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The Thirteen Gun SaluteAll I can sigh is I love these stories Patrick O Brian may well be the most brilliant man to ever put pen to page This installment easily bears p to its predecessors with its subtle humor nuanced characters and balanced pacing Can t wait for the next one for him Truth was what he could make others believe Patrick O Brian Thirteen Gun Salute What I meant was that if he could induce others to believe what he said then for him the statement acuired some degree of truth a reflection of their belief that it was true and this reflected truth might grow stronger with time and repetition Don't Go Shopping for Hair Care Products Without Me: Over 2,000 Brand Name Products Reviewed Plus the Latest Hair Care Information until it became conviction indistinguishable from ordinary factual truth or very nearly so The Thriteen Gun Salute 188Certain O Brian novels just make me want to soak in them I slow down while reading just to float on the prose There is a poetry to his descriptions of sailing the natural world and music Thirteen books in I wonder if this was purposeful O Brian continues to paint and sketch and detail on his two protagonists I now consider Captain Aubrey and Dr Maturin to be perhaps two of the greatest characters ever O Brianses these two men as archetypes of masculinity I ve covered this before But each book allows him to shade nuance deeper The thirteenth instalment of the Aubrey and Maturin chronicles is as delightful and compelling as the rest of this matchless series The pair are sent on an Sweet Potato Pie urgent global mission introduced to annoying new people and charming new animals menaced by forces meteorological and human yet their steadfast friendship remains the heart and soul of the narrative There is so much to appreciate in O Brian s elegant witty and endlessly humane writing At the start he sets the scene for the reader who read the last in the series a while back while subtly introducing the plot The customary verbal misunderstandings punctured pomposities and personal eccentricities are all present and correct yet O Brian makes them fresh and delightful every time Reading an AubreyMaturin novel always makes me laugh hold my breath at moments of tension andite forget that I m not sailing the high seas in the early 19th century One of my favourite exchanges sums Braving the Elements (Darkness, up the central relationship very welluite early in the morning Captain Aubrey stood tall and shadowy by Stephen s cot Are you awake he asked in a soft voice I am not said Stephen We are going ashore in the new pinnace and I thought you might like to come too There may be a whole colony of nondescript boobies So there may how truly kind I shall be with you in a minute Of especial noteview spoiler Jack mishearing the name Fuggers complaints about bankers Stephen replacing his laudanum habit with chewing coca leaves Jack s snoring the Lisbon pilot s sales pitch Killick s perpetually grumpy remarks Jack and Stephen choosing taffeta together for their wives spleens the low ceilinged cutter captained by one of the tallest officers in the Navy Jack sniform being too big the voluble patient that tired Stephen young Philip s attempt at running away to sea Jack carefully editing his adventures so that Sophie doesn t worry the The Haunted House and Other Spooky Poems and Tales unfortunate cuttlefish plagiarism amongst the youths a troop of grampuses Stephen prescribing placebos the arrival in Java the three officials whose company is a trial cannon fireworks Stephen s magical field tripp the steps an encounter with rhinos spy machinations the purser warning Stephen about the brothel Jack s amusement at Stephen staying in a brothel Fox s failed babysitting Stephen wearing scarlet doctoral robes Jack s remarks Medical Marijuana upon Ganymede the importance of coffee Stephen being mistaken for an orangtan Jack and Stephen always missing one another whenever seperated for a very short time What a rattle you are to be sure Stephen hating to be woken A Walk Across France up early the villain of the piece being dissected Jack and Stephen ducking out of annseemly dinner party the mizzen topgallant staysail that Stephen likens to a tablecloth Jack calling Stephen Dr Humorous Droll the boat s crew responding to Stephen s clueless remark about #It The Royal Salute A Sudden Very Dramatic Storm What #the royal salute a sudden very dramatic storm What that A landslide my dear and the *dramatic conclusion marooned hide spoiler Now that Aubrey is restored to the *conclusion marooned hide spoiler Now that Aubrey is restored to the s Navy once he s off on another mission this time to Malaysia His particular friend DrStephen Maturin is along to spy on the French s forces in Malaysia view spoilerThe diplomatic mission goes well not least because Maturin disgraces and then kills the leading French diplomats This plot line is one of those masterful strokes that O Brian is so excellent at For the first half of the book Maturin and Fox often practice their long distance shooting as part of a friendly competition Later Maturin befriends an anatomist and has amusingly detached conversations with him Maturin stays in a brothel and watches the French All of these minor little background moments come together in one stunning scene when Maturin turns Nicademus up on the anatomist s doorstop with annnamed body with a precise bullet hole and they dispassionately dissect it It s stunning and cold On the way home the ship is wrecked on Gone til November uncharted reefs and the crew is stranded on a small island hide