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En born and every summer we d make new discoveries and claim new "Areas As Our Own "as our own The final chapters put tears in my eyes they unfolded so beautifully No spoilers here I cannot so much as give ou an excerpt lest I give away what happens But suffice it to say by the last line of the book both Lily Claire and Willie T have learned life long lessons about love loyalty faith and what it is to be a hero Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge is a book to be savored not devoured It is a sweet Southern peach to be enjoyed on a hot summer day and not something to be rushed through despite its short length for to do so would mean missing out on the magic that is to be felt not simply witnessed This gem of a book is one I will read again and again Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge by Ramey Channell is an enchanting story set in rural Alabama when times were simple and children spent their days discovering the world around them The eccentric relatives and neighbors of cousins Lily Claire and Willy T are both humorous and charming Readers are easily drawn into their world and eager to find out how their lives turn outRamey Chanell is a creative storyteller and has an Incredible Ability To Bring ability to bring story to life I believe I read the entire story with a southern drawl Join Lily Claire and Willy T as they help others face trials and learn what it means to be family It s an adventure Un monstre dans les céréales you won t want to miss I enjoyed reading this wonderful story and might have finished it in one day had I been left undisturbed It is a magical tale involving eightear old cousins Lily Claire and Willie T who were born in the same place on the same day at the same time The cousins are growing up together in the mountain forests surrounding the sweet little town of Eden Alabama You might think life would be boring in such an idyllic setting but there are all kinds of surprising magical occurrences places to be explored and mysteries to be solved The cousins relatives are interesting characters as are their neighbors There s a bit of country wisdom recipes and Southern dialect All in all an enchanting enjoyable read This is a deceptively simple story of cousins Lily Claire and Willie T Set in a small Alabama town that could be any town at a time when children had a freedom mostly unheard of today it has the ability to transport the reader back in time Families were important and mostly stayed together Children were allowed to run around without constant supervision and their imaginations run free When they got into scrapes they had to get themselves outMs Channel s language speaks to this time with simpleness and clarity that sent me straight back to my own childhood with sweet nostalgia You should go there too In Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge Ramey Channell has painted a picture of simpler You should go there too In Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge Ramey Channell has painted a picture of simpler when families lived close together and helped each other out children were free to play and spark their imaginations without close adult supervision and communities came together during hard timesLily Claire lives in the small town of Eden Alabama where she spends most of her time with her cousin Willie T The two of them were born on the same day and they like to have adventures together The two have an extended family of eccentric characters including a great granddaddy who kept possums in the house and a Cajun Paw Paw who could play the fiddle The stories of the two children playing games together can be funny while other stories of dealing with family loss and helping find a missing baby are touching and sweet Dialogue will have Nam you hearing a southern twang inour head as Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination you read alongThere s a touch of mystery and magic in the air on Moonlight Ridge and Channell has worked her own magic in creating this new series foroung readers Note there are a few swear words in the beginning of the book but other than that nothing is inappropriate for readers starting at age 9The author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Nd community ties loyalty and faith and a very unusual map used by two flamboyant children to solve a mystery out on the mountain. ,

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It Foodfic musing not a traditional review Rarely does a book come along that is so magical so mystical it transports the reader as if on a magic carpet to a different place and time Ramey Channel s Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge does exactly this and does it by the end of the "first chapterThis is the story of Lily Claire and Willie T eight ear old cousins born on the same day and "chapterThis is the story of Lily Claire and Willie T eight ear old cousins born on the same day and extended family They are the best of friends and Moonlight Ridge in the small rural town of Eden Alabama is both their home and their playgroundWe are with them in their third grade classroom learning to draw beautiful birds and studying heroes with their beloved teacher Miss Althea Bib Tweedy I think we were lucky to have been in her room since she was just about the best third grade teacher in the whole world even if everybody in Eden said that she had lost all her marbles Lily Claire swearsWe are behind the shed with them catching doodle bugs We are with them at the house of their neighbors Cowboy and Estaleen tip toeing into the bedroom to take a look at the map on baby Junior s tongue a map they are certain is the key to finding treasure We follow them through their carefree days of being children in the deep rural South seeing what they see smelling what they smell doing what they do For a few blissful short chapters we are eight ear old children again ourselvesThis is also the story of Willie T and Lily Claire s extended multi ethnic family including cousins Harold Hope Nash who works on the railroad and his twin brother Henry Hope Nash who although a grown man has the mind of a child and of Mr Studebaker Freeman a medical school drop out who comes back from war a changed man and who carries a magic wand with him wherever he goes Studebaker Freeman also happens to be a black man living in a small Southern town during a time when color alone could brand an innocent man guiltyWillie T and Lily Claire s idyllic summer days screech to a halt when a series of disasters strike