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Karma's A Sexy Bitch: Choose Your Own Erotic Fantasy Adventure kI m so thoroughly enjoying this Highland black ops series that Monica McCarty has created She s taken actual events in history and integrated her idea of the elite and dangerous fighters needed during some of Scotland s blackest days giving each hero a military or superhero power to make him a mean lean fighting machine On top of that Ms McCarty has taken her stories to the next level twisting the lives of the hero and heroine in such a way that the emotion is wrung out of you till there s nothing left Then there s only happiness all aroundWe of course met Arthur Campbell in The Chief where he trains with those hand chosen by Robert the Bruce to be part of his new Highland Guard Arthur s special abilities are a sort of Spidey sense able to detect danger and people and the like seemingly out of thin air which has caused problems for him in the past with folks becoming suspicious when he does his thing Therefore he spends a lot of time alone it s just easier that way During the training Arthur is tossed out of the Guard there s no tolerance for any behavior but following the rules and learning what they need tonow As I felt at the time we find out in this book that it was all a setup so that Arthur could infiltrate the English spy where needed to give Bruce and his men the edge in his uest for the crown and trying to Mythological Beasts Turned Me Gay: Three Book Collection: (Mythology Erotica) keep peace in the HighlandsArthur s latest assignment is to insinuate himself into the good graces of John of Lorn to learn what he can to hasten Bruce s conuest of the man He s been waiting for this opportunity for fourteen years after witnessing his father s death at Lorn s hands Vengeance has been so much a part of his consciousness for so long that not even coming face to face with the most beautiful woman he s ever seen can deter him from his path He s relieved that Anna Lorn s daughter doesn t recognize him from a dangerous encounter a year before He couldn t leave her at that time to walk into the middle of an ambush and now he may pay for that with his lifeSo Arthur does the only thing he can he avoids Anna or ticks her off anything toeep her distracted But things just don t work that well for him Circumstances happen that reuire both his extraordinary senses and his incredible speed and Anna is much too perceptive and irked that he appears to dislike her so Arthur must be even careful around her than he s ever been before But the woman has her own ideas over and above what her father has asked of her which is of course unbeknownst to Arthur She sees things in him that no one else does things he d rather have left alone Arthur s tightrope becomes precarious by the moment in this mission he never wanted to begin withWhat makes this book for me is the situations Arthur finds himself in that reuire the use of his abilities More than once he saves Anna s life with those abilities and that makes Anna suspicious She never could imagine what she learns about this intriguing enemy of her family though The emotion between them goes back and forth between longing and hurt because Arthur wants to do the right thing when it comes to Anna even if there really isn t a right way that will turn out any way but bad for her But the man puts what he can into it refusing to fail in his mission The action scenes are done very well sword fighting and flying arrows at the worst timesThe historical research that s going into this series is incredible Ms McCarty has interwoven her characters into past reality that makes reading it a delight even despite the dire circumstances of the time I believe this is her best work to date giving these characters such this is her best work to date giving these characters such emotional roller coaster in life to get through It all actually seems impossible at the end but then that s why we read romance for the impossible to happenSee my complete review at Gah I have rewritten this review like 3 times and I can t make my thoughts order So this is gonna be a bit messyThe Ranger is the 3rd book in Monica McCarty s Highland Guard series and revolves around Arthur Campbell aka Ranger who is the best of the best when it comes to scouting and evaluating the enemy and being a spy on the English by their Ranks The Man He The lead man he spying on also happens to the man who This All Encompassing Trip: Chasing Pearl Jam Around The World killed his father while his back was turned and stole his family s lands and holdings What he didn t anticipate was that while working to destroy the man he would fall for his daughter Anna So from the start this book has a lot of emotional angst Arthur who is completely loyal to Bruce and Anna who is completely loyal to her father whom she thinks can do no wrong Each are so sold on their own side that from the beginning the author makes their relationship seem completely impossible Thus the angst in this book can be just UNBEARABLE at times Not because its sad or whatever just because it is ANNOYINGAnd most of the annoyance in my opinion centers around Anna She starts out damn near stalking Arthur Yes at the beginning her father asks her toeep an eye on him because he was a bit suspicious of Arthur but she could have been like 87 times subtle about it She made them both the laughing stock of the castle with her forwardness and assumptions that all of her advances were welcomed Yes he was attracted to her but anyone who tells you flat out to leave them alone means it Yet she doesn tMy god it was like reading a YA novel where the hero avoids and is rude to the heroine and she in her idiocy sees it as playing hard to get and that he really must love her because he couldn t possible want to be alone when he could be with her NOTE TO AUTHORS PLEASE LEAVE THIS PARTICULAR LITTLE CLICHE IN THE YA GENRE Or just let it die that would be nice too He Scouts kept trying to warn her that they couldn t be together that it wouldn t work that she didn t reallynow him And she always replied that she did The Organ Grinders know him that she didn t care what he was going on abou. Chosen to help Robert the Bruce in his uest to free Scotland from English rule and claim his crown the legendary team of warriorsnown as the Highland Guard battles on Embedded deep behind enemy lines Arthur “Ranger” Campbell is prized for his razor sharp senses and his ability to blend into the shadows But when Arthur infiltrates the

