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The word that his opponent in an Illinois legislative race Abraham Lincoln Was An Infidel On an infidel on physically wrestled infidels and Baptists corsarios luteranos Lutheran Pirates Huguenots who raided Spanish colonial Florida Verrazano watched natives eat his brother during the annual Pope Day at Newport and Boston crowds burned the pope in effigy In Boston North End and South End ruffians took the day off and spent it trying to capture a papal effigy from each other a brawl and a jovial supper always followed But in 1774 because Boston was too explosive to allow for factionalism sober people devised a Union Pope For one day at least the two rival neighborhoods united against a Parliament they somehow linked with Catholicism John Adams was terrified of Catholics and his cousin Samuel even so to the point of like modern right wing paranoia that Catholics were hiding everywherewhat s not here Really anything AT ALL ABOUT SMALLER RELIGIOUS MINORITIES WHICH MAKES SENSE all about smaller religious minorities which makes sense of scope of the book but it still kind of disappointing Marty is uite good on native American religion which made me wish there was of that and on westernnorthwestern tribes The set

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on Wounded Knee is done So far this is one of the better history records of religion in America It gives an overview through the development of the country with different perspectives from the various churches and their influences at specific times Reads a little slow because ou want to catch the detailed interaction that is being explained So far so good nonfictiontheologyhistory Solid work with nice pros. Y other leaders of movements both marginal and mainstream In addition Marty considers the impact of religion on social issues such as racism feminism and utopianismAnd engrossing highly readable and comprehensive histo. ,
While this is a great treatment of its topic it is not been the most riveting book on my nightstand so it s taken me rather a long while to read it 5 nightstand so it s taken me rather a long while to read it 5 or so If The Proposal you happen to be the sort of person who reads books about the history of religion ofour own volition Prey you weirdoou will probably enjoy this This book covers 500 ears in about 500 pages so don t expect minute detail As the best historians do Marty humanizes the narrative freuently allowing personal stories of individuals to illustrate the realities of religious life for various people different time periods in a variety of different time periods in variety of How churches and key leaders handled key social topics of their time periods is briefly discussed from Manifest Destiny and culture clashes with Native American peoples slavery racism and civil rights unions and social justice eugenics feminism etcMarty is engaging with dry understated humor throughout I found this to be a good survey of religious movements in the 13 colonies that would become the United States It would be nice to see details about the land that would become the states of Hawaii and Alaska Excellent research for the period Very accessible An excellent book that covers the development and progress of religion in the United States I highly recommend this for those interested in the topic but two things stand out in my memory about the book The first Marty s thesis that Abraham Lincoln a member of no denomination stands as the central contemporary figure in American religious life The second was Marty s struggle to describe Mormonism respectfully as a good. Pilgrims in Their Own Land is Martin E Marty's vivid chronological account of the people and events that carved the spiritual landscape of America It is in one sense a study of migration with each wave of immigrants br. Ecumenicist should while pointing out suspicious elements in Joseph Smith s story I read for a class paired with thicker set pertaining to the same subject and I can honestly say this is one of the best history books I ve ever read that attempts to span such a large time period The author is a professor at the University of Chicago who gave the Harper Lecture for the University of Chicago Alumni Association in Balti on immigrants strangers aliens and hospitality really solid single volume history of religion in america Doesn T Pretend To t pretend to all inclusive and really doesn t speak to any non judeochristian religions although there is a pretty amusing short bit about anton lavey and the church of satanism at the end one of the problems that the church of satanism encountered is that the idea of traditional worship is kind of tame if ou really purport to worship a dark eminence hindsight is like 2015 sometimes this gets a little drowsy in places there s really no way to make ideological suabbles among different flavors of protestantism super interesting as intensely felt as they may have been at the time at its best contextualizing fringe experiences into the wider narrativefavorite pieces George Beard s theory of climate driven anxiety that there is a nervous belt which North America is in where it is neither too cold or too hot to shiversweat out the vibes that make us neurotic basically Warren G Harding provided a blurb for a crazy racisteugenics book by Dr Stoddard Rising Tide of Color Peter Cartwright a tireless circuit rider who in 1832 was to spread. Inging a set of religious beliefs to a new world The narrative unfolds through sharply detailed biographical vignettes stories of religious pathfinders including William Penn Mary Baker Eddy Henry David Thoreau and man. Pilgrims in Their Own Land 500 Years of Religion in America