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Ind out xactly where Hilary went who is leaving mysterious clues if a new software program is what it s cracked up to be and why xactly a grown MAN WOULD REFER TO HIMSELF AS would refer to himself as IgsterRachel doesn t have her whole posse with her this time which is a little disappointing as the women s friendship is one of the best parts of this series but keep disappointing as the women s friendship is one of the best parts of this series but keep cast down did allow the story to be a little focused While I have always remained partial to Sturman s first book in the Rachel Benjamin series THE PACT I have to regretfully admit that I now have a new favorite in this ngaging series THE HUNT Not only was this installment filled with unexpected twists and turns not only in the whodunit but also in Rachel and Peter s relationship but it was also laugh out loud funnyIn the THE HUNT Rachel finds herself not so successfully in her opinion trying to fit in with her super normal in laws to be when her best friend Hillary seems to be abducted by a billionaire who does not want some sketchy information leaked just days before his company is supposed to go public And journalist Hillary has collected all sorts of nasty tid bits about this billionaire and his company and is all set to write her article when she disappears Now it is up to Rachel and his company and is all set to write her article when she disappears Now it is up to Rachel Company to find Hillary thwart the company s ndeavors to go public all the while trying to impress her soon to be in laws Stir all of these ingredients together and you have one hilarious concoctionIf you have njoyed the rest of the series get ready to njoy the best. Oss San Francisco dangling Hilary as the prizeNow Rachel has to track down her friend which would be nough of a challenge if she weren't already busy proving how normal she is to her future in laws And when Rachel stumbles upon secrets all Peter's own she wonders if maybe she declared victory over her neuroses too soon. ,
Love these Rachel Benjamin mystery chick lit Not much depth there but a good fun read nonetheless Entertaining chick lit mystery Part of a series but there is nough info about Rachel Benjamin and her long time friendsformer college roommates for the story to stand alone Predictable plot and weak character development It s a good plane book I didn t realize this was plot and weak character development It s a good plane book I didn t realize this was in a series I will now have to go back and read the previous ones I LOVED LOVED LOVED the characters in this book I love the way is was written It was funny it was a thrillersuspenseful and you think you know who is doing what but you don t Another Rachel Benjamin mystery The plot centered around a security software s IPO and it read a little like the movie Anti trust However it was an overall good fast paced read

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on par the other Rachel Benjamin books I got this book yesterday and I loved it Watching Rachel her fiance and their friends try to peice together clues to find someone was great Jennifer Sturman hasn t lost her touch where writing these characters or her stories are concerned I waited for a year for this book to come out and it was worth the wait I wish it had been longer though I noticed out of all of Ms Sturman s books this was the shortest and the thinnest I njoyed this book for the fun characters and the strange story lines and plot twists It was a gun mystery an ngaging read But I have to say that there were times where I was somewhat distracted by the rapid fire back n forth dialogue between the main Meeting the in laws was the least of her problemsThere's nothing like being the guest of honor at an ngagement party to remind a person she has commitment issues but Rachel Benjamin has finally put her neuroses behind her A weekend with her fiance Peter and his parents will put her skills to the test but she's confiden.

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Haracter and her friend Louisa I would get a little lost sometimes on who was saying what and have to back track to determine who had started it off in order to know who said what Perhaps if would be better if some small snipets of action some description of movement or physical reactions or something was to be inserted throughout or something was to be inserted throughout bouts of banter This only happend twice though so overall it was a good book As i was reading this book the only things that were going through my mind was the amazement of true friendship It was touching that someone would go to the xtent of risking their own life to find and help a friend This day and ange all people hear and talk about is this person back stabbing another or one person betraying another it s hard to find a true friend these days Especially someeone who is willing to stick with you through your thick and thin Anita and i have been friends since the day we were born The relationship between the both of our families go back to our grandparent s generation We have been going to the same school sin The fourth in a chick lit mystery series this isn t the best ntry but still amusing This one finds Rachel on the west coast in San Francisco for an ngagement party being thrown by the parents of her husband to be Peter She s determined to be normal for her future in laws but when her friend Hilary disappears after the party leaving a freshly dumped boyfriend and a text message SOS that idea goes out the windowThe next couple of days are spent trying to T they'll never guess how new she is to normal relationshipsThen Rachel receives a cryptic message her friend Hilary is missing Hilary was last seen in the company of Igor Iggie Behrenz a budding internet tycoon with strange fashion sense and ven stranger secrets Someone is orchestrating an laborate scavenger hunt acr. The Hunt Rachel Benjamin #4