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That sense from this book My only small complaint is that the book can be a bit didactic in places particularly early on I m a big fan of show don t tell and felt like this one faltered in a few places because of that I also would have liked
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Uncle Shaya I d to read a novel of his live as there was so much we didn t get to see about this complex man who was an inspiration to Elisha For the first time in a long time see about this complex man who was an inspiration to Elisha For the first time in a long time marked passages in my book as I read And I cried at the end This is one for my end of the year Favorite Books list I m certain We may assert that what distinguishes man from other animals is the soul Is it I don t pretend to know I have a much warmer attitude toward the view that nlike animals man tells stories In his novel A SEAT AT THE TABLE Joshua Halberstam emphasizes the power of stories the ones we begin the ones we finish or don t the ones we fix284 the ones that were told to Ghost of a Hanged Man us to connects to the past and to help Fantasy Faerie Erotica Collection - 8 Sexy Gay Stories of Romantic Vampires, Faeries, and Other Magical Lovers us shape the future Here s the story about my relationship with Halberstam s novel The title but not the subtitle spoke to my personal baggage So I bought the book Once I had read about one third of the work I knew or thought I knew the story that I would write about A SEAT AT THE TABLE At some later point I realized that the story I had planned to tell would need to be revised By the time I reached the end of the novel I had come to believe that I must have found Halberstam s work for reasons other than those I had previously imagined Laden withncertainty Elisha Halberstam s protagonist has early in the novel at least one firm belief you can t abandon one set of stories without adopting another77 But because of some personal baggage Mental Math: Tricks To Become A Human Calculator (For Speed Math, Math Tricks, Vedic Math Enthusiasts GMAT, GRE, SAT Students) (Volume 1) unrelated to that which drew me to the book s title I am abandoning my first story about Halberstam s novel without embracing and sharing another story about the workI m willing to offer a rating 35 stars but not a story to account for the rating Annexplained number will have to suffice I enjoyed this one filled with Jewish lore and recreating the UltraOrthodox world of New York City in detail Elisha on the brink of adulthood and expected to follow his father as a rabbi is lured by the outside secular world With the encouragement of his Uncle Shaya he enters a secular college in Manhattan and meets a lovely young woman by the name of Katrina who just happens to be not Jewish Not certain whether to step forward into the greater world or remain a Hassid Elisha Nyx uestions everything around him I really enjoyed this one Four stars overall and a recommendation For the longer review please go here InformativeA well written story It was also a pleasing way to learn about another culture Judaism is often misunderstood and I think this story helps to explain why I thought that A Seat At The Table was a terrific read It is personal without being sentimental it gives an honest picture of the conflict that any intelligent and curious young person might be exposed to growingp It s about Chassidism but it might just as well be about any other religious setting with strict rules of observance and little tolerance for deviating souls The relationship between father and son is deep and touching and it shows the profound love and generosity of mind of the father towards his erring son The ending is beautiful as it completes the cycle of a son who feels he needs to break out but deep down knows that the ties to the safety of his home his father will never be severe. He explores that world with a Blanco nocturno uniue combination of skepticism and compassion A Seat at the Table is a lovely and deeply humane bookMelvin Jules Bukiet Author of Strange Fire and NeuroticaIn this novel of fathers and sons faith and doubt Joshua Halberstam illuminates a world rich with religious tradition and Chassidic stories and he proves himself to be a master storyteller in his own right A Seat at the Table isnusually wise genuine and always affecting Tova Mirvis author of The Ladies Auxiliary and The Outside Worl. Okay It s better than With All My Heart With All My Soul though that isn t saying much The story s been written many times sheltered religious in this case Hasidic young man finds himself attending college and struggling with religious observance complicated by his love for the beautiful non Jewish woman And here it s not written particularly well The dialogue is convenient and contrived the developments feel rushed the characters
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pretty one dimensional with arguable exception of Uncle Shaya who leads a double Life And Is Apparently and is apparently to be sympathetic but simply struck me as an incredible hypocrite The Hasidic story interludes were occasionally charming but got old I had to give this one star than I gave good old B D Da Ehu because it was certainly readable but I added a third star for one reason the one thing that in my view distinguishes this book from the other clicheed novels of the genre the lack of anger and bitterness in telling the story The protagonist s home was not dysfunctional his childhood was not oppressive or deprived his relationship with his father while nderstandably complicated by the son s deviation from family norms was clearly a loving one In that sense this was a refreshing read Although the psychological nderpinnings of the protagonist s decisions were not particularly well developed it was clear that his choices were not about the negativity of religion or of his family but rather about his own issues Still I think someone either needs to write this story well or come The Ippos King (Wraith Kings, up with a new plot Just couldn t feel for the characters at all I wanted to like this book but it didn t develop It was less novel and textbook in terms of all the rabbinical references and scholarly discussion In theory I thought it would be on par with Chaim Potok s The Chosen but instead it was a wannabe that fell extremely short