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Oler because it s too complicated haha GaaahBut the book has its good moments I am so issed after reading this book i hated all the chara except Eric and its good moments I am so issed after reading this book i hated all the chara except Eric and didnt like that he was made to make them feel better about the situation I i hated Brandon from the beginning and Alexa turned out to ge So disappointed with this book Almost didn t finish it Was Out of the Box pissed that Eric got thrown to the waste side while his long time lover left him for his long time friend Ending sucked big time I didn t care for this book at all That was the worst ending I have readsooo hated it Well well wellThe book has its moments I finished it moments ago and I assure you some of the moments areleasantly burnt in my memoryKinky and uite interesting the book traces the uite uncommon relationship between Alexa Eric and Brandon E and B are gay Alexa used to have a schoolgirl crush on E who used to be her elder brother s bf Now all grown up Alexa is hot and E can t keep his hands off her and he s in a relationship with the sexy B B is intrigued by E s accounts of Alexa her and he s in a relationship with the sexy B B is intrigued by E s accounts of Alexa when they meet obviously he s blown away tooAnyhow The First Secret of Edwin Hoff predictably they get into a thing and enjoy it for as long as they can Its not uite a relationship because they break up when they try to have the talk Alexa and B fall in love E gets kicked out unceremoniously but not before some mind blowing umm goodbye sexAnyhow its like I said before Karen Erickson is a magician with words sometimes Its not like you already don t know whats going to happen in Ericksen s books the what isn t of concern at all The books are all about the the how And damn the sexiness Ms Ericksen induces in the hows She writes in a way that you want to be aart of it and she writes in a way that will make you relate to a character and feel everything they feelWith that said I am a little disappointed she opted in the favor of ending it with a twosome At least in fantasy it would have been nice to see the book ending with Alexa E and B together Plus that would have upped the kink uotient and ushed the boundaries a bitAnyhow read this if you are not a homophobe If you are lease go shoot yourself and if MFM is your kink Its retty soft so you ll like it even if you are just discovering kin. She'll relight the spark between them Alexa may have lost her chance with Eric but the consolation rize a fling with him and Brandon is too tempting to resist She never expected to love both men or to secretly yearn to belong to the one who commands her body like no other Warning Contains mm sex mfm sex three País íntim people confused and in love a little bit ofunishment a lot of dirty talk and a lot of naughty ,

Scandalous Playing with Fire #3Ic was being saved for his own book and immediately discovered I was right so the end really worked for me Sometimes relationships don t work so the end really worked for me Sometimes relationships don t work erfectly I like a Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II permanent MMF triad as much as the next straight girl but this one was clearly not going to take thatath It was obvious from the start So I gave it five stars because it took a risk with the ending PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT LIKE TO BE SPOILED HA HA HA Because I m a spoilerNot because I want to discourageencourage anyone in reading this book I just want to write the highlights for me to remember by in to write the highlights for me to remember by in future There are really instances when I forgot about the story and I don t want to waste my time in re reading books that have bad Something Wicked plotsEric was the former lover of Alexa s older brother Alexa had a huuuuuugggee and i mean huge crush on Eric for many years Eric and Brandon lived together for 2 years when Alexa came into theicture Alexa and Eric kissed Eric told Brandon Brandon was intrigued and told no actually commanded Eric that both of them meet Alexa Oh by the way Eric NEVER EVER tried a woman before Brandon was bi sexual so he had relationships with women but the latter years he was focused exclusively on menOne night they met and fah lah lah lah Then the 3 of them realized that it should not just happen for one night only So the lust and fcking continued for what many many weeks Until Alexa bitched about everything in their weird relationship Yeah the 3 of them were confused but Alexa was really a beeyatch that made Eric walked out and Brandon chased after her And so the unthinkable happen Alexa and Brandon fah lah lah lah oohh shocking but it s not really And then Eric Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover pooroor Eric found out about it and ended things ASAP Then Brandon and Alexa realized they loved each other AND they became aware about it in Eric s Freud and His Followers presence talk about double murder of Eric s heart And what happened next To say goodbye the 3 of them had fah lah lah lah dualenet and all not dvp though har har And then well that s it At the end Alexa and Brandon got engaged And they live happily ever after and Eric i don t know what happened to himI don t know why the title is Scandalous I thought the 3 of them would get end up together which is co. Their reconnection blows her mind and rekindles girlish hopes Then he sets her away from him and runs like hell Eric can't believe that a woman's touch arouses him Not just any woman but sweet Alexa and he can't help but want Desperate to come clean he confesses all to his steady boyfriend Brandon expecting anger But Brandon's intrigued He wants to meet the woman who's tied Eric up in knots With luck maybe. .


Didn t like the ending to this one And Alexa and Brandon Were Selfish And Did selfish and did deserve a HEA The only character that deserved a happy ending only got a sorry we only love you as a friend This was not a good book I m not sure I ve ever given one star before Most of the time I can find something redeeming in a book that will bump it up to at least two stars Not so with Scandalous This book had a great Pjesme premise Guy in relationship that is a bit stale runs into old friend atarty From there I expected them to be swept away with assion with nostalgia for what might have been for old crushes to resurface But honestly it felt like Alexa was collecting another trophy and Eric was just bored and went for her because he could Then after Eric came clean with Brandon Brandon wasn t turned on so much by the idea of his lover with a woman as he was by the idea of a woman From the second Alexa was introduced to their relationship it became all about her wants and needs both on her art and on Brandon s Eric tried a couple of times to ut the Others Needs In Front needs in front his own which both Brandon and Alexa totally took advantage of for their own interestsThis continued throughout the book the characters were shallow self interested and deeper motivations were never explored Why were these guys together if they both still wanted women They weren t sold as bi they were sold as solidly gay until the woman showed up Why did Alexa get involved with a well established gay couple if she wasn t really turned on by the idea of two guys together I realize that this is otentially an inflammatory statement but she largely struck me as homophobic not sexually adventurous I don t reuire my books to have a HEA for all and I realize that menage doesn t always end up with one for all three characters But I d at least like to believe that the new two are deeply assionate about each other and even though I was annoyed at how shabbily they treated Eric I was repared to embrace Alexa and Brandon had they been at all convincing Good beginning Hot But the ending wasn t expected or liked She seems too shallow and callous and "Only After Her Own Needs " after her own needs me Didn t like her at all I read the end of this with the assumption that Er. She always got anything she wanted Playing with Fire 3 A teenage crush on her big brother's boyfriend It was one of the few times in her spoiled little sister life that Alexa had to swallow the word no She got over it or she thought she had until her brother's wedding brings Eric back into her life as flirty and fun as ever It never mattered to her that he's gay Attraction is attraction One illicit kiss and.