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from him and wants the truth A lot of dark secrets are revealed Some twists and turns Not a book I sually read but I found it interesting Not my sual genre of choice but I did like the read In some ways it reads like a memoir The story of a man trying to get to the truth about his mother s disappearance with some twists and turns A predictable resolution about his mother but some not so obvious endings to other parts of the plot 400 stars rated pgI m very slowly going through all my bookshelves and trying to catalogue books bought and Read In Years Gone By in years gone by and ratings are mere guesses at this point I thoroughly enjoyed this book The details in the setting were very well done one felt like they were walking down the same streets entering the same rooms as the character The story line was compelling and hooked me from the very beginning I liked the twists and turns sually I figure out plot ickly in books of this genre but this one had just enough to keep me off balance and eagerly anticipating the next chapterA very good read well worth your time Excellent book Great writing So many surprises Mystery suspense and a tab bit of romance mixed together And above all a book Great writing So many surprises Mystery suspense and a tab bit of romance mixed together And above all a of forgiveness We made our not nusual mistake of reading the sec. Ast secrets emerge to meet present danger Along the way Nick comes face to face with the God he has always denied Sharply def. I received Out of the Shadows by Sigmund Brouwer e book for free from wwwfamilyfictioncom This is the second Brouwer book I have read and I am thinking his sual style is mystery with thinking his sual style is mystery with ton of twists and turns In this story Nick a southerner is growing Present Pasts up in hisncle s house with his awful cousin and his cute neighbor Nick s mother disapears when he is 10 Fast forward 8 years to a car wreck involving Nick Claire the cute neighbor Pennington the cousin from hell and Claire s little brother This wreck starts another turning point in Nick s life as this is when he loses his leg and Claire s brother loses his life Fast forward again 20 years and the reunion is a bit sticky Nick is out to find out what happened to his mother and why Claire is no longer in his life To start off with I found it hard to stick with the book but once it got going I was captivated It has plenty of mysteryor should I say mysteries and some information is held mysteryor should I say mysteries and some information is held till the end to keep you guessing The problem is Nick might be the most gullible man in the fictional world I was always one step ahead of him And not because of my intelligence Nick is a little slow to catch on But I still liked him He was a cool guy Nick returns to the city he was raised in but not by his mother So now he wants answers and also Set in Charleston the novel introduces Nick Barret He is drawn home by a mysterious note about the mother who abandoned him .
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Ond book of a series Nick Barret Crown Of Thorns Barret Crown Of Thorns Were So Thorns were so with the rich view of Charleston we spent our 50th anniversary there Have gone back now and read the first book of the series this one and were not disappointed Suspenseful story Makes one realize whatever you are searching for in life to find happiness doesn t always give you peace Nick was truly a victim of deceit and searched for answers and maybe revenge This author gently reveals that there is no peace without knowing Jesus Good story Life lesson not my style of writing recommended by a friend could NOT get thru it Didn t finish the book all I could think was okaycome on get to the point too much fluff This book was not easy for me to get into I almost stopped reading it several times but lacking another good book to read I plodded along right to the end It was a slow and trudging process wading through the convoluted plot The premise was implausible to me and the main character Nick Barrett was not endearing Was I supposed to feel sorry for him because he had been in a tragic accident and ended Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie up with a prosthetic leg Or perhaps because he is wrongfully blamed for that accident which also killed his new wife s brother Maybe because he was mysteriously abandoned by his mother as a child and then mistrea. Ined characters and vivid settings will engage and appeal to both men and women Remarkable storytelling withncommon intrigu.