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To have only recently read part of the "bible who then concludes that truth is subjective "who then concludes that Truth Is Subjective is subjective and can draw close to God based on your feelings inspite of the warnings of the text this is the book for you I read this a few years ago My copy has the subtitle A Journey by Land to the Roots of Religion which I think is a better description as it was neither daring nor an adventure but it was very interesting This was the 3rd Feiler book I ve read the first two of which were outstanding Council of Dads and Walking the Bible Both of those were great I was xpecting as much from this one but nah I was disappointed with this book I ll start with the title it isn t a daring adventure I hate it when titles or subtitles inaccurately hype a book That s an indication the book lacks substance And this book lacks substance The book is less about the archeological findings and about the people who happened to be there when he visited and musings about his own faith FYI Feiler is Jewish and his faith has volved over the course of these books I m not opposed to that but he muses too much on his own personal faith in this book The book is flat I m sorry to say it is flat If you are interested in what I ll characterize as pre Abram LavantMesopotamian religion I suspect there are better books out there. StherIn Where characterize as pre Abram LavantMesopotamian religion I suspect there are better books out there. StherIn Where Was Born Feiler discovers that at the birth of Western religion all faiths drew from one another and were open to coexistence Feiler's bold realization is that the Bible argues for interfaith harmony It cannot be ceded to one side in the debate over values Feiler urges moderates to take back the Bible and use its powerful voice as a beacon of shared idealsIn his most ambitious work to date Bruce Feiler has written a brave uplifting story that stirs the deepest chords of our time Where God Was Born offers a rare universal vision of God that can inspire different faiths to an allegiance of hop. .

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We know Feiler from his best selling Abraham and Walking the Bible Feiler is a Jew from the South and sees himself as than religious but he has acuired a TASTE FOR THE HOLY LAND AND for Holy Land and his xploration there seeking not only familiarity with the physical history of the area but hoping to come to grips with a felt need for a fulfilled relationship to God and religion Bruce Feiler image from his websiteThere is much interesting trivia here What is the source of the Star of David What sort of person was David really and how much of the Goliath battle can we really believe He looks at some of the roots of the biblical tales What was Ur to later civilization The beginnings of writing for one and the ziggurat for anotherIt was very interesting his notion that Pansy Vol. 6 exile was so formative of Jewish notions He takes the view that in beingxiled Jews had to come up with a deitific notion that was not bolted to a piece of real Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods estate thus arriving at a notion of an omnipresent being a very novel concept He also points out that many who hadstablished a life in Babylon were not so ager to return when granted the opportunity to do so I was much taken with a very Interesting Section On Cyrus section on Cyrus very progressive heavy hitterI did get a bit lost however with the various cultures that hel. At a time when America debates its values and the world braces for religious war Bruce Feiler author of the New York Times bestsellers Walking the Bible and Abraham travels ten thousand miles through the heart of the Middle East Israel Ira and Iran and xamines the uestion Is religion tearing us apart or can it bring us togetherWhere God Was Born combines the adventure of a wartime chronicle the Education in a New Society excitement of an archaeological detective story and the insight of personal spiritualxploration Taking readers to biblical sites not seen by Westerners for decades Feiler's journey uncovers little known details abou. ,
D sway during diverse Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education eras I suppose Feiler the history buff loses sight of the fact that most of us are not uite so up on these things as he is I know that I felt uite ignorant indeed while reading this and Ixpect that the absence of pre formed neural pathways to ase incorporation of historical data will make it difficult to retain muchIt is a uick njoyable and ngaging read whether or not one shares Feiler s particular religious retain muchIt is a uick njoyable and ngaging read whether or not one shares Feiler s particular religious STUFFBruce Feiler s personal FB Twitter Instagram and GR pages I njoyed this book as the author visited places where the bible was actually written and the stories happened Hard to get through It feels forced after he did so well with his first book He follows a script go to a significant place droll on for pages describing what the Bible says about it Some of this isn t too bad some of it feels like filler Repeat the history of the area that you can find on Wikipedia or in any other book then tell us why it didn t really happen that way and how the Bible was made up by some guys with good intent but in spite of its fallacious information the author feels closer to the text location people or some other ureka moment If you like wishy washy cherry picking of the Bible combined with forced conclusions drawn from someone who appears. T the common roots of Judaism Christianity and Islam and affirms the importance of the Bible in today's worldIn his intimate accessible style Feiler invites readers on a never in a lifetime xperienceIsrael Feiler takes a perilous helicopter dive over Jerusalem treks through secret underground tunnels and locates the spot where David toppled GoliathIra After being airlifted into Baghdad Feiler visits the Garden of Eden and the birthplace of Abraham and makes a life threatening trip to the rivers of BabylonIran Feiler xplores the home of the Bible's first messiah and uncovers the secret burial place of ueen
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Where God Was Born A Daring Adventure Through the Bible's Greatest Stories