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Update So it s 06022014 and I decided it was time to marathon the series in honor to read the final book OH MY I was such a cringey 15 year old covers face However truth be told I still feel the same way I felt 3 years ago Schuyler does have some spunk but I genuinely find myself eye rolling at everything she says in regards to Jack BARF Moving on to Jack why is he so bland and boring Book 1 Jack seemed exciting now not so much Also what s with calling each other Love it sounds a tad silly considering they are only 16 after all Review Honestly I m interested in anything but the JACK and SCHUYLER relationship I EVEN find mimi 10x interesting especially with oliver but the JACK and SCHUYLER #Relationship I EVEN Find Mimi 10x Interesting #I EVEN find mimi 10x interesting with oliver we see a much inder side to her they re both as vulnerable as each other and as much as mimi denies that she can ever relate to oliver red blood she later on realized he s like her new safety blanker i wish there was some romance there but since their thinking of rescuing insley that idea is down drain but you never now I love Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) kingsley anyway The new blue blood she seemsacts like she canick ass and i already love her SHE AWESOME Jack force weakens shuyler yes there in love blahblahblah but do they really want history to repeat itself BAD MOVE but overall the underline legacy is so thrilling you forget about the jack and schuler crap adn start focussing on piecing each new clues together Mellissa de la cruz is a great writer but a interpration of Schuler could be likeable I think the way she left oliver and jack not being bonded after all these centuries i done now BUT ITS A GREATTTTTT BOOOOOK overall likeable hence why i finished it at 5am I ve never liked the series very much mainly because of those clothes digressions and useless descriptions but the story wasn t so bad so I ept reading I thought the author was just showing off a bit and well it s not like I now much about fashion so it was a little annoying but I could just skip that and give for granted she new what she was talking aboutNow here s the fifth book and where are we Italy my country apparently the new trend I Foraging for Survival knew from the beginning it would end badI don t need perfection but I hate when authors write about things pretending theynow the subject well when they don tShe started giving names of places in Liguria and food and houses she might as well have said I m so cultured while you don t even now what I m talking about while she probably just used Wikipedia and Maps but "still I couldn t complain she wasn t saying anything wrong ind ofThen Jack and Schuyler meet those armed man The "I couldn t complain she wasn t saying anything wrong Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries kind ofThen Jack and Schuyler meet those armed man The world had brought them cell phones and Internet cafes yet they lived in several hundred year old farmhouses with no heating and continued to make their bread and sausage by hand No heating seriously What are we cavemen I mean old people like the old times but carry on traditions is one thing and being folk who had never left the villages is anotherThey almost sound like Amish peopleAnd those are young men living in the North part of Italy there is absolutely NO way they live like thatI m from Milan but I also have a house in that area Inow what I m talking about unlike her Melissa is a few decades too late in her descriptionGosh how much I hate stereotypesI almost forgot about the flesh tradeI won t even go thereI just hope people understand that s all fictional even though the author probably doesn tI haven t even read a third of the book so far I wonder what expects me nextI m tempted to just stop reading but I ve come so far and I m curious about the plotI guess we ll seeNext stop Florence Misguided Angel is the fifth book of the Blue Bloods Series Instead of getting old it just eeps getting betterat least to me This book in particular is told in 3 parts There s Jack and Schuyler s story which is about their lives on the run in Italy and trying to find one of the gates to the Underworld and finish Lawrence s mission The second part is about Mimi and her status as Regent of The Conclave and how she tries to deal with some difficult obstacles thrown her wayAnd last but not least the third part introduces a new character Deming is a Venator sent from another Coven to try and solve some serious crimes that are being committed against the Duchesne Blue Bloods Besides these 3 stories there was also snippets of the earlier Venators in the 1400 s tracking down silver bloods as well as demonsI am really beginning to like Mimi she becomes likable in each new After inheriting the dark Van Alen Legacy Schuyler fled to Florence with her forbidden love Jack Now the two of them must embark on the mission Schuyler was destined to complete to find and protect the five remaining gates that guard the earth from Lucifer lord of the Silver BloodsBack in New York Mimi has been elected Regent of a crumbling coven Struggling wi. .