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The RangerE because it s so full of the real names histories and clans that Monica McCarty uses in her series It s amazing how much true history is woven through this Highland Romance I love how easily it is to visualize the descriptions and how realistic everything feels as you read With a name like The Highland Hussy I get asked all the time which Highlanders are my favorites Monica McCarty s are always at the top of the list which is saying something considering I should really be suggesting my Highlanders and my bookhttpwwwdemonloversbooksandco Third book in McCarty s Highlander Guard series This one is centered on Arthur Ranger Campbell one of Bruce s secrete Guard members who infiltrates enemy ground to get revenge on his father s iller John Lorn chief of MacDougall clan What he doesn t expect is Lorn s daughter Anna MacDougall the sweet natured warm hearted innocent girl who distracts him and intrigues him than he would like to admit Things get very complicated and a tangled mess when he and Anna grow closer together and can t deny the growing feelings between them The uestion here is what wins out vengence and justice or love This book seriously surprised me In a good way After reading the first book in the series The Chief I was underwhelmed and overall disappointed I felt the intensity and drama that were present in McCarty s previous books was nonexistent So it left me a little discouraged and just meh but the set up and backdrop she painted of the legendary warriors and their distinctive skills and dynamic personalities left me intrigued In the first book she sets up the characters and their distinctive background and clan history really nicely She s an author who pays a lot of attention to detail and historical accuracy I couldn t not try reading another from the series I m glad I followed my instinct and snatched this up As usual there was the ever present McCarty euation seen in her work and overall style of writing which is lots of tension and angst between the hero and heroine if you don t like forlorn angsty couples then this isn t the book for you Second the battle and struggle of obligation duty and loyalty between your familyclan and the person you love here particularly it was very Romeo Juliet Falling in love with your sworn enemy and not realizing until its too late Sorry for the cliche example but there it is And of course it isn t McCarty book without some form of deception thrown into the mix While at times it may be predictable given it s a HR book but there are dramatic twists and turns that you don t see coming which I really like And of course the sexual tension is just oozing all over the place I m a romantic junkie so yeah I don t mind it It s a bit over the top at times and cliche I ll be honest but seriously you have to give the author credit for her detail in everything Her books are packed with historical information so she s legit in my book To some it may just be another bodice ripper romance book but to me it s much Loved it from beginning to end Arthur and Anna were just really sweet and very surprisingly innocent in the way they fell for each other Arthur struggles incredibly hard to stay away from her and fights back his growing feelings but he gives in and boy does he P And get your mind out of the gutter cause that s not what I m talking about well Partly Not Ha Lol He not ha lol He her exactly what he feels and how far he s willing to go to not lose her What I loved is the character growth and realizations of what is really important It s something McCarty loves to test in her books demonstrating how far couples are willing to go for one another and test their love for each other McCarty always makes sure to include in all her books that climactic moment where either the hero or heroine makes a life changing decision and must chose between loyalty obligation and love And I have to say I really liked the heroine in this Anna I ve had issues with some of McCarty s heroines in the past they were either too manipulative and fickle or incredibly naive and oblivious Here Anna while yes was naive and had some things to learn she was incredibly open minded generous with a big heart who was free spirited and SMART So I really liked her and I loved Arthur They made an adorable couple who you really believed loved each otherReally great book nicely handled Can t wait to read the other books in this series This was a rereadI had this at a 5 star first time reading but I ve downgraded it to a 35I just had issues with their romance The pushing away and how it progressed Some of it was understandable but after a bit it became overkillNot my favorite of the Highland Guards I m having a hard time writing this review because I really did enjoy this story It was well written had great characters good action Lots of sexual tension Monica sure nows how to write one heck of a The Complete Idiot's Guide to Detoxing Your Body kissing scene too What I felt I missed in this book that Monica had written in the others was the heat factor Those of you whonow me now that I love my heat in a romance The Ranger did have some heat but it was mainly sexual tension It seemed to me that the HH thought too much about each other and but it was mainly sexual tension It seemed to me that the HH thought too much about each other and much they wanted each other Once they finally made love and I must add it was done very well it seemed to stop there OK so there was a good reason it took so long to finally make love There was also another re Why I liked The took so long to finally make love There was also another re Why I liked The 1 Truly enjoyed romance between Arthur and Anna2 Loved how Monica writes a story that full of history 3 There s no boring part in The Ranger Recommended For me this was the perfect book in the series and I am pretty sure it will be hard to top it The hero was exactly how I like them a loner and misunderstood I love love loved the heroine She was beautiful smart canny and very observant fo It was great I really liked it but I just don t feel like writing a review for it no. Deception rivals Arthur’s own Though yearning for a uiet life with a good man to love Anna is drawn to this mysterious night whose eyes devour her but whose words push her away As danger treachery and the threat of looming war draw them closer into each other’s arms a warrior made of steel must make a choice from the heart love or