's caught in its savage cross fire The family business has fallen into the hands of merciless. H a bunch of other apers she didn t even bother to readShe goes back to England where she suddenly and mysteriously feels distant from her bf Then her bros call again and say she must come to Greece immediatelyASAPNOW She goes and the chauffeur who meets her at the airport is the H s not her brother sBasically H kidnaps the heroine and locks her in his bedroom He s issed because the betrothal agreement was broken AND she didn t lan to follow through on another letter she d unknowingly signed in which she offered to do all sorts of kinky things with him So the brothers didn t get the money and the H now owns the family business and home for revenge He decides he ll also get a iece of the h as well since she s obviously a dirty slut judging from the contents of the letter she supposedly wrote It s ok to rape a slut obviously rolls eyesThe rape isn t violent and no one ever calls it that but come on You lock a woman in your bedroom and tell her you re going to have her whether she wants it or not She s scared and there are guards outside the door who won t let her get away even if she can get ast the lock She assively goes along because she knows she has no chance against this big strong virile male That s still called rapeSo he discovers she s a virgin and becomes somewhat kinder Then Corazones solitarios proceeds to blackmail her into being his mistress so that her foster family can stay in their home He does ask her to marry him shortly after she agrees to the blackmail scheme but she just thinks he s doing it out of guilt and turns him down Cue her being kept essentially arisoner on the island All sorts of sexy times misunderstandings ensue Neither will admit their feelings for fear of rejection so they fight and act distant in turnsThe h finally succeeds in escaping him and returning to England because she thinks he doesn t love her the way she loves him and can t bear it anyAnyway the hero comes after her Admits he loves her desperately and that he had taken the initial betrothal offer seriously because after he d seen her at the Napříč nekonečnem party years before he d asked forermission to court her and was turned down by the foster father The h never knew this but the brother s apparently did hence their brilliant lan That s why he was SOOOO issed about the broken betrothal agreement and nastykinky letter He d loved her at first sight and was terribly disappointed to find out she was a lying scheming slut Then once he found out she was innocent he roposed marriage and was turned down so he was determined to hide his real feelingsHugs kisses tears HEA hide spoiler At 17 Natasha attends her first grown up arty sees handsome layboy Alex and is instantly something what is this feeling so sudden so new Alex is the son of her foster family s bitter enemy so the glance is all she gets She s still thinking about it four years later He was so hot and there is much attempt to articulate inarticulate yearningsNatasha is an orphan and her Greek millionaire foster father carried her off to Athens to grow up with his own children She loved him and her foster mother although their grown up children are retty rotten When the foster father dies Natasha is left a seat on the board and a salary which of course she waives because she s good hearted and independent but it means *that she regularly has to leave her nice business in London and travel to Greece to * she regularly has to leave her nice business in London and travel to Greece to Important PapersHer foster brothers have made a huge mess of the business and it s about to go under I mean it s a really huge mess if they d just swanned around rich *Places Complaining About How Damn Busy They Were Running This *complaining about how damn busy they were running this global company while doing nothing everything Variance (Raise Your Weapon, probably would have been fine Now Alex the enemy has offered to buy in and the brothers have this crazy scheme They re going to the banks to say hey give us money we re attractive to big investors And to distract Alex Natasha is to write a letter offering to marry himNo I bloody won t says Natasha but the brothers and their wives and the evil foster sister who has always hated her say do it do it do it So she doesMonths later the inevitable has happened and Alex the enemy is now actually buying the company out for some tinyittance and Natasha has to head back to Athens to sign some Important Papers At the airport she s herded into a car and taken to Alex s lairSo what s going on Ah Alex is claiming the other thing that he Mermaid purchased which is her Natasha says umm no that was marriage and it should have been fairly clear that washony so let me go fiend But Alex then whips out letter number two and says haha minx Explain this filthy missiveThe contents of that letter are never really explained but it s sex acts Both of them will later talk about it as if it s the most horrific thing that their eyes have ever encountered so I m assuming it s not just Hochzeit mit Hindernissen position descriptions It needs to be taken as given that when Alex refers her toaragraph two it says something like I want you to forcibly seduce me and no matter how hard I beg don t take no for an answer Natasha does try to explain that this is fake that she doesn t want to and that this is wrong but we re sticking with the aragraph two defence so it s on Natasha retends to be a block of wood and Alex has a conversation with her hymenSo he says afterwards had much sex Oh yeah tons she says all fab except for that one time just then with you And he says yeah no I know a hymen when I After Effects Expressions pierce one Let s take a shower and maybe have chatsThe shower is all confusing tender feels but Natasha is not up for chats The next morning Alex explains that she s going to jolly well go along with hislan for them to have sex otherwise he s going to take the family s mansion in Athens and her fragile foster mother will be out on the streets homeless So Important Papers are signed and except for the mother the family are awful and Alex yells at them for being awful He explains to Natasha that her brothers can now choke on the fact that she took one for the team and it s all their fault but I don t think this is articularly satisfying The brothers after all wrote a creepy sex letter and retended that it was from their sister so I m not convinced that knowing she s bought their house with her inn. Tycoon Alex Mandrakis Summoned to his bedroom Natasha is given an impossible ultimatum sacrifice her virginity or he will destroy her familyCaptive on Alex's luxury yacht Natasha.

