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Ng change to the Woodbane clan even though they re not really a clan any and haven t been or the past couple of hundred years There s a lot of discussion about how Morgan is just so powerful and special but I m not seeing it It s been stated that Morgan has a lot of raw power but she isn t all that powerful because she lack s training and knowledge I m just not buying it We ve never been explicitly shown exactly what makes Morgan so special except Sono with Visits from the Seventh for theact that she is a powerhouse DiversityWe get a brief visit Remarkable Creatures from Morgan s Aunt Eileen and her Jewish girlfriend Paula Sky and Raven seem like they could get back together but I doubt it That s about it There was only the barest mention of Alisa the only confirmed non white character with a name in Full CircleOverall Full Circleeels like another setup book The real action will take place in the next book I assume Anything that actually happened was very predictable andor was used to wrap up any loose threadsplot points rom the earlier books You could probably skip this book and not miss much seeing as how Morgan has a penchant or recapping what happened previously The best thing about this book is that it means I m almost done with this series Here is a The Sweep series was given to me by my 2nd cousin in law Weird I know She said that I would really enjoy this series because it was similar to Twilight which at the time I was going through my Twilight phase Now about three or Heroes Adrift (Hero, four years later I am still trying toinish the Series And So Is and so is roommate She Chuck and Danielle finally caught up to me and we decided to read the last two books out loud in a cemetery at nightor maximum spookiness Although these books aren t that spooky but that is beside the point Mostly I think I enjoyed this book so much because of the Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old fact that I have so many beautiful memories associated with it Inact based on that I would give it 5 STARS Tara s personal diary Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs from this book1 First trip to the cemetery complete with me being blindfolded and led aroundor 5 years and Kelly being scared because she was walking around in the dark by herself while I was blindfolded looking Gray Bishop for the perfect gravestones to sit at Tuna sandwich picnic Yum Having to use Kelly s phoneor a Puckster's First Hockey Sweater flashlight 2 The cemetery in my room complete with Kelly being blindfolded led out of the house meorgetting something and taking her back to the cemetery in my room The running water sound effect Albacore tuna sandwich picnic Yum 3Second trip to the real graveyard complete with taking an hour to ind the perfect spot again Minnieolas Attempting to smoke the barnyard lavored cigar Freezing to death The return to the *Car Only To Realize I *only to realize I my keys somewhere in the cemetery Trying to Liar find our reading spot in the dark Success Find keys Go to Wendy s Finish book Mark a book off of our goodreads challengeThis is my real life Be jealous I m almost to the end of the series With one book left I m not sure I m emotionally ready toinish this series I love it so much I love Hunter and Morgan I love their relationship and I love what they do individually as witches I need to go prepare For This Last Book It this last book It better than the previous two books in the series but it wasn t the best I never read this one before this is exciting I ll Noir finally be able to read the last book Actual rating 25This one wasn t the worst in the series but I can t say that I enjoyed it I m glad the next one is the last as they re seriously dragging now. Nspeakable evil known to witches Now the danger theyace is just as deadly But to vanuish their new Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are foe they mustirst defeat the weaknesses within themselve. ,
Lieve so it should be interesting to see how it compares to this book This book was good It had a ew surprises up its sleeve I liked that the story line was back to the average MorganHunter theme It dealt with a growing discontentment with the council which I think will continue in the last installment While I really like this series and I am STILL VERY INTERESTED TO SEE HOW very interested to see how will turn out in the various story lines I eel like Morgan and Hunter have not really developed as a couple They started out with a lot of character growth but Circumstantial Evidence for the past 3 or 4 books they have kind of been stuck in the same place I hope this changes in the next book Another thing I noticed is that a number of new characters have been introduced in the lastew books and in this book they took center stage in this book they took center stage some of the original characters like Robbie and BreeI liked reading about Hunter s dad but I kind of miss Robbie Overall this book Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers fit PlotThere are about two things going on in Full Circle neither of which seem all that important For theirst plot point someone rom Morgan s past is back to take revenge on her or something It s very drawn out with a nice chunk of text ocused on the dreams that Morgan is having The second plot point has no real relevance that I can see It s basically Hunter dealing with a potential dark witch even though he is no longer a seuel Both of these things are probably establishing something A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping for the next andinal book Night s Child So this is another setup book even though the Sweep series has already seen enough of them This is another book that you might be able to just skipWritingThe POV switches between Hunter and Morgan because Hunter has his own little thing going on Like I ve said in previous reviews there isn t a big