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W been romoted as Ambassador to France Yeah that made no sense to me either and Heather still hates him She comes up with a lan to lay along as his mistress to me either and Heather still hates him She comes up with a lan to Punishing My Slutty Little Sister play along as his mistress she can save the Maruis For a virgin who hates a guy so much she sure has a lot of confidence in the magicowers of her cuca Then guess who turns out to not be dead Heather s beloved David who out to not be dead Heather s beloved David who held captive by Blood+: Russian Rose, Volume 2 pirates and now isoh forget it I don t care anyStuff happens and the story ends as these books always do HEA I guess I should apologize for spoiling this greatiece romantic literature but I won tThis book was so dull I couldn t even get excited about writing a review This just blew big giant whale chunks 1 star Treachery and Betrayal in the time of Charles IIThis is the story of Heather a girl of low birth born in the time of Cromwell and living in the time of Charles II It begins in 1650 when her mother a simple but chaste young woman is raped by some ruffians in Cromwell s army Heather the daughter she gave birth to from that horrible night became the joy of her life her only joy Ellen fled to London where no one would know of her tragedy only to fall under the coach of the Maruis de la Dunban when Heather was two Heather became the ward and servant of the maruis to be raised with his son DavidHeather grows into a beautiful young woman educated with David whom she came to love But one of David s friends Captain Nicholas Guyon lusts after Heather and decides he will have her for his mistress It seems a keyword of this story is betrayal Guyon betrays the maruis Heather is betrayed by them all and survives many tragedies and dare I say it than one rape Byer keeps you turning ages wanting to know just how it will come out But what Heather suffers in the Tower of London was I have to say it over the topAll comes out in the end because this is romance but oh my the ride is a rough one. T reckoned on falling in love with her But Heather had no intention of surrendering to the man who once had almost raped her A lusty tale of fiery assions and deadly intrigue of men at war and women in lov. T listen to the words of wisdom from this Excellent Review Of Heather And review of Heather and DNF this lifeless excuse for a bodice ripper But no like the idiot I am I kept reading on expecting something interesting to occur First one thing happens and then this happens and then this other thing happens but none of it has any zing or excitement about it In Heather by Cordelia Byers stuff occurs while characters are like marionettes being ulled by strings to the next scene Absolute sacrilege for a bodice ripper because these are the kind of books that are supposed to chock full of craziness that they madly affect the senses either by offending or delighting or titillating I was a little offended I suppose not because there was anything to upset my delicate sensibilities but because this book was so freaking boringBeautiful Heather Cromwell is brought up as a foundling by a wealthy Maruis She s treated as a art servantpart distant relative and even though it s not a rough life it s not a great one either Heather grows up loving the Maruis S Son David But son David but that her love is hopelessEnter Sir Nicholas Guyon the studly and handsome Captain of the king s guard He takes one look at Heather and becomes instantly obsessed Why Because she s bee uu tee full of course Did you expect any other reason like for her charm ersonality wit or even foot stomping spicy temper But Heather s heart is only for David she despises Nicholas becausethat s what the story demands After David is assumed dead at sea and the Maruis is arrested for treason Heather heads to London to live an exciting life in the big city But Heather s so dumb she gets conned and robbed and ends up in a whorehouse as a Madame s specialty Of course because Heather is so bee uu tee full she s not The Taste of Her Blood (A Lesbian Vampire Tale) pimped out right away as the Madame haslans to sell her the highest bidder Guess who that happens to be Nicholas has no. One night and sold to a fancy brothel Captain Nicholas Guyon David's friend who had long lusted after Heather rescued her from that notorious alace of leasure He lanned to make her his mistress He had no. ,
Heather was not to know who her father was because of the brutality of war and the lust of soldiersJust to make one thing clear from age one this *heroine is not one of those well born misses who got separated from their arents and raised by the *is not one of those well born misses who got separated from their arents and raised by the class That said she does end up arou Wow This is bad I ve read some terrible rippers in my lifetime but man I can t even find an appropriate gif to summarize my reaction It s the Birdemic of romance almost too ainful for words yet each new scene brings a fresh bout of giggles to whoever is brave enough to attempt the experienceAnd yes those eople really are waving hangers at CGI birds that appear TO BE RIPPED FROM A 1985 be ripped from a 1985 game If you ve never seen Birdemic download the Rifftrax version lace a soft cushion beneath your chin it s jaw droppingly hilarious terribleAnywayI could ramble about the flat characters hammy dialogue sugar sweet cliches slap dash action that allows no chance for building suspense or even interest in the outcome because WHY THE HELL DO I CARE Adverbs are flapping in the breeze like toilet aper on a ine tree yet they Corazones solitarios pale in comparison to the LOL worthy antics of these inconstant dunderheads as theying Napříč nekonečnem pong from one emotion to another Heather might read like National Lampoon but it s utterly sincere in its overwrought underwritten cheese that swirls about the ankles of a cardboard cast Fire fed by the fuel of desire surged through their bodies Gently laying Heather down in the soft clover David started to remove her clothing Her milky white breasts were exposed to theale moonlight he kissed each tenderly Raising on one elbow he stared at her loveliness absorbing every inch of her But as his gaze traveled to her eyes which sparkled in reflected moonbeams he thought Oh God I can tMe neither dude Me neither Found my list of reading from high school Why oh why did I no. HEATHER She was a golden haired beauty who'd never known her arents Brought up as a foundling with David the son of a maruis she learned the manners of a lady All of which helped her when she was captured. .