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Feeling like he can t possibly be good enough or such a special manThis is a terrific short character study both of Luke and of Russell although we get less insight into him The sex scenes those not with Russell are deeply sad and show how dependent Luke is on sex to bolster his self esteem Initially deeply sad and show how dependent Luke is on sex to bolster his self esteem Initially glib and callous Luke is revealed to be really damaged and needing love and care It s ultimately very sweet and satisfying This is a sweet short low angst story about a young college student who has been trading sex or room and board and his reactions to living with a man who doesn t seem to want to make that trade A very believable sympathetic slightly confused main character with a tough past makes this a delightful and engrossing if somewhat lightweight story Y knowIt s the third JL Merrow story I ve read that lays out unappealing or disturbing or even outright repellant circumstances and still manages to make me eel things or people who are at best disuieting and at worst outright appallingShe s a crafty one that MerrowHow else to explain why the travails of a mooching self absorbed demi prostitute should even register with me let alone make me cry a little in sympathetic miseryEven the revolting poser Live Bait friend who mangles French managed to surprise me when he pops round the pub to tell the narrator touck off there s a good chap Russel s too good No Strings Attached for youAnd then stays to make sureCraftyFearless and skilled Merrow is No other explanationKeep your eyes open when you read this one Hiding behind a smile a protective smile that hides all the hurts Wearing your hurts on your sleeve is not the done thing after allYes I loved this poignant little short uiet without lots ofanfare but with a good punch This is entitled WHY DO I KEEP WRITING SUCH LONG FUCKING REVIEWSThe Fancy Strut first time I read this book was directly afteralling head over heels in love with Merrow s Muscling Through Now that s a book I enjoy as a good read but I also admire it Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka for its FUCKING AWESOME WRITING Merrow is just so damn goodSo in light of that I was rather disappointed in this book I thought Luke was yes a pragmatist but also a giant PRICK Just a big knobhead to be British about it Yes he improved as the book went on but in the beginning he wasond of making comments like thisAnd to be honest I d never had a lot to do with socially retarded saddo typesok to do with socially retarded saddo typesOk s Unbreathed Memories farrom the irst person to think this way or even say it out loud but nonetheless it kind of ticked me off Mainly because this is the perfect description of yours truly Minus a mention of half a lifetime of drugs of course Doctor approved people not coke Sheesh Normally I don t take such comments too seriously total lie but my thought was well FUCK YOU JAG OFFBut I m really glad to say that I liked this book a lot on the second read through Merrow lets us see that Luke even in the very beginning knows he s if not a total prick definitely on his way to becoming oneThere s only one thing I don t like about my looks my eyes When I was a little kid they were bright blue just like my mum s but these days they ve aded to grey and where I m blond now they can look a bit coldWe later learn that it when he was 16 and still a kid his mother died leaving him with a less than supportive ather That was probably the last time he elt loved A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 felt like he had to offer than a prettyace and peach like bottom When I realized that Luke was really just a sad little boy with a dickish exterior with no one who really loved him I started sympathizing with himBut Luke is and will probably alw. Nd security Especially with rich powerful handsome menExcept now with I Love My Dad finals bearing down there’s no time to be choosy He needs a roof over his head and he needs it now Even if it means settling temporarilyor a geeky less than well off chemical engineer called RussellLuke’s All about Us fully prepared to put outor the guy because after all in this wo.

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Pricks and Pragmatism35 starsI started out disliking Luke not that there was much to like about him in the beginning mind but I gradually warmed up to him and ended much to like about him in the beginning mind but I gradually warmed up to him and ended rooting or him and Russel Russel was the shy socially challenged geek you love and Noni Speaks Up feel protective ofrom the get goI would have liked a bit info on what happened with Luke s Handbags and Gladrags father but I suppose it went all right he was already making an effortview spoilerOne detail that niggled me was that Luke had had sex with that ex of his Sebastian right before he slept with Russelor the An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) first time and I didn t think that wasair to Russel Why did Luke have to go all the way with Sebastian before he realised he didn t want to "go back to his old life hide spoiler 45 StarsThis was such a "back to his old life hide spoiler 45 StarsThis was such a and un read Luke s voice just sucked me right in Of course I want because I m greedy like that Some of the scenes seemed a little rushed but the ending was satisfying There were so many lol moments This one had me going or a bit I watched sadly as he scampered to the kitchen like a virginal Hobbit being chased by a sex mad Ring wrath HAHA ok big LOTR Wish Upon a Wedding fan hereThis will definitely be one of my go to books when I need a little lift It was aine story but I ve got to give it only three stars because it was so predictable and ormulaic I guess I expect a wee bit rom JL Merrow Meh It was ok I m a big JL Merrow after reading Muscling Through I think the author does a great job of writing simple characters who Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other forge unlikely bonds andind love PP was a similar storyline but lacked the strong MC s that you Richard Nixon: The Life find in Muscling Through really no one can beat Al Luke Russell are sweet enough but just not that interestingLuke is a student who dates up and lives off of his relationships Russell is a bearded soft dorky engineer who takes Luke in as a roommate Theyorge an unlikely platonic I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! friendship but as time goes on and they get