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The Great Smog of India iWas somebodys old smelly boot NotBtw I was completely flabbergasted with the fact that everybody said how Mike never gave Jane a ring so there were no real promises Iwhat They have been going out since they were 13 They weren a 10 year relationship Who cares f they were engaged The man CHEATED with some random girl n a saloon for Pete s sake THAT was the first transgression And the second one was marrying her But for the love ofwhy would they all say he had no real obligation toward Jane because he never asked her to marry him Is fidelity only applicable IN MARRIAGE AND GOSH WHAT WOULD marriage And gosh what would happened The Sex of the Angels, the Saints in their Heaven: A Breviary if he met Sammy Joe while married Would he get a hard on over her yellow t shirt thensnortWas this a bad bookWhy yes yest was And I really don t say this oftenThe hero was a zero the ow was a cranky whore with Tryst with Prosperity ideas of grandeur and the heroine was a doormat extraordinaireStillt actually made me laugh out loud a few times How Well out of sheer disbelief He couldn t Popular Hits imagine his life without Janen t Even when he had foolishlymarried Samantha he had somehow thought Jane would still be n his life n some way shape orform Ah the utter absurdness of t Such fun Still The Creative Habit if you want to save your and your time be on the safe side and skip this book Hated hated this book with passionBad bad bad bad all around Bad writing bad plot horrible charactersThe so called Hs a waste of space a whiny annoying momma s boy who wants his cake and wants to eat The Rest of the Story it tooHe dumps his long seriously long time girlfriend for a barfly whos just 18 and what the heck s she doing n that barHis reason for marrying her jeez I what the heck s she doing n that barHis reason for marrying her jeez I her I wouldBut what about TSTL Jane you know the woman that has been talking with you about getting married and starting a family for like a gazillion years Well too bad screw Jane well not actually since having sex with her s like putting on a pair of comfortable boots I am pretty sure Jane died at that part she was sooooo flattered getting t on with that part she was sooooo flattered getting t on with whats her name s like fireworks I need me some fireworks Also she The Tears of Eros is country singer and shes super duper good She s totally going to make t she has Simon Spatz: From Holocaust to Halifax, A Story of Survival and Success it all the face the body the voice shes awesomeness A Life in Two Worlds in a slutty packageHes crying like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum when sweet tarty Sammy JoLynnwhatever crappy name The Hitler Kiss: A Memoir of the Czech Resistance it was leaves him And like two days later hes crying because Jane The Doré Illustrated Balzac Droll Stories is the love of his life Yep I am totally buyingt I can feel that love just oozing out of him and TSTL Jane tooAlso why the heck do we get Slutty OW s POV Am I supposed to feel bad for a user who n the end gets everything she ever wantedI think the H felt worse for losing his jeep to whats her name than for hurting JaneOh and the parentals also feel the love sn t Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species it grand Now Jane and Matt are stepsiblings gf and bf and soul mates Such darlingsAnd Sammys famous She made Feminisms at a Millennium it at just 18n the country singing Gwydion's Dawn industry on her own probably on her back but what the heck right with no backup no money no friends no nothing SHE DID IT shes just that awesome yay Self note uit writing rubbish n the name of novel Don t bother reading cause you will end up hating t. T through Mj 12. Die Geheime Regierung in an evening and felt asf I had spent that evening with 'salt of the earth' folk Another reader said I loved the double no triple second chance It was a very sweet endingThe author Kristie Leigh Maguire got the Strahlend In Purpur Und Goldd. Heilige Reich Von Konstantinopel inspiration for Second Chances Love Lost Love Found from an adn the classified section of a newspaper and her Sierra Wildflowers: Mt. Lassen to Kern Canyon imagination took over from there The ad read Free wedding dress Worn only once by mistak. Well even after reading all the bad reviews for this book my curiosity got the best of me and of courset seriously p d me offthe hero was the biggest jerk cheated on his long time girlfriend with a girl he just me and married herI think what bothered me the most about this book was the heroine s attitude along with her friends and father It almost seemed like no one cared that he cheated on her cause well he s married now so you gotta seemed like no one cared that he cheated on her cause well he s married now so you gotta on with your life and stop sulking UGH then the OW leaves and he comes to his senses and all El Guero Tellez/ Tellez the Blond: Reportero de policia!/ Police Reporter! is forgiveWHATEVERsave your time and read anything else The storyline was good The writing Well not sure how old this authors but Haunted Louisiana: The Most Haunted Houses in Louisiana if shes not n grade or middle school then she must have written this when she was I just could not get nto this book at all I probably wouldn t have finished A Mistaken Match itf Lodz it wasn t so short I did not relate to AnY of the characters Thiss largely due to the fact that the story was written almost likea script of conversations which did not lend tself to a whole lot of character development The story tself was ok but The Diminished it s a story that has been told before and told much better This book really fell flat for men a big bad way The female lead was pathetic and Mike was an asshole who did not love her or even respect her but she still hung about like a fool So f you like books where guy really doesn t think much of his leading lady and s n love with ow and female lead who will accept anything as long she has her guy then this book s for you I myself deleted t and wished I never read such a horrible book Where to starta story with one of the top 10 worst men portraying a man supposedly a hero of he story he was weak stupid faithless and hatefulnow onto his worse supposedly a hero of he story he was weak stupid faithless and hatefulnow onto his worse yeah those were his finer points His heroine was stupid naive and believed herself still n love with that man The two leads Discipline in this story have been a couple for a long time not officially engaged but have a understanding well that goes out the window when adiot hero heads

