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Inal paragraph seems to me best of all the point the essential uality of the act of reading now and always is that it tends to no foreseeable end to no conclusion Every reading prolongs another begun in some afternoon thousands of years ago and of which we know nothing every reading projects its shadow onto the following page lending it content and context In this way the story "Grows Layer After Layer Like The Skin Of The Society "layer after layer like the skin of the society history this act preserves I find it both terrifying and wonderful that I will not live long enough to finish reading everything that I want to But I on t need to books and the reading thereof will continue on Manguel fenomenal Um livro ue nos the reading thereof will continue on Manguel fenomenal Um livro ue nos A Refletir Juntamente Com O Autor Sobre refletir juntamente com o autor sobre rios temas relacionados com literatura n o apenas acerca Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic das leituras ue acompanharam e marcaram a vidao pr prio autor como tamb m uest es relacionadas edi o a rela o entre autor e revisor entre escritor e p blico etc ao livro enuanto objeto e a momentos ue marcaram a carreira liter ria African Literature 9 do pr prio Manguel Este livro perfeito para colmatar a nossa experi ncia enuanto leitores enriuecendo a com novas refer ncias e ideias sendo al misso uma obra ue nos leva a uerer prolongar a sua leitura ao m ximo Na maioria Alien Conquest das vezes sentimos ue estamos a ter uma agrad vel conversa com o autora ual n o ueremos sair t o cedoRecomendo muito aos leitores vidos ue ueiram conhecer um pouco sobre a hist ria Secrets of the TEAS® Exam Study Guide dos livroso conceito Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery de leitura e mesmoo pr prio Manguel e Conjure In African American Society da Argentina ue marcou a sua inf ncia e adolesc nciaDevo referir ainda ue no cap tulo em ue fala sobre a sua rela o com Borges o modo como oescreve simplesmente enternecedor tornando not rio o profundo afeto ue nutria pelo seu Mestre Fiuei bastante comovida A vis o apaixonada Womens Political Activism in Palestine de um leitor vido Manguel A belezaos livros a beleza Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, dos autores a belezaas est rias e hist rias a aluimia The alphas abused mate das palavras Um livro para uem gostae livros Judice to a meditation on the eath of Che Guevara; from a tour of his library to evocations of such of his favorite writers as Cortázar and Chesterton A voyage eep into the subversive heart of words Into the Looking Glass Wood is fired by the author's humanity insatiable curiosity and steadfast belief in the essential power mystery and elight of the written wor.

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characters Into the Looking Glass Wood Essays on Books Reading and the World

Into the Looking Glass Wood Essays on Books Reading and the WorldIt is beautiful It is at times funny at times sad It is a treatI read it about 15 minutes at a time before a treatI read it about 15 minutes at a time before uring a college ExamPaper writing month It was like giving my brain a stretch after a hard An Endless Lie day of exercise I will read it again Alberto Manguel is one of my favorite authors both for his ability to recognize great literature and hiseft hand at assembling anthologies In this collection of his essays he writes gracefully about some of my favorite authors including Jorge Luis Borges G "K Chesterton And Cynthia "Chesterton and Cynthia But other topics are covered in this wide ranging collection including wordplay aesthetics and personal memories of reading of these I especially enjoyed his comments on his childhood reading All the essays share a love of reading and words that is the hallmark of Manguel s work In ROMANCE (BWWM Military Romance Boxset) (African American Urban Series Short Stories Book 1) doing so they provide a guide and commentary to fine literature and life Good reading bosueo espelho mais um livro t pico e Alberto Manguel onde cruza as suas pr prias experi ncias liter rias com trec Disclaimer Alberto Manguel is probably my favourite non fiction author ergo this review will inevitably take a rather gushing tone I put off eating supper for two hours because I wanted to finish this book an anthology of his essays The book s framing evice of uotations from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass book s framing After the Tears device of uotations from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass subtly effective it reminded me of how wonderful both books are and now I want to reread them As an aside the Alice books are one of only two volumes that I have inuplicate as I love both the famous Tenniel illustrations and the beautiful set Daddy Blames Me done by Mervyn Peake Manguel s essays are universally humane beautifully composed and richly intelligent He brings together reminisces he read aloud for Borges literary criticism historical reflections and philosophical musings I was particularly moved and engrossed by section seven titled Crime and Punishment The meditations on Argentina. Alberto Manguel has enchanted hundreds of thousands of readers with his bestselling books including The Dictionary of Imaginary Places Now he has assembled a personal collection of his own essays that will enchant anyone interested in reading writing or the world Through personal stories and literary reflections in a style rich in humor and gentle scholarship Mangu. S violent horrific and unresolved political past were only painful for their lucidity In a general piece in the same section Manguel addresses theifficult issue of appreciating writers and writing when either or both are tainted by racism misogyny andor anti Semitism This is writing when either or both are tainted by racism misogyny andor anti Semitism This is very tricky subject to write about without seeming patronising insensitive or just awkward but Manguel manages it Somehow we must come to terms with the prejudice inherent in much historic literature without glossing over "the terrible oppression it represents nor refusing to read all such "terrible oppression it represents nor refusing to read all such I was especially pleased that Manguel uoted Alice Walker hereAnother section contemplates the future of reading incidentally seeming to predict the Statistical Arbitrage: Algorithmic Trading Insights and Techniques (Wiley Finance) development of kindles and iPads the book was published in 1999 Mangueliscusses and analyses the work of his favourite writers all the while conveying a visceral sense of the joy he finds in reading I ve read a little bit of Mario Vargas Llosa GK Chesterton and Cynthia Ozick so found context and interpretation of their novels fascinating On the other hand I ve not read any Richard Outram or Julio Cort zar so was intrigued to iscover them I trust Manguel S Taste And Greatly taste and greatly the way he skilfully raws uotes and references from Best African American Fiction 2010 disparate books It s lovely to travel towards new literary interests on a path of trusted favourites Other topics covered include the role of the editor theeath of Che Guevara and the nature of museums The latter I particularly enjoyed as it managed to cover such wide ground so elegantly in a mere eight pagesI could continue in this vein for a while but apart from anything else will soon run out of suitable adverbs of praise As to why Alberto Manguel is my favourite he comes closest of any writer to articulating why I so love books reading and libraries I could uote many beautiful profound and funny passages from Into the Looking Glass Wood but this from the El leads his readers to reflect on the links that bind the physical world to our language that escribes it The span of his attention in these twenty three essays is enthralling from Who Am I in which he recounts the first adventures of childhood reading to Borges in Love a memoir of the great blind writer's passions; from his first encounters with the evils of pre. .