This coming of age story is set in the traditional chassidic world but its themes areniversal the love between a father and son the conflicting pulls of tradition and freedom the excitement of intellectual exploration and the comfort of community But the setting provides yet another element it provides a window into this interesting and insular community The chassidic tales that are sprinkled through the novel are another delightful touch Well written and touching this book is a great read I highly recommend it image error I can t remember the last time a book made me cry And so despite notable flaws this is getting four starsA Seat at the Table is a book of contradictions both in function and in form Primarily obviously the plot explores the contradictions stirring within Elisha a Chassid who is curious for the world outside of his and the contradictory feelings he has being pulled toward the intellectually honest and stimulating world of Columbia University and then the emotional ties he feels toward his rich tradition close knit family and charming folkloreIt s been done before many times and is perhaps overdone but Halberstam does it in a new way and it was much effective I think than previous attempts Elisha is a 21 year old chassid who is begrudgingly granted leave to study at Columbia while maintaining his yeshiva life by day and of course cue all the cliches alongside discovering to his horror that much of what Jews pride themselves for having invented actually has its seeds in other religions and cultures he stumbles pon Katrina thank you Halberstam for not naming her Christi. Lust Tradition Love Faith Self FamilyElisha walks through Brooklyn with side curls tucked behind his ears and an oversized black hat on his head He is a Chassidic Orthodox Jew and the son of a revered rabbi in whose footsteps he's expected to follow When he leaves his insular world to take classes at a secular college he vows to remain nchangedPRAISE FOR A SEAT AT THE TABLEA poignant depiction of a deeply loving father and a no less loving son desperate to find his own very different path without shattering the connec.

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A Seat At The Table: A Novel of Forbidden ChoicesNe though likening her to a hurricane was a cute gimmick as well who he of course falls in love with and then has to contend with everything that means as he well who he of course falls in love with and then has to contend with everything that means as he less enchanted with his faith and yet reluctant to give it pThe difference with this story is that it oddly reads like a love letter to Chassidus Halberstam himself no stranger to the fold weaves charming Chassidishe tales that reveal both the allure of a fraction driven by #LOVE AND MYSTICISM AS WELL AS #and mysticism as well as frustration that can create when a bright man is searching for answers throughout his story as well as starting each chapter with an apt and thought provoking chassidishe saying Although at times the stories got to be a bit much and felt contrived in their being forced into each event they added a melody and authenticity to the story as well as serving almost as another character sort of a Greek chorus that gave a lot of flavor to the struggle Elisha was experiencing Rather than highlight the craziness the extremes the intolerance these stories served as iet yet strong reinforcement of why a religion like this is hard to leave in the first placeAs to the contradictions in the writing itself this is where I would take off a star if I hadn t been so deeply moved by the end It is odd to me that Elisha was allowed to study at Columbia as well as how did he get in in the first place let s get real did his high school even have transcripts let alone SATs and then when he shaves his peyis his family is ready to sit shiva It is odd to me that he was able to flirt with Katrina almost immediately and chill with other secular friends when realistically there should have been awkwardness There were other areas as well the occasional contrived dialog and areas where the chasidic culture felt misrepresented But overall the journey Elisha goes on is vivid and heart wrenching and beautifully conveyed for the most part Halberstam writes in a way I wish I knew how to This resonated with me much than As a Driven Leaf which presented the same notion of how does curiosity fit into religion and can you really have both worlds How Halberstam eventually resolves this tension left me feeling moved troubled and above all affected A SEAT AT THE TABLE by Joshua Halberstam was a story I had heard before about the Orthodox son who discovers life outside the confines of his community However because the author is a journalist you get a much expansive view of the Orthodox community and the struggles of the son and the father who has invested so much in his son s religious Discovering Your Heart with the Flag Page upbringing His son has decided to take a journey in the secular world This in no way diminishes the son s love for family or for his Orthodox community but this journey is a complex one and filled with both love and angst In a way isn t this every fatherson story when his son decides to move in his own direction journey on his his own pathIt is a heart warming story and a well written one too It might remind you of THE CHOSEN by Chaim Potok so think of it as variations on the same theme and a good one at that 12 Why can t we give half star ratings on GoodReads BooLoved this book and I can t recommend it enough It s a beautiful story notnlike My Name is Asher Lev about a young man trying to find his way in the world torn between Chassidism and secular society The characters are well developed as is the plot and I loved all of the stories storytelling is such an important thing in Judaism and readers will definitely get. Tion to his family to his fatherRabbi Joseph Telushkin Author of Jewish Literacy and a Jewish Code of Ethics Halberstam takes you deeply into the Chassidic community with a critical eye but a loving Prom Kings and Drama Queens understanding heart This tender compassionate coming of age story brims over with wisdom from the Jewish tradition It's worth reading for the Chassidic tales aloneDavid Grubin Documentary Filmmaker The Jewish Americans LBJJoshua Halberstam knows the soul of Chassidic Brooklyn better than anyone without payes and a black hat.