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Nd humor Draconus starts directly into the tale of a captured thief a human woman once the favorite of a dragon master under trial by a a captured thief a human woman once the favorite Of A Dragon Master a dragon master trial by a tribunal for her crime Instead of the death sentence she expects she is sentenced to servitude under her former master as the lowliest servant in his possession When reunited their passion for each other ignites once again but is threatened by secrets and lies unless each can learn to trust one another While I did enjoy this novella a drawback for me was the length of it without it being part of a larger series to anchor it I felt it was just too short to garner any real emotional attachment to the characters Still it was a well written and spicy tale and there s no denying that Draven definitely has a way with words One of Draven s earlier works this fantasy romance tends to lean a bit heavily on the erotic side of the romance than you are likely to see in her recent worksThe relationship theme is a bit too alpha male dominant to suit me but it would be ideal for people who enjoy their escapist literature with a bit of the angry alpha male dominant besotted with seemingly rebellious slave girl trope If you are all good with that then you will probably enjoy this entry in Draven s catalog Draven s writing is always competent and in so being it makes it very easy to get swept away in her worlds characters and stories Draconus is no less capable of doing that even for being an earlier workUPDATED TO ADD I forgot to mention that Draven is going to be doing that even for being an earlier workUPDATED TO ADD I forgot to mention that Draven is going to be this title again via an online service whose name escapes me at this moment I ll update when I remember the name The point being is that this title should become available again soon with an updated cover 35 stars. E faces punishment for a crime considered high treason among dragons Leida is still deeply in love with Magnus but refuses to divulge her reasons for why she stole from him and left without warning four years earlier Only the threat of enslavement makes her reveal a carefully guarded secret one that can either reunite her with Magnus or tear her from him forev. 45 4 stars A I enjoy Grace Draven s writing This book is romance than fantasy OF ALL HIS NUMEROUS TREASURES LEIDA WAS HIS MOST VALUED THE ONE IN WHICH HE TOOK MOST PRIDE Draconus is a novella about a Magnus a shapeshifter dragon and that which he held most precious Leida Four years after she ran away from him Magnus has managed to capture her and force her back to return to his side But to be fully together both had to overcome doubts and misunderstandings This short

Novella Was Not What 
was not what expected It has a lot of erotica with capital E And while I love romance even the most foolish I prefer my erotica to be vanilla and less descriptive Other than that I wish the story was longer I love Ms Draven s writing her stories are captivating and you can t merely fulfill your thirst with only sixty nine pages Grace Draven is one of my all time favorite authors I have started with Radiance and have been reading her works from newest to oldest This book is not near as developed as her newer books There are some books that seem to be just an excuse for pornographic sex This book is about 90% sex and was really disappointing It is what it isVery short Very predictable MehLeida ran away from her dragon Master Magnus and took a small ring with her as a memento Now she stands before him and the dragon council in handcuffs being tried as a thief Why did she runWhy does he want to punish her and not outright ill herAlmost from the first page you can runWhy does he want to punish her and not outright ill herAlmost from the first page you can why she ran Magnus was opaue except that you are pretty sure he still cares for herOther reviewers complain about too much sex and they are right The story really could have used fleshing out at the end instead of suddenly making them OK I love the way GD can make the An earth dragon long lived and skilled in the ways of magic Magnus Silverclaw has hunted relentlessly for his errant human lover He is furious and bitter over what he considers Leida's betrayal and seeks retribution by having her sentenced to four years of enforced servitude to him in a position far below the one she once occupied as his mistress He does not DraconusEader totally believe in the emotions of her characters but it all seemed WAY too fast and still unresolvedWhat I didn t like view spoilerI didn t like the way she twisted the blame to be all Leida s Like Magnus didn t carry any blame for not reassuring her and making her feel safe in his love HE NEVER EVEN TOLD HER HE CARED SHE HAD never even told her he cared She had right to feel insecure And I m sorry but if I caught my husband with his head in some other chick s lap I would NOT BE PLEASED hide spoiler 45 stars A steamy novella with a sexy shape shifter Dragon Magnus who finds the woman who left him four years ago and who he could never forget A great dark romance short story about 70 or so pages well done Draconus brought back memories of GA Aiken s dragon in series but didn t raise to the same levelGrace Draven has a way with words that has me wanting to Read From Her Her Short Story And Immersion In me wanting to Read From Her Her Short Story And Immersion In from her Her short story and immersion in a s world didn t allow me to enjoy itThe lack of enough character and story build has robed the story from it s potentialThere are times when I wish the authors understand that a short story fails to deliver almost all the time the intended glimpse in the author s imagined worldThat being said I still like the way Grace Drave writes Her characters are smart fun well rounded It was just not enough So this is how this book goes Blackmail Sexual tension Sexual tension Accusation Sexual tension Sexual tension Sexual tension Misunderstandings Sexual tension Foreplay Misunderstandings Sexual tension Sex Sex Sex Sex Soppy I ve always loved you declarations Sex Sex Sex HEA epilogue I read it and A very short story from the talented Grace Draven with dragons reminiscent of GA Aiken s Dragon Kin series although without the sarcastic wit Nticipate her horrified reaction to the punishment or the reason for it and her revelation leaves him reeling with shock and jealousy After nearly four years of evading capture Leida of the Glimmer South stands bound before a tribunal of dragon judges accused of theft and the illicit use of dragon magic Once the favorite of the dragon lord Magnus Silverclaw sh. .

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