difference in Morgan and Hunter s voices even though they are two totally different people There s such an obvious lack of showing in this series this book especially that it s not Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) funny There is no reason toall victim to the show don t tell problem when the book is in Summer Meditations first person We re constantly told how Hunter and Morganeel about things but they never give any physical indication Morgan gets scared but her skin never gets clammy her pulse doesn t race her mouth doesn t get dry etc All hunter does is clench his teeth in anger but we never hear about his heart beating God Said, Ha!: A Memoir faster or theeeling of his teeth grinding TOGETHER THIS IS A PROBLEMCHARACTERSABOUT EIGHTY PERCENT OF THE This is a problemCharactersAbout eighty percent of the characters have apparently allen of the ace of the Earth in Full Circle We hear very little about them and instead On the Right Side of a Dream focus on brand new background characters like Patrice Robin and Celia All of these new people in the second to last book but why Hunter and Morgan are as they always are just there At this point in the series I can honestly say I don t care about theate of either one of them They mean nothing to me I have ormed no attachments to them emotionally because I was never really orced to like them at all Things I LikedThere is a bit of chosen one talk in the book but Morgan doesn t seem to be the only one People like her show up every couple of centuries apparently That doesn t mean I like that aspect of it but I m glad that Morgan isn t the only person like this to exist Things I Didn t LikeOn the other hand I still can t stand chosen one characters unless the author Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II figures out a way to spin the trope on its head Morgan is supposedly this person who s supposed to bri. Ssibility of life without him And Alisa is still coping with the knowledge that she is a witch by blood Together the three worked together to defeat the most You know a series is amazing when it s been 18 years since youirst read it yet nothing has changed Loved it just as much the second time aroundForever and always one of my Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq favorites dude where s the sex Read in 2004Read in 2015Read in 2017I m actually going to upgrade my old ratingrom a 3 to a 4 But it s of a 34 36 really or a 6510 I m being generous mind you because this book wasn t terrific per se The reason being is that the book does wrap up nicely and hold true to its title ull circle This isn t the most exciting book It isn T The Most Shocking Despite What Should Be Some Shocking the most shocking despite what should be some shocking they just didn t really do the job of exciting me like other books did It isn t the best by a long shot It actually eel kind of like a winding down of the series Perhaps that s intentional It s worth reading It s interesting Just not greatSPOILERSNot a whole lot happens in this one honestly and I think that s why I originally rated it 35Basically Morgan has bad dreams It turns out it s Selene s spirit trying to come after her in a hawk body These dreams happen several times and despite the help of Bethany a very hollowly added character by the way who doesn t really get developed or talked about much she s just there Alyce Hunter etc The dreams keep happeningWe have a little subplot with Robin and Celia who susect their coven leader Patrice Pearson of dark magick They don t want the international council of witches involved Hunter and his dad work on the case Daniel creates a spell to limit a persons magic to not be able to affect anything living because Patrice WAS taking people s energy during circles and giving it to her sick boy JoshuaThis book has a very basic plot Bad dreams Seline wants to kill Morgan They battle in the air when Morgan transforms to Hawk Morgan wins Crushes the life out of SelenePatrice has her magick restricted but not strippedHunter goes back home Morgan goes to Scottland to study witchcraftThat s pretty much it restricted but not strippedHunter goes back home Morgan goes to Scottland to study witchcraftThat s pretty much it basic story Not a lot to it No where near the level of complexity of some of the other books And it ends almost on a down note with Morgan and Hunter going their separate ways after making love one time in the woods during the beltane partyOverall the book was ine I give it a generous 45 because it does wrap things up Things came ull circle with the Selene plot Really I wish you could rate books out of 10 because I can t give this a 3 But I don t eel like it deserves a 4 It s like a 6510 It s not great But it gives us a story wrapped upOF COURSE we have Night s Child to read after this which takes place in the uture But that s another review and another reading This is technically the inal book in the official Wicca Sweep series as ar as I can tell And I thought it was a really good ending The book returns to a dual narrative rom the perspectives of both Morgan and Hunter and I was happy to be back in their heads particularly at this late stage in the seriesThere was uite a lot of action in this book a lot which I wasn t expecting I liked the alternating between the slightly less serious storyline of an errant using dark magick and the storyline of Morgan and her tormenting nightmares I also really enjoyed all the mentions of the celebrations the covens were hosting or Beltane and the descriptions definitely gave me a warm I Got a New Friend fuzzyeeling insideOne book to go now the sort of standalone end to the series Night s Child This book is set 20 years or so later I be. Hunter Morgan and Alisa All three are witches and each is in turmoil Hunter The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War feels stifled by the small town world of Widow's Vale Morgan is terrified of the po.