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Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework eIstener through several of those longer monologue passages and captured thessence of Tatton and the story His accent work was great Enjoyed my first time listening to his narrationIn summary it s a bold adventure tale and was a pleasure to Angels Whiskey experience I definitely want of the series I would recommend this one not only to those whonjoy Western Frontier Fiction but straight up adventuresome historical fiction with great details and authentic 16th century feel My thanks to Random House Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book in xchange for an honest feel My thanks to Random House Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book in xchange for an honest Date Read 12 September 2010I read this book Fair Blows the Wind by Louis L Amour for a book discussion group I liked the story and the fact that it was not a western novel typically done by L Amour but one that takes place mostly in Europe before the population of North America A few things that I learned from this book 1 The influence that a father can have on a son specially a father who tries to provide a good ducation and Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between example 2 The kindness of strangers can make a difference in one s life3 Hard training is reuired to develop great skill such as swordsmanship4 The pen is a powerful friend and a horrible foe5 In Louis L Amour books the good guy always wins in thendI have read several Louis L Amour books and they seem to have a similar story line The story is developed along this format Boy has a rough childhood and has to grow up The Day Christ Was Born earlier than other boys Boy learns through studying books and the help of kind strangers Boy becomes a man Mannds up developing a hated 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set enemy Man meets attractive women Man and women fall in love but never actually letach other know Eventually the man The Seventh Witch ends up killing the hatednemy Man and women marry and live happily And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake ever after I would recommend this book to those who like Louis L Amour or those whonjoy a good action packed story uotes from Fair Blows the WindTatton Chantry and Robert Vypont Topic Father teaching Tatton pg 62 I have never been to school My father was my teacher Ah A man of rare ducation no doubt He was that He read me from the writings of Homer when I was young and from Virgil too He taught me much of history and not of our country only but others as well We walked much together and he instructed me then We also talked with vistors Tatton Chantry and Robert Vypont Topic Books pg 70 What is the book I asked Maimonides You are a Jew I am English but one finds wisdom in all languages I read him often for he has much to tell He looked at me How do you know of Maimonides My father read him also We had many many books and my father would often read to me Sometimes we talked of them I have few books now but they are old friends to me Robert Vypont to Tatton Chantry Topic Wealth pg 71 Wealth Well perhaps It has its benefits but is an mpty thing in itself Robert Vypont to Tatton Chantry Topic Happiness pg 71 I have The Pocket Wife education and once I had position Now I am nobody but I am happy Tatton Chantry to This book took me by surprise in hownjoyable it was I guess I m a typical judge a book by the cover gal although I try not to be and the picture on my cover showed a man with a ship in the background I had always thought I preferred LL s woodsymountainsouthwest terrain located novels but this book proved me wrong in that I loved the sea fairing plots of LL s wrong in that I loved the sea fairing plots of LL s I finished this book about a week ago and if my memory serves me correctly it is a book placed in the late 1500 s an age I hardly ver seek out to read about where the man becomes stranded on an island and meets up with a group of people also stranded Throughout his present day occurrences the main character recalls to mind his past and what steps he took to get him to this point When remembering his life he often would wonder if he fought such a hard life only to be stranded his life he often would wonder if he fought such a hard life only to be stranded an island to die Tatton Chantry The main character continually mboldens himself and recalls his goals and hopes This story was incredibly written as it took me on a journey throughout the cabins and poopdecks of a ship to a tropical island to the pubs and taverns of ngland the moors of Scotland and Ireland the swamps of the Carolinas the highways of long ago and the stone castles of ancient descendants When Tatton was shivering cold from the. Rous man He invests in trading ventures but on a voyage to the New World his party is attacked by Indians and he is marooned in the untamed wilderness of the Carolina coast It is in this darkest time when verything seems lost that Chantry. Louis L Amour has almost outdone himself in this It capturing and adds interesting new perspectives from flashbacks The Main Character Tatton Chantry main character Tatton Chantry gallant Irish with a rogues skill set The book places him on the shores of wild America where he is marooned accidentally and thrust into a whirlpool of conflicting interests involving treasures maidens and political betrothals all the while recouning his Obsession earlierxploits in flashbackshaving been burned from his home by the English he sets out to make a fortune to buy back his homeland and rebuild his once prestigious home The book takes turns as he makes Cabaret: A Roman Riddle enemies friends and alliances continually travelling broad without a definite course but with a final destination He ranges all over the world in London Ireland Scotland a collection of Islands off Scotlands caost including the hebrides as a soldier a trader sailor andven a vagabondFinally he nds up in America where he must confront his oldest nemies and use all of his skills and abilities to scape the hornets nest he s in Filled with great desprictions and depictions of battlesscenes and conversations thought provoking without being too complicatedand a truly captivating book Fair Blows The Wind would be a good book for nearly anyone to read No one can take away from L Amour s ability to hook a reader in the first few lines My name is Tatton Chantry and unless the gods are kind to rogues I shall die within minutesMy two companions are dead and those who came to this shore with us have fled believing me already killed Their boat bobs upon a gray sea flecked with the white of foam and soon they shall be alongside the Good CatherineI am alone I am left without food without a musket with naught but the clothes in which I stand and a sword I also have its small companion a knifeBut what man can claim to be alone when he holds a sword A man with a sword can bring a kingdom down Many a man has a fortune who began with no less and no I stand upon the outer dge of a continent and