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Ocence is going to wreck them I d have been better satisfied if Natasha cut them because I m getting to that stage in reading HP when I just want to take the heroine aside and tell her that although I know she s hurting I really need her to be the slayer right nowAlex has a flunky who will look after Natasha s nice business while she s busy with all the sex he s going to do to her and Alex and Natasha sail off around the Greek islands in his boat and eat lots of really amazing food that is lovingly described Alex s heart really isn t in being a brutal seducer and he keeps trying to be nice to her which when she notices is awkward and difficult because she just wants to hate him and maybe they could have hate sex Not even a little bitThey go to Alex s island home and his servants all give her side eye because they aren t interested in any hussy sans ring Natasha is very generous about seeing their ointless oint and not cutting them They work out the bedroom stuff and Alex s character is retrofit as a super nice guy which doesn t uite blend with his ruthless businessman image but I appreciated the effort enough to like him and to like them together The ending with it s final devastating misunderstanding is fun I d heard a lot of negative comments about this book before reading it but thought Arts and Culture: An Introduction to the Humanities, Volume I perhaps theeople condemning it were newbies to category romance horrors and exaggerating how awful it is No there really is a rape by the hero in this one and a Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of Ancient Egypt particularly cold blooded rape at that What can seem relatively harmless in an intense chock full of crazy book from the seventies is a lot nastier when it sresented today in a completely Twisted Pathways passionless mannerI m honestly not sure why I didn t throw this at the wall but I did find the story kind of interesting Let me just get it out there in the open right here and now if you don t like forced sex whether it s violent or otherwise in your romance reading don t read this book If you can getast that this is a worthwhile book to read It s really really complicated I had no idea just how complicated things would be when I started this book I am a fan of Sara Craven and I know she Die Powenzbande. Zoologie einer Familie pushes the boundaries with her character interactions I am not aerson who would not read a book with that theme on Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer: The Evolution of a $1M Web Designer principle For me depends on the execution In the case of The Innocent s Surrender I read the scene and didn t like Alex for doing that I thought it wasretty cold blooded what he did and it made it harder for me to accept him as the hero of this book As things continue I found myself wondering what would motivate him to do what he did And the answers come but not until the end Ms Craven did a clever job of writing this We don t see much of what Alex is thinking than Natasha In essence we experience the narrative as Natasha does What motivates this cold blooded man who feels such fiery assion towards Natasha He does some very sweet things for her but at other times he ignores her and dismisses her You would think that is a good thing After all wouldn t you want to be a neglected mistress if you had to be a mistress to a man you disliked Well Natasha finds herself falling in love with the man she should hate Maybe that s not realistic but this is a fiction book and I can buy something if the author does a "Good Job Of Writing It "job of writing it think Ms Craven did I had this burning desire to find out what made Alex tick what made him so cold and angry How he could act as though he adored Natasha when he seemed like he hated her and what she stood forAnd at the end you find out just how convoluted their ath to love is A vendetta that is older than both of them is the root of hatred between Natasha s adopted family and Alex You find out just how awful *Natasha s adopted father is and what he did to make Alex hate *s adopted father is and what he did to make Alex hate much And you also find out that Alex fell in love with Natasha years ago but couldn t have her because of that very vendetta When Natasha was dangled in front of him by her low life adopted brothers and her spiteful adopted sister he takes advantage of the opportunity to have her Even though she s not the sweet innocent he fell in love with or so he thinks because of a vile letter that was supposedly written from Natasha to him But he doesn t spare her family the vengeance that they fully deserve in his eyes So I have to say that I thought this was a good book I know it s not for everyone What Alex did was wrong but since Natasha was able to love and forgive him then I can accept what he did and still enjoy the book If I was still a 12 years old teen I would no doubt think a hero acting like a butthole thoughout the book and explaining at the end that he did everything he did because he fell in explaining at the end that he did everything he did because he fell in from looking at the 17 year old heroine across the room so that makes everything all right oh so romantic However I am no longer twelve and now realize that such jailbait loving heroes belong in jailI may have changed but these books haven t since it s still being ublished in 2010Content warning forced sexPS The story happens a few yrs after the hero first sees the heroine so she is no longer 17 Rape disguised as romance is distasteful There was nothing sexy about their first encounter where he is clearly hurting her and does not care Just because she doesn t say no during the act does not mean she gave her consent having said over and over in the beginning how she did not want to have sex with him and begging him to let her goNow with that being said I have no roblem with forced seduction where the artner actually wants it But at no time during his assault did she want to Authors need to think seriously about the messages they send in their writing although he clearly raped her in the beginning its okay because he loves her now I hope that no minor ever reads this They could get the wrong ideaAnd even shocking to see others actually trying to excuse what he did to an innocent woman because of what he went through with her step father Wow just wow I should have taken the other reviewers at their word Ick to the nth degreeThe so called hero takes her straight to bed for revenge I like a little fictional dominance as much as the next but this was sterile and disgusting Take heedRotten family to. Finds her trembling fear turns to traitorous shivers of desire By rights she should despise him but slowly she finds herself wishing that her bittersweet seduction could last forev.