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Er This is a very fun and sweet book that also has some intense and passionate moments The plot is interesting and well executed What makes this book shine though are the two characters They are fantastic Ariadne is wonderfully sweet at first I thought she was a little too naive but she grew and strong as the story progressed Sebastian is also brilliant he is written with a very down to earth personality little fun things such as him not realising his shirt wasn t cleaned or his bathroom was a bit messy made his character very appealing The DIALOGUE AND PASSION ARE BOTH SPECTACULAR and passion are both spectacular is a really enjoyable book that leaves "You Feeling GreatOriginally Posted At "feeling greatOriginally posted at s rare for me to find both the Hh of a harleuin romance to be likeable I was prepared to face et another heroine who would behave like a doormat and keep clinging to the guy but I thank my lucky stars that it wasn t the case here The heroine did take up charge and did not cling to the hero when he rejected her which was how I came to like her The hero though a bit dense about his feelings for the heroine like most of the harleuin novels was not intentionally cruel to her and showed a kind nature The story was pure romance without any villains or jealous exes which was a relief and an enjoyable read Oooh I liked this It left me with a smile and left me wanting an Epilogue It was a sweet book a slow slide into knowing Sebastian and Ariadne with real snippets of feeling and bonding Ah who can beat a well written book I was sent an e arc from netgalley of the new manga version of this story coming out April 19th 2019 in exchange for an honest review25 stars rounded upI love the concept of taking a romance novel and making it into a manga There were genuine swept away moments here and I enjoyed how uickly the story unfolded The artwork was lovely and very easy to follow as it fit with the contentNow onto why I am rating this on the lower side The story itself had me rolling my eyes and laughing out loud but not in a good way This story is all sorts of beyond First we have a woman that s unbelievably forced into marriage by her uncle to a man she has never met She has a backstory that is a little far fetched but I could overlook that The parts that were the most cringey were the ones of instalove the virgin trope a fake marriage that by the looks of it ended in rape cause she said no and then jealousy by her over his remaining feelings for his wife that diedNoYou don t just get jealous over a previous love like that This was very juvenile in that aspect and he actually said he loved her than his first wife which is ridiculous It is not a competition You can love someone in a different way after loss but if You deserve this: Simple Natural Recipes For A Healthy Lifestyle: Bowl Cookbook you truly had loved beforeou wouldn t be so careless like that I don t know if this review totally makes sense but while the content and story were super far fetched I really did enjoy the art work immensely and the idea to take a romance novel and make it into a manga is a wonderful concept I will read in the future that hopefully have better storyline. E might be an upside to this ridiculous arrangementBut once the bartered bride's been wedded it seems that neither party is in such a hurry to annul the marriage as planned.

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Bit Sure the aunt and uncle who had raised her in Greece after "Her Parents Died Forced "parents died forced raw deal on her She thought she was going on vacation to Australia after she left her groom standing at the altar Unfortunately none of her accommodations or tours were paid for and she had very little money with her to pay for anything I m surprised boarder patrol let her in the country ou usually have to have a certain amount of cash to enter but okay Maybe she had an Australian passport after living in Greece most of her life Anyway she s rude to the H when she meets him He s rude too but realizes he needs to dial it back if he s going to save his company So he invites her out to dinner They set a time to meet but when the time comes she refuses to go with him doesn t want to see him again and goes back to her room view spoiler Then she returns to the lobby to go to the hotel s restaurant and makes a complete ass of herself by badgering them to give her a table s restaurant and makes a complete ass of herself by badgering them to give her a table H is there waiting for her So she ends up ordering all kinds of impossible special dishes in a weird order Like bring me dessert first And then half an entree Then salad Then another dessert I think this was supposed to a cute way to get back at the pushy hero but it was so obnoxious Just as the author s description of the heroine on the plane to Australia refusing to turn off her cell phone and demanding the pilot turn the plane back to the gate I didn t like her The hero is marginally sympathetic He is a widower and he feels guilty for moving on three ears later But