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Ht This collection of unpublished letters and articles by Arnold Sch nberg deserves a special place in every musician and music lover s desk preferrably within grasp Okay I ve read it than three times and come back to it almost on a daily basis Five stars all the way this book could be of importance to those who think that you can t actually talk about music and art in general There s a lot to think and discuss
About Art Taste Form 
art taste form style and of course content the Idea Sch nberg dives deep into the essence of music composition theory and brings forth the eternal uestions and a reasonable amount of possible answers about the mysteries of the geniuses of the past and the fate of future forms notation techniues intellectual property rights the administration of public music education theaters and even the evolution of standard orchestral instruments All this important technical matters are furnished with a decent amount of digressions by the author in what can be called extremely personal opinions and a relentless criticism to past and present musical trends institutions composers theorists pedagogues and even to critics themselves Pure gold Essential for serious study of 20th century classical #Music I Ve Read It #I ve read it It s tough Helps to ave a music background But this is a great way into the mind of one of the top five most important music composers in the 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales history ofumankind Hilarious insightful didactic inspiring Hone your theory chops and it will elp you get through it Essential to anyone who writes or tries to write musi. Ell as studies of many other composers and reflections on art and societ. .

Shows a very deep knowledge of music istory and passionate but solid basis
For His Thoughts The 
his thoughts The of technical language can make some parts a little difficult but nothing that can make one misses the point I think I would enjoy this now that I m not using it for a course Schoenberg s ideas and philosophy were uite interesting if I remember correctly This collection of essays by Arnold Schoenberg is not exactly a fun or completely pleasurable read but it is very illuminating and very worthwhile for anyone interested in modern music Schoenberg was very intelligent and The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle had a truly impressive understanding of music and ability to conveyis analysis of various works His prose style is not always beautiful but it is always clear and expresses Mismatch his ideas well And at times especially when responding to critics Schoenberg can produce a withering sarcasm that is subtly amusingReading Style and Idea all at one go did give me the advantage of understanding what was truly important and even crucial to Schoenberg through seeing which ideas came up repeatedly across many years and many subjects He was concerned above all with the clear conveying of a musical idea He really believed thate Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance had inis twelve tone compositional techniue discovered the next logical step in the development of Western art music and that Test logiciel en pratique head thus secured the future of music Perhaps at times e seems a little too sure of its centrality He #Had Extremely Exacting And #extremely exacting and standards for music and musicians especially composers I very much admired is intellect and insig. D Idea includes Schoenberg’s writings about A Queen's Spy Plus The Tudor Heresy - Mercenary For Hire Series: Tudor Historical Fiction Novels - Adventure Fiction (Tudor Mystery Trials) himself andis music as Every tone which is added to a beginning makes the meaning that tone doubtful makes the meaning of that tone doubtful for instance G follows after C the ear may not be sure whether this expresses C major or G major or even F major or E minor and the addition of other tones may or may not clarify this problem In this manner there is produced a state of unrest of imbalance which grows throughout most of the piece and is enforced further by similar functions of the rhythm The method by which balance is restored seems to me the real #Idea Of The Composition #of the composition tool itself may fall into disuse but the idea behind it can never become obsolete And therein lies the difference between a mere style and a real idea An idea can never perishHe who really uses The Structure of Biblical Authority his brain for thinking can only be possessed of one desire to resolveis task He cannot let external conditions exert influence upon the results of is thinking Two times two is four whether one likes it or not One thinks only for the sake of one s idea And thus art can only be created for its own sake An idea is born it must be molded formulated developed elaborated carried through and pursued to its very end His music may make you think e was an exacting impossibly Confederate Waterloo harsh megalomaniac but in this wide ranging collection of writingse comes off as an inspired and uite Beyond Words: Daily Readings in the ABC's of Faith (Buechner, Frederick) hilarious philosophe In specific topics like music of Mahler and Brahms music critics andis own works Schoenberg exposes is views about function form and idea in music specially in the work of composing Schoenberg s thoughts are easy to understand but. One of the most influential collections of music ever published Style an.

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Style and Idea Selected Writings