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St merely hinted at in and by the text Recommended especially since So Many Recent Picture many recent picture seem to often be primarily issue and problem heavy and sometimes even with the importance so many recent picture books seem to often be primarily issue and problem heavy and sometimes even with the importance necessary didactic considerations fun and humour are reuired are sorely needed for children and by children and that even with educational demands didactic information can be incorporated and perhaps even should be incorporated with humour and fun in delightful and laugh out loud dosages as has been brilliantly achieved and demonstrated with and by Officer Buckle and Gloria This book is cute and while the illustrations aren t stellar the storyline carries the taleOfficer Buckle has the task of giving presentations regarding safety to various schools Bored the students rarely pay attention One day Officer Buckle brings a dog named Gloria with him While he is giving his talk Gloria is in the background going through the motions of what he is sayingSuddenly the students look p and listen Alone Officer Buckle s presentation was non inspiring but with Gloria the children laugh and listen I really enjoyed this book Officer Buckle teaches children about safety and Gloria teaches Officer Buckle an eually important lesson Officer Buckle is boring students everyday with his safety talks Students and teachers are sleeping in the auditorium and they are not paying attention Then one day Officer Buckle gets a partner name Gloria Gloria is a scruffy looking dog but looks deceive She is smart as a whip and very silly While Officer Buckle is p before the audience Gloria is play acting whatever Safety Tip is being described Suddenly the children are sitting in their seats laughing and enjoying the show Of course Officer Buckle has no idea what his side kick is doing behind him
And He Thinks People 
he thinks people happy to hear his Safety Tip instructions That is ntil a news camera comes to film them and as he s watching on TV that night he sees Gloria s antics behind him Officer Buckle decides that he s not needed in this act so he bows out and Gloria begins to go to the school assemblies by herself much to the dismay of the studentsThe text and pictures in this book are hilarious Very cartoon like they are colorful and full of subtle detail that will engage all students The expressions on Officer Buckle s and Gloria s faces are priceless I highly recommend this book if you want a good laugh Blah blah blah blah blah is what it sounds like to children when we re trying to teach them the simple rules of life They are important lessons to live by but how do we convey them to our kids without soundin. Winter' add to the enjoyment A glorious picture book The Horn BookRathmann is a ick rising star in the world of chidren's books In this book she again shows her flair for creating real characters dramatic situations and for knowing wha. This is about a police officer whose dog helps him give safety tip talks to students It is cute but not amazing I am surprised it won the Caldecott medal It must tip talks to students It is cute but not amazing I am surprised
It Won The Caldecott 
won the Caldecott It must been a slow year for picture books Although I will say that this is probably one of the most child friendly and normal of the Caldecotts that I ve read Officer Buckle is a passionate advocate for safety and for following rules The problem is that his presentations can lack pizzazz That is ntil one day he s paired Our Martyred Lady up with a smart pooch called Gloria and then things really take off This book is a wonderful read aloud for older kids who have a longer attention span and the book s takeaway will resonate with an older age group as wellFind Officer Buckle and Gloria at the Westminster Public Library Funny charming and wise I love picture books like this where the illustrations really help to tell the story rather than simply provide a visual of what the text has described Gloria is so adorable Love love love all the illustrations Love all the safety rules and haven t even read all of Officer Buckle s post it notes yet as my son asked for an immediate reread and then his imagination whiskeds off to other things Love the little details the banana peel emblem haha Love the final safety tip I m thinking of adding it to our permanent collection A Caldecott award winner that I wasn t that impressed with The pictures must have won because of the dog s tricks but overall I ve seen so much better illustrations The story was cute but only kept my 5 yr old somewhat interested My preschoolers were completely bored even though I continually tried to pull them in with stuff about the dog it just didn t help Not one we ll be reading again Entertaining and delightfully humorous Peggy Rathmann s Officer Buckle and Gloria basically and deftly cleverly combines an often funny series of anecdotal snippets particularly of canine Gloria repeatedly and Addiction, Procrastination, and Laziness: A Proactive Guide to the Psychology of Motivation uproariouslypstaging staid and serious Officer Buckle with important personal safety considerations and the always essential messages of friendship of sticking with one s buddy through thick and thin The already massively comical and witty narrative is accompanied is graced by bright lively and eually engaging hilarious illustrations which although a bit too cartoon like for my personal taste do well complementing the text the printed words often actually ite surpassing and expanding the latter s details and recounted information especially Gloria s antics when she mimics when she acts out Officer Buckle s safety concerns are ONLY shown in the illustrations are at be. Besides the beguiling story the affable illustrations of the smiling Gloria the accidental mayhem in the background and the myriad safety tips such as 'always pull the toothpick out of your sandwhich' and 'never lick a stop sign in the.
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G like the voice on the phone In All Peanuts Movies We Could Wait all Peanuts movies We could wait they knock themselves almost nconscious to remind them not to lean back in their chairs or we could read them Peggy Rathmann s book Officer Buckle and Gloria Giving them simple reminders like Never stand on a swivel chair and Always wipe Their Reluctant Submissive (Knights in Black Leather, up spills BEFORE someone SLIPS and FALLS are absolutely hilarious in this brightly colored visually funny book The opening bright yellow pages with stars showing Gloria acting out her simple messages for staying safe are incredibly funny The title page shows a sad little police officer sitting at his desk alone writing down safety tips Some of his safety tips are inspired by his own recklessness and that makes the reader aware of them Throughout the book there are safety tip violations that children can seek and point out as they are reading the book Officer Buckle bores his audiences to sleep and the children listing to his safety tip assemblies are not paying attention to him One day Office Buckle gets a new partner a dog named Gloria At first Gloria looks like any other dog but sheickly proves herself to be Ethics Playbook uite an entertainer As she is acting out behind Officer Buckle s back the safety tips he is reciting the audience of children sitp to listen and soon are laughing proariously
Every Time Officer Buckle 
time Officer Buckle to look at his partner she is sitting obediently behind him Soon Officer Buckle and Gloria are in high demand and a television crew comes to film them It is at that point that Officer Buckle sees his act and is convinced that the audiences prefer Gloria to him so he its Their act flounders when Gloria goes to schools by herself and can t entertain the children on her own Interwoven into all the safety tips is a beautiful story about friendship and what it means to work together Rathmann is very creative in her drawings sing every inch of her pictures to convey a message I especially love the bright colors and the drawings of the characters Children will love this story and will most likely hear and remember at least some of the safety tips What could be better than that A darling story Officer Buckle gives boring ol safety tips and puts everyone to sleep could be better than that A darling story Officer Buckle gives boring ol safety tips and puts everyone to sleep one day he gets a dog and the dog is very entertaining and his career takes off Only problem is he doesn t know that everyone is excited about the dog It s a sweet and simple story that works out well in the endI really can t nderstand what about the art in this book makes this the Caldecott winner It s a fun and whimsical story but the artwork is nothing we haven t seen before I do. T will make young audiences giggle and think Children's Book Review MagazineRathman brings a lighter than air comic touch to this outstanding solid as a brick picture book Publisher's WeeklyA five star performance School Library Journal.