Slave to the Firm (E–pub/Kindle) ´ J.W. McKenna

Ul façade hides an explosive She Is Stealing Millions From is stealing millions from firm And Plans To Escape plans to escape a country within months When young trader Jim Donner stumbles onto her game he realizes he can expose her or he can torment her and satisfy his own dark desires for bondage and domination Once confronted Olivia

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Slave to the FirmWould her greed get her tangled up in a web of her Own Submission Olivia Collins submission Olivia the beautiful but ruthless department own submission Olivia Collins is beautiful but ruthless department for the Evans Turner investment firm in downtown Atlanta Her subordinates fawn over her but they now she means business and they'd better meet their uotas or face her wrath But her beautif. ,

Grees to go along with What She Thinksof As His she thinksof as his little sex slave games just long enough to finalize her theft and make her escape After all she has used sex all her life to get ahead Can she escape before Jim
Realizes She's Playing Him For 
she's playing him for fool Or will her greed get her tangled up in a web of her own submissio.