Mes Gio This is all fine and well and very lazy but Later On When A on when a drops a huge bomb by saying Andreas I started flipping through the book trying to remember who that was Oh yeah Dr Dre Started a rap group with Snoop Tomi Tom and Lil Gio Why make an already messy storyline featuring characters with multiple names confusing by giving each character random nicknames because you re too lazy to type the full names out Do u txt lyk disSecond of all I had to not only go back and reread the flashback parts to find out Andreas was the same person as "Dre but I couldn t Figure Out Why I Was out why I was to care that the father was Andreas "but I couldn t figure out why I was supposed to care that the father was Andreas the third read I saw one line that made me think Dr Dre is Michael the Uncorrupted Or what ever his name isThis is reminiscent of what happened in the previous book The Countess drops what feels like it should be a bomb but I was like wait a second and had to go through all the mentions of Caligula until I got what was going on I feel like that was a fail on the authors part for not giving information to the reader properly Clearly she was trying to be clever by hiding the important information in the text But it isn t clever when it is too hidden for the reader to care about That can be fine when the information isn t important but when it s the Big Surprise Ending it s a total failSchyuler has just done me in I can t stand her I want to slap the Mary Sue out of her Her relationship with Jack is a complete joke First of all how many teenagers does Melissa de la Cruz now that refer to their boyfriends and girlfriends as love I m betting none Which makes me feel like their relationship is just two ids playing houseSecond of all they don t talk They communicate like Renesmee At least she was a little id what s their excuse Open your mouths let words come out WeirdosOne thing the Twilight author gets a lot of flack for is that she made her vampires too perfect They have few flaws and not much can ill them The thing is that works fine for the storyline Stephenie Meyer makes sure to outline the rules for us in the beginning and she makes her story work around that with minimum hiccupsIn the Blue Bloods story it works against Melissa de la Cruz s storyline The story feels randomly contrived in places as if she is trying to figure out ways around the rules she created No one can survive that blastBut someone didOh it s because of some ancient spell that I don t have time to explain to you right nowIt reads like a poorly constructed comic book at timesBoth authors could learn a thing or two from JK Rowling Plan out your story first and make sure what ever rules you create you stick to Creating a set of rules then randomly throwing a curve ball when you decide your rules are too rigid is lame Which I think is the problem I think Melissa de la Cruz was too rigid with her rules At first nothing could ill them Then they can One Ticket To Texas kill each other Then a special fire canill them Now a blast can Helpmate kill them Look wtf Just lay it out on the table What exactly canill them And no adding or taking away stuff Make the rules and stick with them Blue Bloods series has always been a guilty pleasure for me I Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy know the series s flaws but I can live with themActually I m here to pimp my Blue Bloods fanarts a bitDrawing of Deming Chan Angel of MercyKuan YinMimi and Kingsleylink The rest of my Blue Bloods fanarts I feel strangely unsatisfied I just finished Misguided Angel and my initial thoughts were that it was disappointing filler The book doesn t really have an ending There is no resolution for any of the characters Very little happens in the book The only excitement was in the first section and it was short lived I couldn t really remember why the main characters were in Europe or why they needed to run away from their captors Perhaps too much time had passed since I read the fourth book or maybe it just wasn t that memorable The book is split into parts One part is Schuyler and Jack s story in Europe The second part is about Mimi in New York A third section introduces a new character Deming Chen Interspersed in the first section is a flashback to Florence Italy in 1452 I felt that this division into parts just didn t work For example the whole time I was reading the second section Schuyler and Jack were missing The flashbacks did not get tied in until the very end The ending was extremely rushedI understand that there are books coming in this series I think I am done with Before theillers strike againAs the young vampires struggle for the survival of the coven they uncover a deadly secret a truth first discovered by Schuyler’s mother during the Renaissance but ept buried for centuries And as the Blue Blood enclave weakens yet further fate leads Schuyler to a terrible choice that will ultimately map the destiny of her hear. ,

