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"25 StarsUltimately A Disappointing Read "
StarsUltimately a disappointing read I first started it it seemed as though it was going to be similar in style to the Charlie Chan mystery series by author Earl Derr Biggers who became one of my favorite new authors in 2011 Initially Dr Gideon Fell shared character traits with Inspector Chan rotundity humor and keen insight into the mystery at hand The book also followed a similar path to the Chan series a keen insight into the mystery at hand The book also followed a similar path to the Chan series a male sidekick helps the canny detective solve what appears to be an unsolvable murder and ultimately wins a girl in the process Add to this combination a mystery redolent to Arthur Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes The Musgrave Ritual with it s cryptic family doggerel hidden treasure and sinister murderer in plain sight and ou re set for a highly atmospheric and entertaining whodunnit from the Golden AgeOnly it wasn tOh the story had it s moments and Carr does have a knack for delivering some shivery creepy visuals But in the end the mind bending logistics of how the murder was committed and the flat abrupt and unsatisfying ending overshadowed any previous enjoyment I had reading the storyI will still try another Carr mystery because I enjoy Golden Age mysteries and Carr s writing is good This one could be a one off for my personal taste Hag s Nook was written in 1933 and is set in the rural village of Chatterham England They use oil lamps in Chatterham which was ironic because I was using a little booklight to read due to a lengthy power outage Trust me if ou like to read on Dark Nights Without Power And nights without power and ourself a bit this book is not a bad choiceJohn Dickson Carr is a very clever author in the tradition of Agatha Christie and Ellery ueen but with generous dollops of gothic suspense The story centers around the abandoned Chatterham Prison governed for generations by the Starberth family Family tradition demands that the eldest Starberth men spend an hour alone in the Governor s Room on their twenty fifth birthdaya room overlooking the Hag s Nook near which many Starberths have met their deathsEnter series character Gideon Fell a lexicographer whose study windows look out at the prison Fell is an engaging character middle aged gruff and with a fondness for a good drink We meet his wife visit his cozy home and get an idea of life in Chatterham We also witness a seemingly unexplainable deaththat Dr Fell sets out to explain with the help of a visiting American and members of the villageThis is a very entertaining novel with appealing layered characters challenges for the reader including a cryptogram and an overarching sense of the macabre The true test of suspense is what Universals: An Opinionated Introduction (Focus Series) you remember days and weeks later and the scenes at the Hag s Nook and the journals of Anthony Starberth are still in my memory because of Carr s evocative writingI look forward to adventuring with Dr Fell again soon Was pumped up to find that I finally was reading the first of the Gideon Fell mysteries This one was really fun as it had an air of haunting all about it And that styling of a story steeped in ghost tale made the reading a bit colorful and fun Aoung American on a trip to Europe comes to stay with Gideon Fell and ends up getting pulled into a murder mystery right away It takes a while to peel back the layers of history and supernatural associations to realize what has led to the murder and who the murderer is and this is done wellThere is also a lot of action mucking about a swampy well where convicts bodies were dropped into after they were hanged walking about the prison and seeing huge rats and Iron Maiden s etcAnd of course there is a Turtle Talk: A Beginner's Book of Logo young lady for theoung American to fall in love with as well We get a glimpse of Fell s home life too which is nice A fun lively story perfect length for uick summer reading. Eadily agrees when Fell and the local reverend Thomas Saunders ask him to accompany them as they watch and wait for badly frightened Martin Starberth to complete 'his hour' in the prison Martin has every reason to be afraid; than one Starberth heir has met an untimely end Will his turn come tonig. .

E to start It may be a bit off putting to some readers because of the language usage in places but otherwise it will definitely keep Kiu you interested and absorbed Dr Gideon Fell is a lexicographer steeped in the history and traditions of England and seemingly just about everything else Fell enjoys sharing his knowledge with others but is also a good listener and observer of people traits that enable him to increase his knowledge bankIn this the first of the Dr Gideon Fell titles Fell becomes embroiled in a locked room murder of a member of the Starberth family This only adds to Fell s suspicions about an earlier family death one he has posited was murder rather than accidentalFell is aided in his uest by aoung American lad who has come to visit Chatterham and the FellsThere is plenty of atmosphere here The reader gets to know the American lad uite well while Fell is described and drives much of the action of the story he is less fully fleshed out Hag s Nook Hag s Nook by John Carr 50 out of 5 stars come closer dear readera mystery awaits September 7 2013 This review is from Hag s Nook Hag s Nook the introduction to Dr Gideon Fell master of the locked room mysteriesJohn Dickson Carr AKA Carter is an author any reader or writer of mysteries should be respectfully aware of Carr s books on Dr Gideon Fell were written during the golden age of mysteries 1930 s 60 s and have stood the test of timeThis masterfully written story centers on a legend or a curse against the Starberth family of Chatterham and their ghastly involvement in the hangings at that prison It all started back in 1797 when Anthony Starberth was Governor of Chatterham Prison followed by his descendent Martin Starberth in 1821 They instituted these merciless Hangings Without Remorse Which According without remorse which according legend brought a curse on the Starberth family However the legend actually begins with the untimely death of Timothy Starberth in a most unsettling mannerThis book is so legend actually begins with the untimely death of Timothy Starberth in a most unsettling mannerThis book is so detailed that You deserve this: Simple Natural Recipes For A Healthy Lifestyle: Bowl Cookbook you can