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The first time I read it and even the second time This time I had a tough time with it The hero falls in Thank You God For Everything lust with the heroine when she s sixteen and though they never give his age I m guessing to be thirties In realife Ewwwwww Granted he doesn t act on the Dirla tutta sul mercato globale. Idee per un'economia mondiale assennata lust until she s of age but ewwwwww I have to give that I stilloved the heroine Marianna i Nice story with a ikeable hero and heroine I must say I have trouble engaging emotionally in Iris Johansen s books which Means I Forget What I forget what read a day

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two ater I feel while reading one of her books Mordecai Cubitt Cooke Victorian Naturalist Mycologist Teacher and Eccentric like I m watching a movie I ve had this ebook for uite sometime and I kept delaying to read it because some of negative reviews I ve seen But I got curious after reading the positive reviews especially those who gave this book five stars Now I m glad because this book just great What interested me almost immediately was the way Jordan and Marianna interacted how they matched wit to wit Ioved Jordan s dry humor and Marianna strong personality And the seduction was hot I may find it ruthless did I just use the word ruthless Have I finally reading too much Harleuin Nah there s no such thing as too much Harleuin and off putting if I didn t think Mariana could handle it A The Gold's Gym Training Encyclopedia lesser woman would immediately dropped her panties the moment Jordan flick his ueued hair but not Marianna She put a good fight and still had her way at the moment of surrender To some her age 16 yo when Jordan started toust after her may seemed disturbing but the setting was This is the books that started me on Romance in general I oved it and still have several copies Never once could I get a bookplate or an autograph but I endeavor to keep trying I just wanted to say Thank You Ms Johansen I have been in this industry for a while now and read almost everything that comes across my desk I still keep comparing all the men to the Duke of Diamonds. Eadly Jordan Draken has schemed to destroy the emperor who threatens everything he values most in the world Now that he holds this defiant woman who is the key to his final triumph he feels a fierce sense of satisfaction and the first stirring of desire She was only supposed to be a pawn in his plans but once alone with his captive Jordan realizes she is a prize he could never surrend. .

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He story about the Jedalar was different and a Redeeming the Republic Federalists Taxation and the Origins of the Constitution little refreshing Decent plot driven storyThe heroine is a shrew The only emotions I remember her displaying were jealousy anger andust She makes stained glass windows and is devoted to her work There s this thing called a Jondolar not sure I spelled that correctly that she is sworn to protect When she mentioned she was not certain if she was old enough to wield it I thought it was some type of magical weapon Turns out two thirds into the story it s a map made from stained glass I was disappointed to say the Guide to the Contemporary Harp least I mean how does one wield a map And why did I have to wait soong to find out just what the thing wasThe hero Plato and Parmenides: Parmenides' Way of Truth and Plato's Parmenides lacks charm He s hard spoiled and without empathy He takes everything seriously He too displayed a shortist of emotions ust jealousy and angerThe villain seeks the map Her mother died protecting the secret The original map was destroyed So what does our intelligent heroine do She makes a duplicate Yah know if I had that type of secret I wouldn t make another I d keep the information in my head as a way to buy time to be rescued just in case the bad guy came a knocking at my door especially when it takes months to make a window from scratch But our heroine decides she must have this particular spare stained glass window on hand for no particular reason mentionedThough set in the Regency era the most interesting parts of the story take place in small made up countries near Russia I m not certain if that makes this a regency romance or something completely different The made up countries gives this story a fairy tale ualityThe plot keeps the story interesting as does the side stories First I Have To Tell I have to tell Iris Johansen is another author interesting as does the side stories First I have to tell you Iris Johansen is another author in the past I ate up everything written by her Loved her intense heroes and the oved the way she expressed his need of the heroine I remember apping this one up. Across the sea She possesses a secret that can topple an empire a secret that Jordan Draken the duke of Cambaron is determined to wrest from her In the eyes of the world the arrogant duke is her guardian but they both know she is to be a prisoner in his sinister plot and a slave to his exuisite pleasure   HE IS THE FABULOUS RAKE THEY CALL THE DUKE OF DIAMONDS   For years brilliant .
I give this one props for being so different then the usual historical romance 19th Century Balkan Romance A Great OneI first discovered Iris Johansen when I read The Magnificent Rogue a truly excellent historical romance I then read Midnight Indicitive of 90 s romances Strong Alpha and disagreeable heroine who has no choice but to succombI was really Investir dans l'or : le petit manuel pratique looking for something with the flare of Julie Garwood s historicals and this wasn t it Reminds me of a Judith McNaught story without all the pretty exposition and angst Iris Johansen is whimsical or fantastical in setting and events Il put it this way I iked it well enough to try another book by I iked it well enough to try another book by but not well enough that I d pick up a discount copy if I ran across it at half price books Period Georgian Regency EnglandThe hero is referred as the Duke of Diamonds by the ton Not only because he has the real bling bling mine but also because he s notorious for his out of the box way in pleasing his overs Yes it s something to do with diamonds obviously I was a bit stunned then aughed s something to do with diamonds obviously I was a bit stunned then Dictionnaire Le Robert de poche 2020 laughed it sounds uite ridiculous Apart from that Ms Johansen imparted some wisdom here Age old or clich they may sound buteave something to be pondered upon none the The Mark of Cain less1 Paradiseeaves an occasional mark upon those who taste its pleasures 2 You don t desert your old friends when new ones come 3 I ve found if you expect miracles they have a tendency to occur4 You should never be sorry for fools It only encourages them never to seek wisdom5 You see beauty because you see Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque : St Seiya, tome 27 love 6 someday when you give up your guilt and come to terms with yourself you will be able to give it they were talking about giving and accepting a important place in one sife7 When I m hurt I have a tendency to strike out blindly Then I l find your conduct unacceptable But I won t find you unacceptable Not ever These are why I gave 4 stars Solis 4 stars Good book From New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen comes a thrilling tale of abduction seduction and surrender that sweeps from the shimmering halls of Regency England to the decadent haunts of a notorious rogue   SHE IS A HOSTAGE TORN BETWEEN PASSION AND LOYALTY   Marianna Sanders realizes she cannot trust this dark and savagely seductive stranger who has come to spirit her away. ,
The Beloved Scoundrel