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B book She is starting to "SHOW SOME REAL EMOTIONS AND EVEN "some real emotions and even badly for some of her past behavior I absolutely hated her character before and now she is probably one of my favorites I m almost not liking Schuyler at the moment because of the struggles that poor Oliver is going through I now he pushed her to Jack but she Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader knew that the Sacred Kiss issues were not going to be easily overcome and maybe she shouldn t have started something she couldn t finish I think it was a good idea to bring in some fresh characters toeep the story from getting old I m also hoping Deming will play a part through of old I m also hoping Deming will play a part through of series and that her story isn t concluded after this one bookThe only complaint I have is that I wish there was of Jack and Schuyler in this book and that there story wasn t left in midair It just feels a bit incomplete I m always excited to start the next BB book right after I read one but I just have to many series to finish up I am also interested in reading the spinoff series about Bliss tracking the wolves who are supposed to help defeat the Silver Bloods It looks like I m going to have to incorporate that somewhere in between the Blue Bloods books That means good books to read I m almost half way done this book So far its really boring so i have finally finished this book and there are no words to describe how disappointed i am the first five books were amazinghowever this book Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead kind of ruined the series I g The Blue Blood series didn t interest me as much as other books I have read They are very good and willeep you on edge I am skeptical though The last book The Van Alen Legacy was not as good as I had hoped I was not sad when it was over It was probably my least favorite in the series to date i hope that Misguided Angel will be better than the last I do recommend these books though Okay so I definitely give these books credit than they deserve but THIS one was SO ROUGH Honestly it was just petty and dumb and I read this book LESS THAN 12 HOURS AGO AND I CANNOT REMEMBER HOW IT ENDED The formatting was very uncomfortable in this one It s broken up into three different characters POVs but rather than switching from one to the other it s just separated into blocks The first third of this book follows Schyler and Jack and after that we see absolutely nothing of what they are doing until the end of the book The second and third parts go together a little smoothly because even though the POV changes we at least are following the same story But it is just too convenient The characters are so distracted by things that are completely irrelevant to IMPORTANT PLOT points and yet it all falls into place so perfectly despite there being no effort or attention paid to the real issues It just felt messy Which is saying something because none of these books are super I don t even now how to explain it when a book in a series that isn t spectacular is worse than the ones before it but this was just too petty for me to be actually interested in what was going on The previous books balance the drama and the important stuff pretty well and this one just didn t The drama overshadows everything and not in a good way I also felt very lost during the flashbacks in this one up until the end Which is probably why I was so lost throughout this book and when it FINALLY clicked I was like oh yes this will probably work and I see where this is going but unfortunately that happened to late in this book for me to enjoy thisto save this TRAINWRECK 2 stars because there is at the very least hope that the rest of the series might pick up and that everything that happened here wasn t completely useless Also the flashbacks usually tie in with what is currently happening in the book and while I remember how the issue in the flashback ended and what that meant for the present I CANNOT remember how the actual problem that is present in this novel is solvedexplained I do not exaggerate when I say that absolutely nothing happens in this book to advance the overall plot very disappointing I would be annoyed if I had actually purchased this novel Barely worth the read The writing is trite and cliched in the extreme Teenagers act like they are 50 which I guess I could accept had that been the case from the start of the series but it wasn t The flashbacks are getting and confusing First of all the author seems to get bored having to type out their full names Andreas becomes Dre Tomasia becomes Tomi and Giovanni beco. Th her heartache over the loss of Kingsley and with her overwhelming desire to destroy Jack she must focus all of her energy on a perilous new threat Vampires are being abducted and their captors are planning to burn them alive onlinefor all the world to see Help arrives in the form of Deming Chen a Venator from Shanghai who must untangle the web of deceptions. Misguided Angel