spoiler Out of all of O Brian s AubreyMaturin seriesp to this point The Thirtheen Gun Salute gets further away from the sea battles and life aboard ship to really delve into the interior of a new and exciting frontier in the eyes of the characters as set in a pre Planet Earth world and paints a not always pretty picture of diplomacy in the Far East as it was some 200 years ago O Brian describes Maturin s romp into the countryside In Such Flowing And such flowing and detail that it reads as vividly as watching any of those fancy nature programs David Attenborough makesThere are no naval battles in this the thirteenth episode of the saga I mention it because that is such a big draw for many who read these kinds of books However this is Patrick O Brian we re talking about so all the rest that makes p this book is well worth the reading because the reading makes you feel as if you re living it You get the sense of an early 19th century voyage around the globe You feel the tension of a diplomatic mission that may sway the war one way or another in this part of the world You climb the 1000 steps to the ancient Buddhist temple where it shouldn t be on an island in Muslim Malaysia and there you connect on a personal level with an orangutan It s all amazingly detailed But action No this one s not filled with action That being said our courageous hero Captain Aubrey is still busy He has a ship to run while contending with an envoy whose inflating sense of self may threaten everything Intelligence agent naturalist and ship s surgeon Dr Maturin takes center stage for much of The Thirteen Gun Salute It is a part of his character arc that culminates in a satisfactory if somewhat devious finish of a storyline that has been going on and on for book after previous book This is a gorgeous and subtle piece of fiction that can. Rcefulness is a sure warrant that things will not turn out as his readers or his characters expect Twists and turns sub plots echoes from the past these are the only certainties in this astonishing roman fleuve Distant waters exotic. ,

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Glad I bought the next two because this doesn t end at the end Scads of good fun as always Probably the most memorable part of this adventure was Stephen s trip to the Buddhist temple where men and beasts live together in harmony and Stephen basically gets to have the on shore naturalizing experience he is repeatedly denied while sailing with Jack Too good Also enemy dissectionWords Notesp 29 As sual Stephen is at the cutting edge of medical technology stocking plaster of Paris for healing broken limbs in the oriental manner much favoured now by Dr Maturin Wikipedia has an extensive article on orthopedic casts and traces their origin in Western medicine to observations made in Turkey around 1800popliteal adj referring to the back of the knee p 40plansheer n possibly the same as plancer the Fortinbras at the Fishhouses underside of a cornice p 61spirketting n I think this is the wooden lining around a port p 61roborative adj restorative giving strength p 63sillery n Sillery is a region in France known for its wine p 87 Bears I have borne sir and badgers said Mrs Broad her arms folded over a formal black silk dress It was only a very small bear said Stephen and long ago p 112chilblains nlceration of the extremities due to cold and humidity p 149a true Job s muffler This verbal gaff of Jack s was completely lost on me Apparently Job s comforter is a phrase So much at p 156Oh man this passage from p 162 is way too good not to recount in full Jack is interviewing one of his midshipmen on his historical knowledge What do you know about the last American war Not very much sir except that the French and Spaniards joined in and were finely served out for doing so Very true Do you know how it began Yes sir It was about tea which they did not choose to pay duty on They called out No reproduction without copulation and tossed it into Boston harbour Jack frowned considered and said Well in any event they accomplished little or nothing at sea that bout He passed on to the necessary allowance for dip and refraction to be made in working lunars matters with which he was deeply familiar but as he tuned his fiddle that evening he said Stephen what was the Americans cry in 1775 No representation no taxation Nothing about copulation Nothing at all At that period the mass of Americans were in favour of copulation So it could not have been No reproduction without copulation Why my dear that is the old natural philosopher s watchword as old as Aristotle and A Way Youll Never Be uite erroneous Do but consider how the hydra and her kind multiply without any sexual commerce of any sort Leeuenhoek proved it long ago but still the obstinate repeat the cry like so many parrots Well be damned to taxation in any case Shall we attack the andante murrain n infectious disease among cattle and sheep p 163p 189 describes a form of corporal punishment in Pulo Prabang in which a bag partially filled with pepper is placed over the criminal s head and the victim s family then beats him with sticks A cursory search turnedp no supporting evidence sadlybabirussa n presumably Babyrousa babyrousa a kind of wild pig native to Indonesia p 200colophony n another name for rosin p 211 kedgeree n a semi horrifying mixture of fish rice eggs curry parsely and curry powder eaten by who else Britons For breakfast It actually doesn t sound that bad as dinner but not first thing in the morning thanks p 216past mark of mouth apparently means old and has some euine origin but what the actual mark might be I m not sure Any euestrians