he blows that bit of sympathy when he deliberately stays away all day from morning to midnight after taking the heroine s virginity the night before He doesn t call or let her know where he is Heroine had spent the day cooking and cleaningSo heroine receives her inheritance early because she got married and hero s company is saved by heroine s uncle so everyone is happy right No the last twist is the hero offering to let the heroine go because he s not over his wife and the heroine going on a tour of Australia Hero realizes he was wrong and tracks her down hide spoiler The heroine Ariadne arrives in Australia excited about her holiday and being able to get away from the scandal back home in Greece after she cancelled her wedding at the last minute However he excitement ends when she finds out that her uncle tricked her into going away and he has arranged for her to be married to the hero Sebastian as part of a business deal Ariadne is devastated by her families betrayal and terrified that she has been left stranded without any money She has no choice but to meet with Sebastian Sebastian is angry that he has been blackmailed into a marriage he doesn t want and initially thinks Ariadne is spoilt and pampered and on the look out for a rich husband and is as much to blame as her uncle But when he meets her and recognises her sadness he rethinks his decision Despite both of them not wanting the marriage they agree to a temporary marriage of convenience and they get to act on the attraction to one anoth. O doesn't know what to expect from his contract wife to be But it certainly isn't the beautiful Ariadne or the combustible attraction that sizzles between them Perhaps ther. A sweet story which is not something that I say often about HPs The heroine was a na ve rich girl who didn t really know how to go on in the read world The Hero was a widower who had trouble accepting that he was moving on It was well written and interesting with good characterization With the completion of this book I had to add a new shelf entitled angstfest That s what this was There was tension galore Every time I thought Sebastian was going to come around he would go all brooding and try to push Ariadne away again Let me start at the beginningAriadne got on a plane to Australia thinking she was going on a holiday until something her uncle said as she was boarding made her think twice She realized he was sending her there to get married to a man she hadn t met before Sebastian Sebastian was in contract negotiations with Ariadne s uncle and when the deal was almost done Uncle threw in that if Sebastian wanted to contract to go through he had to marry his niece He was late picking her up from the airport in fact he didn t even get there There were "problems with her hotel accommodation they really started off on the wrong foot being ugly to one "with her hotel accommodation they really started off on the wrong foot being ugly to one When Ariadne realizes she has no money at her disposal she agrees to marry Sebastian But guess what She falls in love with him And he still tries to push her away Finally when she admits her love for him he flat out tells her no What s a girl to do She packed her stuff and left While she s packing Sebastian realizes he loves her and rushes home to tell her but she s already gone He finds her months later apologizes professes his love and all is happy in their world Not a bad book if Internationaal cartoonfestival Knokke-Heist. Cartoons 2003 you like angst which I do or ifou like jerky heroes that seem to only want to get into the heroines pants I absolutely loved this book It was such a fun read I loved the tension between the two characters and their stubbornness of desperately trying not to give in to their attraction for each other In a way it was cruel of her uncle to just ship her off to see her future husband to be and forcing Sebastian to be with her for the sake of a contract Even though it was supposed to be a pretend marriage there was nothing pretend about it from the beginning besides just words It s hard to feel for a chacter that walks willing int drama She was unlikable Once again a bad the blurb for a good book The official blurb is misleading maybe something like this would have been fitting It was a setup not a paid vacation as she was told but an arrange marriageIt was blackmail The contract he needed to ensure the future of his enterprise was nearly
signed but now 
but now was supposed to marry her if he wanted the deal to go throughBoth h and H were likable h was not a doormat well maybe a bit too forgiving to her uncle but hey family H was not cruel or a total jerk ok a bit densehardheaded at time but there were reasons and he s supposed to be human I do like this trope Blackmailed into marriage with both partners suspicious of the other s motivations The problem was that I didn t like the heroine one. Ariadne Giorgias has been set up Instead of being welcomed in Australia by family friends she's picked up from the airport by a strikingly gorgeous strangerSebastian Nikost.

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