the people around them When baby Junior goes missing Studebaker Freeman is thrown in jail for kidnapping The two intrepid eight ear olds set out to find Junior and free their wrongly accused friend What happens next is both frightening and magical and changes their lives forever as they learn the true meaning of being a heroIn writing Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge Channell segues from humor to seriousness so masterfully that in looking back I m not uite sure where the transition occurred In the first chapter we meet Lily Claire s great granddaddy WT Greenberry who fancies himself a naturalist Great granddaddy WT collects bugs and absolutely dotes on possums When great grandmother Augusta Greenberry finds too many possums in the house she sets the hounds on them and the chase through the house that follows is the funniest piece of fiction I ve ever read And which I might add on the night I started reading the book caused me to wake my sleeping husband I was laughing so hard making me realize this is not the book to read when Impossible Things your mate is asleep besideou Some of the character names Channell comes up with are priceless the pastor of the Baptist Church is named Brother Goforth Fortunately I read this the the following morning and both my husband and I were wide awake so my laughter merely interrupted his guitar practice instead of his sleep And while humor remains part of book throughout all its eleven chapters by Chapter 5 aptly titled Bad News the book takes on a much serious toneThe by Chapter 5 aptly titled Bad News the book takes on a much serious toneThe is short a novella than a novel Channell s prose is sparse every word of this book is there for a reason Here the reason is to give the reader a sense of place The woods around our house on Moonlight Ridge had always seemed full of magical secrets and possibilities she writes There were old trails and paths as ancient as the mountain itself Willie T and I roamed and tromped in the very same places that our Great Granddaddy WT had explored way back before we were ev. Year old cousins Lily Claire and Willie T and their multi ethnic family in the backwoods of AlabamaThis is a story about family Perhaps it was fate but cousins Lily Claire and Willie T were born the very same instant just after their mothers Sara Onselle Nash and Rachel Bodicea Nock got into a fight about something or other and just about trashed their shared hospital room After that Lily Claire and Willie T couldn t help but be inseparable friends and playmates throughout the old roads and backwoods of Moonlight Ridge near Eden Alabama during a long ago time when skinned knees grubby hands and natural music were prevalent than they are todayProtagonist Lily Claire relates that Willy T was the meanest little booger Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan you d ever want to see In the earlyears before we started to school we fought about as much as we played And then it got so that for the most part we couldn t tell the difference between fighting and playingThere s a lot of laughter in Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge Author Ramey Channell has filled her charming story with a boocoos that s a Southern word meaning a lot of well drawn uasi eccentric mountain people When they come together they re just naturally funny even though that s not always their intentionThey re good people too and no nonsence pragmatic the kind it would be a pleasure to know In the novel s introduction Channell says that even though she s not Lily Claire she used to be a lot like her Channell grew up "On A Mountain Like "a mountain like ridge one that seemed like a mystical place thenChannell has a good memory and she writes in the kind of lyrical prose that comes from a writer with an ear for the language of the place where her characters are coming to life on the page Moonlight Ridge is filled with magic and mystery As it turns out Lily Claire and Willy T have a better handle on what s what in the magic and mystery department than the adults After this charming story comes to an end readers will discover a handy glossary that defines words like boocoos and Arby vida There are some recipes too for those who can t wait to try Granny s Persimmon Cookies Cabbage Chow Chow or barbecued ribs with Sam Nash s Secret sauce While one expects a talented storyteller like Ramey Channell to spin a fine backwoodsy arn finding food at the end of the tale is a bonus As Lily Claire Says Lily Claire says almost every wise revelation I guess it just goes to show ou A wonderful first book by the author It is a look at the South in the 50 s and every word rings true Can t wait for the next book by this author buona fortuna Alabama Mountain Magical RealismWhat a fabulous tale The weekend was covered with a hefty to do list then I opened up Ramey Channell s Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge and everything else fell away The woods around Moonlight Ridge are filled with magical secrets and possibilities and eight ear old Lily Claire Nash and her cousin Willie T both born on the very same day and at the very same time are full of adventureTold from the point of view of Lily Ramey Channell weaves magical realism so well into this clever novella that one would consider these mysteries as common everyday occurrences For example a mama possum with a bunch of baby possums hanging onto her back waddles through the crowd at a graveside funeral service the baby possums singing a cantata to the dearly departed And then there are the spots on a baby boy s tongue that soon turns into Lily and Willie T s sketched hidden treasure map And that s just the beginning wait "till they find the treasureSweet Music on Moonlight Ridge is good clean fun even if Lily Claire and Willie T break "they find the treasureSweet Music on Moonlight Ridge is good clean fun even if Lily Claire and Willie T break and are occasionally skinned up and tossed about by the elements Ramey Channell is a gifted writer and masterful storyteller Undoubtedly she has tapped into her source and been filled with a magical spirit of her own or perhaps like Lily Claire Nash she was born with itHighly recommended for adults children and public library collections A splendid tale of 2 children and their life up on the mountain that is simply AlabamaMy librarian wrote this Show her some love and read. Welcome to Moonlight Ridge a magical musical place overlooking a small town named Eden Here ou'll meet a pair of intrepid eight.

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