out there p 233subjacent adj below p 262frowsty adj stale musty p 263crapulous adj irritable from having eaten or drunk too much p 263colcannon n Irish dish of mashed spuds and cabbage or kale Maybe I ll make some this week p 270pugil n same as a pinch as in the antity p 275garstrakes n first planks of wood #ADJACENT TO THE OF THE SHIP P 275COMMINATORY #to the keel of the ship p 275comminatory warning or punishing p 288castramentation n possibly a misspelling of castrametation so aptly defined by Jack himself as the learned word for setting p tents and so on p 307and music shall Present Pasts untune the sky This beautiful excerpt is from Dryden s Song for St Cecilia s Day the full text of which and an interesting description can be found at Harpers 35 starsIn this volume a number of significant changes occur in the lives of our two heroes some of them behind the scenes as with Stephen s discovery that Diana is pregnant with his child that he assumes will be a daughter as well as the fact that poor Padeen now addicted to laudanum has been convicted of theft and battery and was thus transported to the penal colony in Australia Others makep a direct part of the plot the most important of which is likely the fact that Aubrey is restored to the Navy List primarily so that he and Maturin can Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie undertake a mission to transport an envoy to the sultanate of Pulo Prabang in the South China Sea In order to avoid some political complications the Surprisender the command of Tom Pullings is sent on to Aubrey s previous mission to safeguard British interests in South America while Jack and Stephen are put on board Aubrey s new command the HMS Diane which had been captured by Aubrey from the French in the previous volume The Envoy to the Sultan of Pulo Prabang Edward Fox proves to be an initially affable character though both Aubrey and Maturin sense something not The Possible Police uite right about him Upon arriving at the tropical paradise of Pulo Prabang Stephen becomes enmeshed in the local political and intelligence arenas as the British detachment attempts to outmaneuver their French counterparts who hope tose the alliance to disrupt British trading in the area Another surprise appears when it is discovered that the British traitors Ledward and Wray who had been responsible for Aubrey s downfall are part of the French delegation Shenanigans ensue and complications arise as Maturin discovers an influential lever in the Sultan s court nder the sway of the French and the truth behind his initial fears regarding Fox s stability and dependability become and apparentAt long last however Stephen is given something of a reprieve at Least As Far As as far as inclinations as a naturalist go when he is afforded the opportunity to spend an extended period studying the flora and fauna of the island s holy valley of Kumai a protected enclave in the crater of a volcano Added to this is the opportunity to perform several human dissections with a famous Dutch colleague who also appears to combine the trades of natural philosopher with intelligence agent that proves to resolve several problems in one fell swoopThe homeward journey is a tense one for Stephen and Jack Hoping to be able to make a rendezvous with the Surprise they are consistently forced to deal with a now insupportably pompous Fox who expects all of his orders to be nuestioningly obeyed Add to this a typhoon that leaves them stranded on an island in ncharted seas and we once again end with one of O Brian s trademark cliffhangers After than a year s hiatus from my favorite maritime series. The Thirteen Gun Salute opens with Jack Aubrey reinstated to his command and sailing on a secret mission with a hand picked crew most of them shipmates from the adventures and lucrative voyages of earlier yearsPatrick O'Brian's resou. .
Be enjoyed by fans beyond the actionadventure genre that one would assume it is If you re new to the series perhaps don t start with this book but otherwise this is highly recommendedMy review of book 12 The Letter of Marue My review of book 14 The Nutmeg of Consolation 910 Bonden said Jack Aubrey to his coxswain tell the Doctor that if he is at leisure there is something to be seen on deck The Doctor was at lei At some point O Brian decided this series would go on indefinitely The structure of some of the books then became odd There are some that don t end they just stop There s an obvious on going nresolved plot but tough luck you re gonna hafta wait for the next volume to get a resolution This is one of them It ends with a cliff hanger which some don t and for some reason it s easier to handle then when a book just stops apparently arbitrarilySo thirteen books in and it s getting harder to find non repetitive things for Aubrey and Maturin to do with each volume yet O Brian pulls it off again Making Maturin not just a physician but an intelligence officer was a stroke of genius in this regard It offers a much greater range of possible and plausible adventures than regular Royal Navy work couldand so we are off to the Pacific on a diplomatic mission with clandestine additional motivations The best most delightful part of this volume is an almost complete aside from the main plot however Maturin indulges his interest in natural history by visiting a volcanic island where Orangutans aboundBack to the cliff hanger I have not had so Death on Milestone Buttress urgent a desire to read the next in this series since probably somewhere in the first five volumes I think I overdosed for a while and I also think theality varies somewhat between volumes in this series