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Fingal answers the call and is gravely wounded in battle Suffering rom partial memory loss Fingal recuperates at the home of an elderly British woman On his journey back to Scotland he is detoured into an adulterous encounter with two sex starved sistersDuring Fingal s absence Maggie must ward off Ewan Hay and his invading army Ewan has positioned himself to become Maggie s husband now that Fingal is believed his invading army Ewan has positioned himself to become Maggie s husband now that Fingal is believed The Border Vixen begins with a battle of wills The eisty Maggie and sensible Fingal complement each other well His patient pursuit of her is admirable and when he inally claims Maggie as his wife the pages

ignite with sensuality 
with sensuality typical Bertrice Small styleThe story is tedious at times as Small explains the history of Scotland most of which is complicated and irrelevant to the plotThe biggest law is Small s decision to involve Fingal in a raunchy threesome while his wife is at home pregnant awaiting his return Although Fingal does not recall having a wife and three children the gratuitous sex scene contradicts Fingal as a man of restraint and defiles the love storyMaggie s devotion to A coerência textual family neveralters and her strategic thinking saves her people Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller from invaders making her the true herohttpbitly9ZoWN1 Not your typical huistorical romance it doesn t end once the hero and heroine decide they are in love with an epilogue about theirirst born This book continues well into their happy marriage and the border wars between Scotland and England This is not a period I am overly Dogs Behaving Badly familar with and I appreciate the autthor sprinkling in the historicalacts as needed and not turning it into a history book Beatrice Small was one of my First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There firstavorite romance authors but I had stopped reading historical romances This reminded me of how much I enjoyed reading her books I loved that Maggie was a strong woman and that Flinn didn t try to diminish her Border Scott story in the time of King James the Gal Stewart into the borders to wed the heiress without delay so that the valuable pass may be protected But the laird insists his conditions be met and the heated contest of wills between Fin and Maggie brings out the ire in them both But there are those who will stop at nothing to gain control of Maggie's inheritance even if it means getting rid of Fingal Stewart and his border vixe.

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A lot Scottish history than I thought it would have based on the back cover Still I liked Maggie even though she was a bit much at times but hey she was only 17 or thereabouts at the beginning of the book Fingal s return to Maggie after losing his memory and nearly his life was a bit too Odyssey esue complete with lots of sex with strange women in his case two lusty sisters with whom he had to "stay April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers for aew days and have sex with them as " for a ew days and have sex with them as of his passage Meanwhile Maggie had to end off unwanted suitors not unlike Penelope Still they did come together in the end of Course I Liked The Cover I liked the cover which the model portraying Maggie looked like Liv Tyler Why did I read this I have no idea I played Crusaders Kings 2 on my PC and was in a mood Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome for a medieval erotica I stopped midway because the author went on to drivel about how virgins cant enjoy sex theirst time which is complete BS I mean I get it or a man rom that time it would make sense or him to be ignorant but he had prior experience with prostitutes it s not like he was without experience Plus the whole novel elt like the character was trying to be it s not like he was without experience Plus the whole novel Space Kid felt like the character was trying to be sexier n grown up version of Merida The writings is nice but Ielt like her dialogue was wordy and just spilling information about ancestors and bloodlines I honestly skipped lines and I was able to still understand most of it An excellcent read and a educational read as well I am looking Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town forward to reading all the Border chronicle Series This was a pleasant changerom the other books in this series I love Small s books but I don t like that in many of her books a main character dies No one important died in this book view spoiler I didn t think the 10 days with the sisters was necessary It didn t add anything to the story except a way to include sex I don t have a problem with sex as long as there s some reason or it to be there Basically the author just had Fin commit adultery with not on. Dugald Kerr the laird of Brae Aisir has lost his male heirs in the raging border wars He has but one inheritor remaining a beautiful headstrong graddaughter known as Mad Maggie There are many eager to wed Maggie or with her comes the profitable right to exact tolls at a Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water famous safe passage through the border hills which has been under the protection of the Kerrsor generationsKeenly. ,
The Border VixenE but two whores who could have given him any number of diseases to take back to his wife Adultery in a romance novel is b This book uickly abandons the romance story and becomes of A Historical Novel About James V And Historical novel about James V and war between England and Scotland They ll be pages of descriptions and acts about the time period with maybe a paragraph thrown in there like oh and the main woman Maggie had a baby in the winterStill I stuck with the novel up until oh and the main woman Maggie had a baby in the winterStill I stuck with the novel up until main guy got amnesia and cheated on his wife with two sisters in graphic detail It was so ridiculous and unnecessary A strong Scots woman needs a strong sensible Scots man Not a little weasel no disrespect meant to the our legged animal Margaret Kerr is strong both physically and of will She can not stand a weak man Ewan Hay is weak and stupid Unfortunately he is also a dangerous enemy Review by CM Lessard Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse for Romance Novel NewsMaggie Kerr is the spitfire granddaughter of a border lord who controls the Aisir nam Breug an ancient pass between England and Scotland For generations the Kerrs have maintained the pass allowing passageor peaceful purposes onlyMaggie is not like any other Scottish lass Dubbed Mad Maggie she is brazen speaks her mind and can run hunt and ight better than most menAt seventeen Maggie is of age to wed but she s not willing to be dominated by someone she does not respect Her grandfather decrees that any man seeking Maggie s hand must be able to outrun outride and outfight herEwan Hay a neighboring clan member accepts the challenge but he is soundly defeated and humiliatedScottish "King James Sends His Kinsman "James sends his kinsman Stewart to wed the heiress After a eisty The Allergy-Fighting Garden: Stop Asthma and Allergies with Smart Landscaping first meeting Fin agrees to the challenge butirst allows her time to get used to him And when Fin barely bests her in the challenge the entire village is convinced that Fin is a worthy match or Maggie Four years later King James issues a call to arms to ight the British. Aware of the covetous interest in his lands the laird announces that any man who can outrun outride and outfight Mad Maggie will win her and her inheritance His proposition causes chaos than resolution or eisty Maggie's reputation precedes her and the one man to take up the challenge is roundly defeatedBut young King James V learns of the laird's problem and dispatches his cousin Fin.