to know each other theyind themselves increasingly attractedIf this book were even a page longer I might ve been bored As it stands it was a short uick read and just entertaining enough Possibly I wouldn t grade this so highly if I were amiliar with mm but it seemed uniue to me as well as delightful What I most liked about it is that though it s unuestionably a romance it seemed to be aiming or authenticity than Puppet Master for pleasing straight women readers I have no idea whether it was written by a man or a woman and I don t much careOur narrator Luke is a homeless student who gets by on his looks charm and belief that sex is meaningless He s outraged at the suggestion that he sells himself but when you have to pretend you like it rough just to have a place to live what else can you call it really His lifestyle is totally acceptable in his circles and he thinks nothing of being passed along to ariend of a Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners friend he hasn t even met even when Russell turns out to be geeky and hairy But though Russell is willing to take Luke in he refuses to accept any sexualavors Janae (Blacktop, from him which leaves Lukeirst baffled and irritated and then as he gets to know Russell increasingly wistfulI love romance based on slowly growing attraction When Russell initially rejects him Luke eels like screaming at him with his stupid nerdy glasses and his bony elbows and his beardy weirdy ace even his mother only pretended to love But he starts to notice how Russell s eyes crinkle when he smiles along with how kind and companionable he is and soon he s having weird hot dreams about hairy chests and whiskery kisses And he goes rom eeling like he d be doing Russell a avor in sleeping with him to. Easy come easy gountil the heart gets involvedEnglish student and aspiring journalist Luke Corbin should be studying Instead he’s acing homelessness thanks to the lover who’s just kicking him out of their posh digs It’s not his irst rejection his ather tossed him out at age sixteen but Luke has no problem trading his Why Diets Make Us Fat favorsor a home Ays be a little self involved someone who protects himself irst A bit of a prick Luckily he meets the saddo socially retarded Russell I do love how Luke Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, first describes RussellHejust stared into his coffee cup as if helpful suggestions were going to spell themselves out on theoam on top His Everyday life in medieval times fingers linked around the sides of the mug like he was giving it a cuddleOk this I laughed at because again it sounds exactly like me what can I say I m as self involved as Luke I often cuddle my coffee cup hoping it ll provide me with something profound orunny to say It hasn t yet but I continue to live in hopeLuke North forms ariendship with Russell And he pretty uickly alls or him though he won t admit it and the reader barely notices his Dead Giveaway feelings Like I said Merrow is a very subtle writer she givesew hints like Luke enjoying making dinner Russell Or spending what little money he has on a birthday present Andrew Lost In the Kitchen for Russell Maybe he sees this as obligation becauseor once he isn t sleeping with Russell in recompense Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism for his room and board But he didn t have to pick something he knows Russell will like so much It shows a thoughtfulness that Luke never showsor anyone something he knows Russell will like so much It shows a thoughtfulness that Luke never shows or anyone I loved most about this book is that Luke although concerned with his own appearance never encourages Russell to go out and get a whole new wardrobe It s mentioned once and then totally orgotten Luke doesn t care that Russell has a beard and glasses and has a bit of a tummy He loves Russell as he is and I just love that He s happy that he s the only person to really see and love Russell Rejected Rejected Rejected for the wonderful guy he is And yeah maybe this is justurther proof of Luke s selfishness but it also shows that he s less concerned with outside appearances as he thought he was As we thought he was Luke and Russell actually make an appearance in Merrow s Hard Tail Luke really shows how possessive he is when the MC in that book dares to talk a little too nicely to Russell It was so reakin cute Luke s a spoiled little boy that you can t help being amused by when he insists on not sharing his toys Only HE knows how to love them properlyThe only real problem I had with this book is the sex Luke has with 2 other guys Now I don t normally mind this I m not a person that thinks once you meet your true love all other penis s are verboten I do think they re verboten after a couple gets together though in MM Romance anyway My problem is when he sleeps with one of these men view spoilerLuke sleeps with his asshole ex after convincing himself he s not worthy of Russell and that Russell will never love him because he thinks Russell views him like others do as something of a whore Fine But Luke sleeps with this guy about 30 mins before getting together with Russell and making dirty time
him Couldn t have Merrow 24 hours I mean he hadn t even taken a shower There was probably still lube in his butt rom the last guy hide spoiler I m giving this a 35 Luke is absolutely adorable as this story is told in his point of view Yes he uses sells himself with sex so he can crash in people s apartments as he Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz finishes school but he is so darnunny He meets Russell super geeky bearded swoon 30 yr old virgin OMG SWOONand 95% of this book is them living together awkwardly at Buck: A Memoir first and eventually becomingriends My only complaint is that I wish we would have seen them in an actual relationship Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors for longer than aew pages I waited all book and I Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series felt a little let down at the end It ended SO abruptly I wanted smexy time with themOtherwise super cute story Love this author s voice. Rld no one gets somethingor nothing But Russell isn’t just a nerd; he’s an honourable nerd who wants to save himself Five Days Left for someone specialAtirst Luke is annoyed but the time he spends with Russell the closer he comes to a devastating realization He wants to be that someone special Except he’s Searching for Robert Johnson fallenor the one man he can’t seem to cha.
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