but this one is the best since the tenth at least The thirteenth of 20 in this marvellous series The GR blurb explains the plot and a review from Wikipedia about the towering achievement of the book and the series follows after Read one and you should be hookedGR In length the series is A Dark and Stormy Knight (Victorian Rebels, uniue inality and there is not a weak link in the chain it cannot but be ranked with the best of twentieth century historical novels T J Binyon IndependentCaptain Jack Aubrey sets sail for the South China Sea with a new lease on life Following his dismissal from the Royal Navy a false accusation he has earned reinstatement through his daring exploits as a privateer brilliantly chronicled in The Letter of Marue Now he is to shepherd Stephen Maturin his friend ship s surgeon and sometimes intelligence agent on a diplomatic mission to prevent links between Bonaparte and the Malay princes which would put English merchant shipping at riskThe journey of the Diane encompasses a great and satisfying diversity of adventures Maturin climbs the Thousand Steps of the sacred crater of the orangutans a killer typhoon catches Aubrey and his crew trying to work the Diane off a reef and in the barbaric court of Pulo Prabang a classic duel of intelligence agents Who Killed Mohtta unfolds the French envoys well entrenched in the Sultan s good graces against the savage cunning of Stephen MaturinFrom Wiki Theneven pace of re issues in the US is noted by Kirkus Reviews who listed this thirteenth novel in the Aubrey Maturin series after their own reviews of two books much earlier in the series HMS Surprise and The Mauritius Command third and fourth in the series respectively Dr Stephen Maturin is described as an intellectual counterpoint to Jack s physical presence2 After a nod to the story they conclude that the #ultimate appeal of AubreyMaturin adventures lies in O Brian s #appeal of the AubreyMaturin adventures lies in O Brian s fashioned prose the wonderfully complex sentences that capture the feel of the sea and the culture of the great warships all the while sketching with apparent accuracy and truth the early 19th century world2Publishers Weekly notes that Aubrey is once again a captain in the Royal Navy and even a rotten borough MP4 Maturin s stay in the valley where he blissfully encounters and studies a variety of tame exotic beasts is called charming4 They mention that the author s writing style has been compared to that of Jane Austen and praise the wit of guests at the dinners in country house London ship s mess sultan s palace Buddhist monastery4Thomas Flanagan writing in the New York Times Books was pleased to have discovered the series of novels by virtue of an essay by Richard Snow who roundly and with polemical extravagance declared them to be the best historical novels ever written Not The Last Days of Jesus uite perhaps adding that delayed appreciation of the series of novels is not exclusively American The British critic Peter Wishart has described the neglect of Patrick O Brian as a literary wonder of the age as baffling as the Inca inability to invent the wheel Why all the fuss3 The writing style structure and plot are remarked favorably including many incidents of The Thirteen Gun Salute The novels display a dazzling receptiveness to language annderstanding of period speech so entire that it never needs to preen itself although here and there it does There is a recklessness with plot that is intentionally subversive of the genre Climactic scenes are deliberately thrown away revealed in casual conversation The narrative pauses to digress on orangutans in Borneo the cuisine of Portugal a Mozart artet The twists of plot are swift drastic on occasion comic on occasion grotesue in this novel Maturin s way of dealing with two English traitors at the Malay court of Pulo Prabang draws casually and lethally on his knowledge of zoology and his skill as an anatomist3 Flanagan concludes that It is a pleasure to read a contemporary historical novel written not by machine but by hand3Regarding the re issue of the entire series after publisher W W Norton became interested for the US market Richard Snow wrote in 1991 that he had read the novels from Master and Commander to Desolation Island from American publishers twenty years earlier O Brian s portrayal of life aboard a sailing ship is vivid and authoritative and O Brian presented the lost arcana of that hard pressed cruel courageous world with an immediacy that makes its workings both comprehensible and fascinating1 He noted too that behind the humor behind the storms and the broadside duels loomed something larger the shape and texture of a whole era1 As strong as the historical detail was Snow remarked that in the end it is the serious exploration of human character that gives the books their greatest power and he also referred to The Poetry Of The Writing Saying That O Brian Manages poetry of the writing saying that O Brian manages express with the grace and economy of poetry familiar things that somehow never get written down as when he carefully details the rueful steps by which Stephen Maturin falls out of love1 At this time of the re issues of the novels by W W Norton in the US Snow recommended that a reader start with the first and keep reading to the last one then You will have read what I continue to believe are the best historical novels ever written1. Scenes flora and fauna to satisfy Aubrey's old friend Stephen Maturin's innocent curiosity as well as scope for his cloak and dagger work enrich its flow The ending of the book leaves the reader than sually impatient for its success. ,