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The Divine Nine The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities in AmericaThe Africian American Greek System They go thru the history challenges service and mention notable members I wish there would

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been information about the fraternal movement generally and also about why the organizations do the things they do eg rationale behind their intake process why they call new member classes lines etc But maybe that s not for outside minds to know Lawrence Ross is an incredible author and I appreciate his commitment furthering knowledge About This Topic The Divine this topic The Divine focused on the history of African American fraternities and in America It was rich with the origin and culture of these historical frat This was like the must read in college hahabecause everyone wanted to oin a sorority But it was informative and really helped me understand what the sororities were really aboutand it wasn t I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad just what I was seeing on campus I have mixed feelings about this one I liked how the book provided background and history about each organization I did not like the format of the book It went from background history to interviews with current chapters back to history Too muchumping around for me I couldn t follow it I didn t read it in its entirety Instead I found it useful to ump around and read the history of each organization then flip through stories about the famous people from each organization I m interested in pledging so I found it useful to have background information about each organization in one book But I could have done without everything else Very informative great to learn the history of people changing other peoples lives in college. Alpa and Alpha Kappa Alpha; updated photographs; new statistics; celebrity interviews a new foreword and much Includes Interviews With Famous Members Of The Divine Nine From John H Johnson and Dr Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant to Star Jones and Shauille O'NealPlus Inspiring Profiles Of Other Famous Members From Langston Hughes and Ella Fitzgerald to Toni Morrison and Colin PowellFully Illustrated With Fascinating Photograph.

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The Divine Nine The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities by Lawrence C Ross Jr Kensington Publishing Corp 2000 37185 This volume focuses on the histories and ideals of the African American fraternities and sororities whose members self identify as being members of one of The Divine Nine The volume never makes clear whether there are any other black Greek fraternal organizations in addition to these nine The Divine Nine consists of five fraternities and four sororities Each of these organizations provided information to the author about what sets their group apart and what makes them uniue and special What Follows Is A follows is a of the names of the Divine Nine as well as what each organization reported to be their common call among members and their organization s symbol "IN THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY ARE LISTED BY "the order in which they are listed by author here are the Divine Nine fraternities and sororities with the five fraternities listed firstAlpha Kappa Alpha common calls A PHI or Ice Ice Baby symbol Alpha Ape Kappa Alpha Psi common call Yo Yo symbol Playboy bunny symbol Omega Psi Phi common call is a dog s bark symbol any fierce dog Phi Beta Sigma common call Blue Phi symbol blue and white striped cane Iota Phi Theta common call OW OW symbol centaur Alpha Kappa Alpha common call Skee Wee symbol is pearls and ivy Delta Sigma Theta common call OOO OOP symbol is elephant with upraised trunk Zeta Phi Beta common call EE I KEE symbol is a dove andSigma Gamma Rho common call EE YIP symbol is a French toy poodle This is interesting stuff which I knew very little about My rating 710 finished 32715 Lawrence C Ross National Bestseller America's black fraternities and sororities are a uniue and vital part of 20th century African American history providing young black achievers with opportunities to support each other while they serve their communities and the nationFrom pioneering work in the suffragette movement to extraordinary strides during the Civil Rights era to life changing inner city mentoring programs in the 1990s membe.