into town and 
town and a flaming haired bar singer whom he sleeps with that very night and then two weeks later marries without telling his longtime gfand his justification Claim the Night (The Claiming is that shes exciting and he Claimed by Desire is crazy about her and he had to keep his word as he asked heruh duh you big loser you already had a gf andf we are playing on honor perhaps you should honor that you faithless loser His lazy new bride we are supposed o like she Say Youll Remember Me is lazy and does nothing but sit on the porch playing her guitar as shes going to be a star she Accidental Bodyguard is a shiny pennyand worth half thatshe steals his jeep and leaves him high and dry 2 monthsn as she thought he was wealthy and she was n loveuh yeah right and she s 18although her husband doesn t know how old she Mehr als das iswhere her people are fromso thiss a story about three people who you don t want to know and once you meet them you hope they all end up alone as none of them are like able the only people The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, in here I liked were her father and his mother I hated all the rest and shockingly theres a hea believe ablenogrovelnodo you trust Abby and the Bachelor Cop itNO hes a jerkshe Eye to Eye is a fool Mike Jane have grown. Love goes heartbreakingly wrong for this Wyoming cowgirl when her almost fiancé dumps her to marry a little redheaded gal he met by chance just a few short weeks ago at the Wild Horse Saloonn Casper Wyoming Jane Porter's world spins out of control as she tries to come to terms with the blow that Mike Farley has delivered to her heart by taking another woman as Mrs Mike Farley when Jane has dreamed of that title belong. Second Chances

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Up together on neighboring ranches kissed declared their love for one another at 13 12 t for one another at 13 12 It always been assumed that they would marry but suddenly Mike goes off the deep end marrying a total stranger he met 2 weeks before Is Jane upset You BET This s a story of love rocked to the core by betrayal Do the characters react like you think they should Not a chanceBUT they react like real people some at least do In the background s Jane s widower Father and Mike s widowed Mother who finally admit that they don t think of each other as Brother Sister any Second chances do happen and watching this undercurrent develop Herzrivalen is endearingThiss a clean book of heartbreak love and second chances InbreedingThis s the only answer that can explain why the characters acted the way they didI have no dea where to start First off the writing was bad The plot and character development were worse but the dialogue and monologue musings were just something that hit me harderWhyWell Alaskan Nights if the characters were so unlikable and the plot made me depressed did the sentence building have to butcher my brain as well That s just not fair ladyAs for the charactersthe hero has officially won the the worst human being around awardn my bookThis s our heroThe little darling had a hard on for a woman when he went n to town to get supplies Naturally because of the hard on he ditched his long time girlfriend and married a complete stranger n sexy jeans He did not feel an ounce of regret until his wife left him for her next meal ticket to famedom Likefive days after they married And less than a month after they metAfter the slutty wife was out of the picture our hero goes all Gosh she would have never made a good rancher s wife I shouldda married Janie That s your reason you loser And frankly no way can I ever get over the fact that n the beginning of the book he states that the ow and him had such explosive sex he had to marry herWell the only smart thing the heroine said n the whole book was that he was pretty much responsible for her being bad Always Look Twice in bed when you consider the fact that she only slept with himLet me repeat THE LOSEREverythingn this book made me depressed The Heroine And The Ytter and the ytter over this asshat most depresseing of all Samantha had dazzled him for sure Her beauty and her passion had blinded himThe chemistry between them had certainly been for real There s no way she could havefaked the passionCould sheMike knew All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night it had been real on his part He felt like he had died and gone to heaven whenhe and Samantha made love He had never experienced anything liket before Any Man Of Mine in his lifeNot that he had been with too many women before SamanthaActually he had never been with any other woman but Jane before he met SamanthaMaking love with Samantha was like Fourth of July fireworks lighting up the night skyMaking love with Jane was like slipping on a pair of familiar cowboy bootsThe brilliance of the fireworks with Samantha had made him forget that there wasnothing wrong with a comfortable pair of boots that fit him perfectly What a charmers he not Wouldn t you want to get him back with all your might I sure would And I sure wish Ing to her ever since she was a young teenager When the beautiful Samantha Jo runs away from her hasty marriage to Mike Jane has a second chance at her dream of becoming Mike's wife Does she dare give her love a second chanceFind out Annalee And The Lawman in Kristie Leigh Maguire's Second Chances Love Lost Love Found Setn rural Wyoming Second Chances The Apollonides Mistress Scandal is a sweet contemporary western romance that will warm your heartOne reader stated I read