who is to say that continent cannot be mineBut first I must live and to stay alive I must be brave but than brave I must be waryCrouched at the base of a gnarled and wind racked tree I wait with pounding heart For they will come now for me My two companions are dead and they must know that I am alone One against manyFair Blows the Wind is the second audio release in the Talon and Chantry series but in time frame it takes place long before Borden Chantry 19th century American West because this one is set in 16th century and follows Tatton Chantry the first of the ChantrysAs you can see this one opened with a breath catching situation Tatton is marooned on the Carolina coast of North America natives are active he has little but a knife and his wits He All Roads Lead Home encounters a party of Spanish and adventure follows but not before there is a long foray into his colorful past Chantry is an adventurer and looks for the big opportunity He has had to fight hisntire life since the English murdered his family back in Ireland and he leads them on a merry chase to and fro over the British IslesLike many of this author s books there is a lot of detail about what the character thinks and believes about what he has learned and how the world works The philosophizing and memories of the past are sandwiched in his present Another typical trait is that Chantry is not content just to make it through life and moan about his losses but he goes for the big chance and makes for an xciting and ngaging underdog to root for He gets in so many tight spots but his wits and skill get him through along with the grit of a survivor I could sense how the author was setting this hero up to be the father of a family line and of a breed of men and women who would tame the frontierThe pace was uneven because of the flips into deep thought and xciting danger but I can t say I ver got bored Chantry is well developed but most other characters are left to speak and act in and out of his life with less development Some are friends some rogues and some are uite villainous Chantry has a roguish piratical sense of humor and I love how that shines through in his dealingsAs to narration work I thought John Keating was xceptional He carried the His father killed by the British and his home burned young Tatton Chantry left Ireland to make his fortune and regain the land that was rightfully his Schooled along the way in the use of arms Chantry arrives in London a wiser and far dange. ,
Rain and violent seas I too felt cold and in need of a warm cup of coffee when Tatton was starving in the woods and smells the faint wasp of bacon and a fire burning I too smelled it and craved for it LL did an amazing job of taking me back in time and to a different world When someone says a book can take you anywhere I ll always think of this book A great read and I *truly recommend Louis L amour is very popular among the men *recommend Louis L amour is very popular among the men my family My father and both of my grandfathers speak of him with awe and affection and his books have a place of honor on their shelvesI in the other hand have never read a Louis L amour novel I started Walking Drum back when I was in high school but I didn t get very far into it the fault was with me not with the book I rarely had the patience to finish books in those days So I decided that it might be time to try L amour again I casually asked my grandfather what his favorite L amour book was mistakenly thinking that it would be a brief conversation Not so Apparently the man has been waiting patiently for the past 60 odd years for someone to ask him that uestion uietly biding his time until he could pass on the uniue magic that is Louis L amour Before long he had produced a stack of seven books Fair Blows the Wind being one of them for me to start with so that I could get a feel for what L amour is about Well there was no turning back at that point Fair Blows the Wind begins with Tatton Chantry Being Stranded Chantry being stranded an island off the coast of the Carolinas Before long he comes across a group of shipwrecked Spaniards There s a pretty lady involved of course as well as some pirates and plenty of gold and silverThe bulk of the story however was in the form of a long flashback to Chantry s youth in 16th century Europe Tatton travels throughout Europe learning from the various people he ncounters a gypsy a Scottish warrior a playwright a Spanish nobleman tc The characters come in and out of the story abruptly and some we never hear from againThe last 30 pages were by far the most xciting The nding was abrupt but satisfying L amour managed to tie up all of the loose nds in just a few pagesThis book was probably an odd choice for my introduction to L amour since it s not one of his typical works but I Just Cause enjoyed it There s swashbuckling action witty dialogue and a touch of romance what can you ask for If you re a fan of Treasure Island or The Three Musketeers then you would probablynjoy this book A bit all over the place story wise but once it gets going it s a very good readA story of the first Chantry in the Chantry seriesHis name is not really Chantry but since his family was a wealthy and of Royal blood in Ireland I know L Amour is known for his westerns but my favorite books of his are his arly American and European tales This book fit the bill The Walking Drum and Jubal Sackett are some of my other top Louis picks 35 Swashbuckling adventure stars Tattan Chantry leaves Ireland after the British kill his father and burns down his home In London he becomes interested in trade and invests in a trading venture to the New World Marooned in the Carolinas and attacked by hostile Indians he has to survive and try to return to England The Carolinas provide a golden opportunity to achieve his dreams This is not one of L Amour s best works although it is ngaging nough in parts To me it felt like he had a short story in mind then decided to xpand it into a longer story by adding in background in a flashback In truth the flashback feels so much like a different tale than the initial story is fits into that by the time it is over you ve nearly forgotten the original taleTatton Chantry is shipwrecked on the coast of America in one of the outer islands along the Carolinas There He Encounters Various Groups And Learns he ncounters various groups and learns a treasure and then we are taken to Chantry s youth as he travels England and Scotland learning and growing trying to make his way Most of the novel is this flashback of Tatton s youth introducing the main antagonist and xplaining where he learned his skills ven fighting in a war in France While the stilted affected old fashioned language served well in Sackett s Land tc it feels a bit awkward here and doesn t flow as well as L Amour s usual style. Encounters a remarkable opportunity Suddenly all his dreams are within reach xtraordinary wealth his family land and the heart of a Peruvian beauty But first he must survive Indians pirates and a rogue swordsman who has vowed to see him de.

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