walk along the road from Dr Fell s home to the prison and almost envision the dampness on the way from the rain that fell the previous night I read a few chapters at a time and rested but not from revisiting the story in my mind and the elouence of Carr s writingDr Gideon Fell seems a most unlikely of sleuths but then we come to understand his steadfastness in allowing nothing to go unnoticedI highly recommend this marvelous story and this author If I could give it than 5 stars it would be 10 This is the first Dr Gideon Fell mystery first published in 1933 and recently released on kindle in the UK As a lover of Golden Age crime this novel has been on my radar for a while and the kindle release pushed me to finally get around to reading it Tad Rampole is an American who meets the lovely Dorothy Starberth on a station platform and is befriended by Gideon Fell on the train Invited to stay with Fell he finds himself embroiled in the local tale of Chatterham Prison now abandoned built around the Hags Nook where witches were once hung Generations of the Starberth family were prison wardens and Dorothy s brother Martin has to fulfil a family duty to spend an hour in the spooky Governor s room open the safe and discover what is inside This is because the land the prison is built on is held in entail by the eldest son and cannot be sold In order to fulfil the legal obligations the shaken Martin has to enter the room and take his chance of not ending up like other members of his family and die of a broken neckFamily curses a spooky setting and a love interest so beloved in Golden Age mysteries makes this an entertaining novel While the Chief Constable Sir Benjamin Arnold is supposed to be investigating the murder that of course unfolds it is Dr Fell who sets out to uncover the murderer The next book in the series is the delightfully named The Mad. G's Nook The prison's land belongs to the Starberth family whose eldest sons must each spend an hour in the prison's eerie Governor's Room to inherit the family fortuneRampole is especially interested in the family having met theoung and beautiful Dorothy Starberth on the train from London He

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This was a really nicely written mystery involving an old family ritual handed down for generations I loved the writing style which was freuently humorous but also at times downright chilling One scene left me tempted to leave the lights on LOL The descriptions of people and places were also really well done I loved the writing style The emphasis is on the mystery than on the characters which is OK as the mystery is uite a strange and puzzling one However all the clues are there for readers to follow and although I didn t figure everything out I enjoyed trying to do so Well this had me up until 3 am one night and 6 am another Actually I couldn t put it down because I was too spooked by itThe Starberths became governors what we would call wardens of a prison because they owned the land the prison was built on They weren t nice wardens either Took joy in the hangings they did Then they all seemed to die of broken necks just like their chargesThis is the first Dr Fell book We also meet briefly Mrs Fell In addition we meet Politieke geschiedenis van België sinds 1830 young Rampole aoung American who will be either studying or working forwith Dr Fell He does figure prominently in the other Dr Fell books that I have read The great man needs a foil I m not sure if the policeman Sir Basil transfers to the other books or if he stays in Chatterham Prior to coming to Chatterham Rampole falls for a comely oung miss only to find out later that she is also coming to Chatterham but Dorothy will be accompanying her brother Martin He is due to take part in the ritual for the male heir on turning 25 He is afraid and thus is perhaps overimbibing We don t learn too much about cousin Herbert except that he is a bit of a dullardThe ritual reuires that the male heir enter the now deserted prison except for rats and spend an hour in the Governor s Room opening a safe and reading some documents Sounds simple enough Realizing how scared Martin is Dr Fell and the rector agree to keep scared Martin is Dr Fell and the rector agree to keep from Yew Cottage Martin will have a lamp with him and they ll be able to see that nothing happens Or will theyJohn Dickson Carr is the master of the locked room mystery He may even have created it I don t know But he is very good at them The Detection Club British mystery writers named him a Master not something any other Americans had achieved Ah those were the days a golden age when the inadeuacies of the British police were so universally acknowledged that a violent crime involving anyone of social standing had to be investigated by the Chief Constable personally Ably assisted of course by an eccentric retired academic the local The first in Carr s series featuring Dr Gideon Fell Hag s Nook centers on the Starberth family who have owned and operated a prison for centuries The property is entailed meaning that the oldest son will officially inherit but first he must go through a rather bizarre ritual It is at the time of such a ritual when the story begins The heir is one Martin Starberth who is somewhat apprehensive there is a curse upon the family and the Starberths have traditionally been found dead at the Hag s Nook the site of the old gallows where they used to hang witches with their necks broken Try as they might Fell oung Dorothy Starberth and an American visitor of Fell s cannot prevent the latest in a series of tragedies The solving of the case is ingenious I must admit to being surprised at the end In fact that s the best part of this book the unraveling of an ingenious criminal Considering that this was written in 1933 there is still enough between the covers to keep mystery lovers reading great atmosphere a tinge of the supernatural a good mystery complete with red herrings and above all a good detective with uncanny reasoning and observational powers If L'enfant la sophrologie you re into Golden Age mysteries or ifou want to try Bac courrier des concours des institutions europennes : Une mthodologie et un exercice avec corrig your hand at Carr s work this would be a fine plac. In his detecting debut larger than life lexicographer Dr Gideon Fell is entertainingoung American college graduate Tad Rampole at Yew Cottage Fell's charming home in the English countryside Within sight of his study window is the ruin of Chatterham Prison perched high on a precipice known as Ha. Hag's Nook