reven. T that they would be together forever What made this STUPID was that she ept saying these things in the 2 months leading up to war She new he had an upcoming battle to focus on the survive through yet she wanted to host parties games etc to boost morale She was crazy naive most of the book Yes she recognized the aftermath s of war but had no concept of war itself I don t Behold the Child: American Children and Their Books, 1621-1922 know all Iept thinking was that she would never betray her clan and he would never betray Bruce which neither of them did And frankly if she had gotten Arthur to turn on Bruce I would have stopped reading at once She actually asks him to choose her over his loyalty duty and honor at one point which just totally pissed me off Talk about selfish Blahbasically I loved Arthur He was a good man and an amazing warrior and I am glad that he got a happy ending Anna just annoyed me the entire book though which meant I didn t like it near as much as I expected Besides you very rarely do you read an entire series and love every installment Hopefully others like her and the book than I did and I like the next book The Viper than I did this one Overall another great highlander romance by Monica McCarty It started a wee bit slow but when it picked up I couldn t put it down I have to say how much I love that this author always writes heroes and heroines who must move mountains in order to make the relationship work There are no big misunderstandings or silly obstacles to get around they literally must triumph over true hardships to find their HEA In The Ranger not only are Arthur Ranger and Anna are on opposite sides of the war but Anna s father whom she adores The Second Cure killed Arthur s father 14 years earlier This bookept me guessing and wondering all the way to the end about how they are going to get an HEAThe only reason I didn t give this a full five stars is because I felt there was telling than showing going on than her other books I would have liked to see relationship building dialoguestoryline between Arthur and Anna Too often we were told they spent time together or lusted over each other but I prefer seeing that instead of being told about it I would also recommend reading the series in order to get the full meaning of the battles taking place in the book but it could be read stand alone The war is progressively being won throughout the series and I do think some of the story may not make as much sense if read out of context 45 starsIt s no secret that I love Monica McCarty s Highlanders but it s a well deserved love In fact I d say Monica s Highlanders started me on the road to becoming the Highland Hussy I will make this as spoiler free as I canFor those of you who haven t read The Chief or The Hawk this is a new take on our Highlanders and a new take on Highland Warfare Imagine special ops in ilts Now that we all have that lovely image in our minds I now I m imagining a Navy SEAL in a The Sorcerer's Apprentice kilt and yummmmI m sorry where was IAfter William Wallace wasilled Robert Bruce finally steps up to the plate and looks at what is best for Scotland In this series he finds the best warriors in Britain and uses their specialties so about a dozen men all trained in different skills but trained to work together It s not easyArthur Campbell has a special skill of having heightened senses He gets a feeling he can hear things before others can and he s a damned good fighter He is also deep undercover part of the Highland Guard loyal to the Bruce but on fighter He is also deep undercover part of the Highland Guard loyal to the Bruce but on surface he s working for the English One night Arthur accidentally saves a lass from an ambush by his men and in doing a lass from an ambush by his men and in doing seals his fateA year later he is sent by the Bruce into his enemy John of Lorn s castle as a spy And finds out the beautiful lass he d saved was his mortal enemy s daughter What happens next is such an intriguing suspenseful ride that I almost wish it could also be marketed as a romantic suspense Obviously it can t be as simple as boy meets girl they fall in love happily ever after Oh no it has to be not only are they on opposite sides of the war but they can t even tell each other that much Between the secrets and the passion and stress of remembering which side he s really on Arthur is trying his hardest to Eagle's Gate keep Anna at a distance But her father has asked her toeep a close eye on him In other words she follows him around til the men are poking fun at Arthur One of the hardest parts in the book for me to read was where Arthur saved Anna and her brother from an attack only to find out he d World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi killed 9 of his own men My God how does he livenowing he saved the enemy at the cost of his friends lives At one point in the book Anna has been utterly rejected by Arthur who can t let her get close to him and she agrees to marry a former suitor and potential ally Her father sends Arthur with her as a scout and Arthur goes crazy with jealousy One of my favorite scenes happens after Anna tells Hugh Ross she ll marry him I think that watching Arthur realize he s in love with her was wonderful but being an alpha male he pulled the whole I can t have you but I won t let anyone else have you either crap and it drive me nutsAnna is blunt caring feisty and sweet She is the perfect match for Arthur who just needs someone to love and understand him That his solitary existence has been to protect himself from getting close to anyone that he s not a freak with unnatural abilities He s just a man who loves a woman so much he won t do anything about it so that when the war marches to her door and her world falls apart around her and she sees he s betrayed her that maybe it will save her a bit of hurtI loved the way Anna was able to see through Arthur s exterior and love him despite his attempts at pushing her away I loved how Arthur couldn t let her marry Ross And I loved how Anna handled the discovery that Arthur was a spy and her father had him torturedI urge you all to read the author s not. Lan of the chieftain who murdered his father his heart is locked on revenge Inside he faces unexpected resistance from the sweetest of obstacles a honey haired siren who is his enemy’s daughterIntrigued by this ruggedly handsome newcomer to her father’s forces the vivacious enchanting Anna MacDougall is a woman whose skill at uncovering.