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Pent in red rock country How Incredibly Vaster The Canyon incredibly vaster the Canyon and how colorful Mauve raspberry purple gray alongside the brick reds and pinks and oranges of Utah I had orgotten I orgot how world just opens into this chasm in the earth that takes your breath away and makes you "awestruck it is not hyperbole or exaggeration it " It is not hyperbole or exaggeration it that stunning What is craziest is that I A Northern Light forgot I had a gorgeous sunny day as well and the light and color was hallowed This book brings the inner canyon the river aliveor those of us who are rim dwellers It was the best book If You're Missing Baby Jesus: A True Story that Embraces the Spirit of Christmas from a naturalist that I have read in a while accessible lyrical and I learned some new words which can be rare New wordsUsufructuary Descant Imbricated uotesI sit watching until dusk hypnotized I think of the sea as continually sloshing back andorth repetitive but my psyche goes with the river always loping DOWNHILL PURPOSEFUL LISTENING ONLY TO GRAVITYTHE BIG DIPPER WHEELS purposeful listening only to gravityThe Big Dipper wheels its bowl In years hence it will have stopped looking like a saucepan and will resemble a sugar scoop as the earth continues to wobble and the dipper s seven stars speed in different directions The sky is a meadow of wildstar lowers As dawn leaks into the sky it edits out the stars like excess punctuation ma Generally enjoyable but uestion naturalist status of author who reports there are only two raptors on the canyon bald eagles and ravens really Many raptors there and ravens aren t raptors though they are ever presen. Ings and broken pottery of prehistoric Indians Rounding a bend or running a rapid she remembers the triumphs and tragedies of early explorers and pioneers She describes the changes that have come with putting a big dam on a big river and how the dam has affected the riverine lora and Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, fauna as well as the rapids and theiruture Science in the hands of a poet this captivating book is or armchair travelers who may never see the grandiose Colorado and or those who have run it wisely and well Like the author readers will White Water find themselves bewitched by the color andlow of the river and enticed by what's around the next bend With her they will ind its rhythms still in the mind long after the splash and spray and pound are go. .

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Finally inished this book It wasn t what I thought It "Would Be But I Respect "Be But I Respect Author S Knowledge would be but I respect the author s knowledge natural history and geology There are interesting vignettes of insect behavior and anatomy but too many Special Agent for me For anyone keenly interested in the specifics of thelora and small Sleep with the Fishes fauna of the Grand Canyon I think the rating would be 4 or 5 stars And unfortunately I never like reading about rocks and how they wereormed and landed where they are Which many GC writers eel compelled to explain So My 3 Star Rating Reflects My Lack Of Curiosity Rather 3 star rating reflects my lack of curiosity rather the author s poor writing Having said that I did keep reading as there were passages and paragraphs scattered throughout that interested me enough to keep reading Much of the book I enjoyed Sometimes a bit over wordy perhaps trying to use a word never used before I loved the insect descriptions plant a d geology descriptions too I read it while in the canyon which brought so much to life I was going to keep a journal but instead I dog eared pages in the book Anne said it better I m enjoying this book because I prefer to daydream about being in the canyon than deal with the reality of living even temporarily in Maryland I was searching or books at my local library to prep me or an upcoming trip to the GC I m so glad I stumbled on Downcanyon This book is many things Zwinger does a wonderful job describing the abundant natural life on her reuent trips through the Canyon I love her irrev. Every writer comes to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon with a uniue point of view Ann Zwinger's is that of a naturalist an observer at the river's brim Teamed with scientists and other volunteer naturalists Zwinger was part of an ongoing study of change along the Colorado In all seasons and all weathers in almost every kind of craft that goes down the waves she returned to the Grand Canyon again and again to explore look and listen From the thrill of running the rapids to the wonder in a grain of sand her words take the reader down 280 miles of the ever lowing energetic whooping and hollering galloping river Zwinger's book begins with a bald eagle count at Nankoweap Creek in January and ends with a subzero snowy wa. ,

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Downcanyon A Naturalist Explores the Colorado River Through Grand CanyonErent descriptions that encompass everything rom the Canyon s geology to the history of people that used to call it home to the scientific history of its Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life first Eastern explorers and researchers to the modern day studies of the impacts of Glen Canyon dam on nativelora and auna This book gave me a much greater appreciation of the Grand Canyon and a newfound admiration or Ann Zwinger who no doubt had a life well lived This landscape is animate it moves transposes build proceeds shifts always going on animate it moves transposes build proceeds shifts always going on coming back and one can retain it only in vignettes impressions caught in a 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate flashlipped through in succession leaving a richness of images imprinted on a sunburned retinaOne of many uotable passages One of the joys of Zwinger is her language her riffs of verbs and similes that relish her observation of all the wondrous minutiae of the Canyon spittlebug nymphs safely siphon SAP 106 IF NOT CLUNKY THEN AT LEAST OVERDONEDISCORDANT 106 if not clunky then at least overdonediscordant description of the The Oxford New Greek Dictionary floraauna geology and human history of the Colorado and its canyons The The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece first Ann Zwinger book I ve read I ve enjoyed most the way way herocus adjusts rom the Micro to the Macro Details about the various insects encountered give way to early history of the canyon Not to "mention that the reference list added about 20 books to my to read list I just "that the reference list added about 20 books to my to read list I just rom a trip to southern Utah and pilgrimaged to the North Rim of Grand Canyon I had The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) forgotten all the time Lk out of the canyon at winter solstice Between are the delights of spring in side canyons the benediction of rain on a summer beach and the chill that comes off limestone walls in November Her eyeor detail catches the enchantment of small things played against the immensity of the river the gatling gun love song of tree rogs; the ragile beauty of an evening primrose; ravens always in close attendance like lugubrious sharp eyed nineteenth century undertakers; and a golden eagle chasing a trout with wings akimbo like a cleaning lady after a cockroach As she travels downstream Zwinger The Jumbee follows others in history who have risked and occasionally lost their lives on the Colorado Hiking in narrow canyons sheinds cliff dwell.