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Most of the time I love Connie Willis books though they just never take flight This was unfortunately one of the latter It s not bad there wasn t enough meat there to sink my teeth into and bad there just wasn t enough meat there to sink my teeth into and that sense of either madcap frenzy or unbearable tension that some of her other works have had Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision hereIn the meantime you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook Like old moviesYou will like thisA Hollywood of drugs and special effects where computer animation and sampling have reduced the movie industry to software manipulation Except for what one starry eyed young woman wants to do dance in the movies It s an impossible dream but Alis is not willing to ive up With a little magic and a lot of luck she just might et her happy ending after allMovie aficionados delightEnjoy A clich of clich s is still clich A Willis comedy Novella for movie loversIn the future they don t film new movies any they just reprocess old ones with new software changing whatever faces dialog settings they want At least if the rights aren t in litigation The heronarrator is currently processing a batch of films for ILMGM removing all Addictive Substances including alcohol and tobacco So in Casablanca maybe Rick will own an ice cream parlor Hero meets Alice at a Hollywood party Her dream is to dance in the movies But of course no one makes any movies these days and the musical has been dead for even longer From here it becomes sort of a romantic comedy irl pursues dream uy sells out to studio Alice says she doesn t like Gene Kelly but she s living the Debbie Reynolds

part from singing 
from Singing the Rain There are tons of references to old films especially Fred Astaire musicals and the narrator likes to use movie based similes as do many of the other characters. Connie Willis's acclaimed time travel novel Doomsday Book swept the major science fiction awards the year it was published Now in this new novel Willis explores the timeless themes of emotion and technology reality and illusion and the bittersweet place where they intersect to make art It's the Hollywood of the future where movie making has been computerized and live action films are a thing of the past It's a Hollywood which Humphrey Bogart and ,

Remake AUTHOR Connie Willis

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Ine of his work What you et is a bit like a Philip K Dick in that the mysterious female drives the main man crazy and she is always elusive and mysterious But this is Connie Willis so you et better characterisation than Dick But for a Willis you do draw the short straw I did find that I did not sympathise much with the main character He was a bit of a douche So that does detract from your enjoyment somewhatThere are still typical Connie Willis isms here with a bit of dramatic tension and a nerd like obsession for details Connie really does know how to write the nerd But it is pretty know how to write the nerd But it is pretty on her strengths humour characters that you fall in love with and dramatic tension Maybe a person familiar with Hollywood output from 1930 1950 would appreciate this a bit but still it s no Doomsday Book or To Say Nothing of the Dog Fun fact it took me so long to et around to reading this particular novel that it ceased to be about the future and became the present Rather sad but not tragic It s clear how much Willis loves old movies Got to watch me a whole slew of musicals And I Thought I I thought I kick things off with Holiday InnLibrary copy A wonderful wistful look back at Hollywood with a disenchanted and bitter drunk who rediscovers his passions through the determination and zeal of a film student and dancer I really loved everything about it When I heard about James Dean being reborn using CGI in a new film I immediately thought of this book It s not a popular Connie Willis book and I d ive it 35 stars if I could because for all the subject matter is not lighthearted it s set in a future where all films are just remakes of earlier films starring famous dead actors it feels very light It s short too it took me a little over an hour to read it But Willis comes off as e My judgments of Connie Willis books are always a little unfair Of her works I read Doomsday Book first and loved it and I come. Stand is that Alis doesn't want to look like she's dancing She wants the real thing And as Tom finds himself seduced by Alis' impossible dream he begins to learn that even in a world of technological miracles there are still some things that just can't be fakedA tour de forceConnie Willis deploys the apparatus of science fiction to illuminate character and relationships and her writing is fresh subtle and deeply moving The New York Times Book Revi. The movies taught us how to talk and they taught us how to act Might not be as much fun if you re not into classic movies Storyline 35Characters 35Writing Style 35World 55Wow I read for experiences like thisDon t o looking for a summary or review This is one of those that is best encountered without prior Knowledge If You Re One If you re one those that absolutely needs some sort of preview accept this *view spoiler Neuromancer meets the Great Gatsby hide spoiler I adore * spoiler Neuromancer meets the Great Gatsby hide spoiler I adore Willis and I have trawled through her major and popular works with absolute lee Now I m left with the leftovers The three starers And while it does hurt To Say That A Little It Is say that a little it is to recognise that even those you worship have their no so reats But it s also promising that the worst I have read from Connie is still three star worthy Remake is set in the near future where Hollywood has Stumbling Giants: Transforming Canada's Banks for the Information Age gone so far up it s own ass that it is not making any new material at all Well not live action anyway Computerraphics have otten to the level where they can mimic any actor and can replace any actor and alter any footage in a pre existing movie So what you et is constant remake after remake Prophets and Prophecy in the Ancient Near East gritty reboots starring John Wayne rom coms starring actors and actresses in their primes when they could have at least beenrandparentgrandchild In this world we follow the main character unnamed throughout He works altering footage for the studios freelance by inserting executives lovers into old footage and officially deleting alcohol from old movies Yes they have Children of Ambition (Children of Vice, gone that far Our main character meets a mysterious and different young lady at a schmoozing event One that hasn t had surgery took look just like Marilyn She tells him of her dreams to dance in old school musicals But no musical has been made or remade for years But just as uick as she comes into the scene she disappears Until the main character spots her face again in the Arilyn Monroe are starring together in a remake of A Star is Born and if you don't like the ending you can change it with the stroke of a key A Hollywood of warmbodies and sim sex of drugs and special effects where anything is possible Except what Alis wants to do which is dance in the movies Tom offers to make her dream her reality He'll digitize her face onto any actress's she lies Ann Miller Ruby Keeler even Ginger Rogers What Tom doesn't under.