Old Maine Woman) [E–pub/Pdf] ☆ Glenna Johnson Smith

It brought back wonderful memories of Aroostook County and the simpler things in life It was a special treat to get to see Glenna in Portland at her book signing She is so vibrant and full of life This was an asy read without much thought provoking content the writing is xtremely unsophisticated provoking content The writing is xtremely unsophisticated it did improve a bit toward the A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, end The most disappointing thing was that it didn t really feature Maine as a significant part of the narrative it could have taken place anywhere Top Hats May 2019 I uitenjoyed the short The Shadow Reader essays and remembrances of Glenna Johnson Smith who lived her first 21 years in Asheville on the coast of Maine and the next 69 years in Aroostook County I cannotxpress better the uiet joy of reading this book than the forward states The writing in these ssays and short fiction pieces is lyrical and steady humorous and yet pensive nostalgic but always optimistic That could be the description that perfectly fits the author as well If you ve *ever wondered what it was like growing up in the old *wondered what it was like growing up in the old this small uiet book will fill you with the joys of how lives were lived with minimal monetary resources but with good spirits hard work and finding beauty in very day life in a small village on the Coast to the windswept acres of a potato farm to a tiny cottage on dead nd street in The County in the days before lectric appliances cell phones and TVs with a gazillion channels. Fields of her beloved Aroostook County where she has lived for nearly seven decades The book also includes some of her best fiction pieces. I found myself chuckling and then reflecting What may be uniuely Maine in this book is actually to my mind uniuely human Such wonderful memories such candor such love of life While I never would have picked uniuely human Such wonderful memories such candor such love of life While I never would have picked up myself I am grateful that my book group decided to read it I recommend this book for any who wish to view life from a simpler positive perspective This is a lovely collection of The Power Of A Choice essays and recollections by a woman born on the Maine coast in 1920 She lives and writes in Presue Isle in northern Maine these days and is out actively promoting her book I hope to catch her at a book signing Smith tells some great tales about her childhood and her time as a young teacher and parent in The County Herssays offer humor and some gentle observations about her life in rural Maine *i njoyed reading this book my mom is *enjoyed reading this book My mom is years old and she told me about some of the things mentioned in this book We re not from Maine but I guess it was the same verywhere back then Although the writing is sometimes difficult to read you get the point of the story It is just a period piece from a time in our country when many people didn t have a lot Glenna has to be one of the most charming writers I ve read in a while If you re into nostalgia or just want to read a book that ll sound like your grandmother wrote it in a really good way pick this one up It s hilarious and surprisingly poignant One of those boo. Glenna Johnson Smith writes with louence and humor about the complexities absurdities and pleasures of the veryday from her nostalgic lo. Ks you can have fun reading and learn something along the way This collection of her ssays And Short Fiction Is Fun And Insightful short fiction is fun and insightful read Her humour is ndearing and in several stories borders on the

Type Of Humour Writing That 
of humour writing that Leacock became famous for Compare My Financial *career from literary lapses with ms smith s *from Literary Lapses with Ms Smith s Live Alone I Think Many of her Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling essays have to do with her reflections onveryday life then and now in her beloved Maine Sweet simple occasionally laugh out loud funny Got this memoir at Gardiner Public Library Great book Don t know whether or not Ms Smith still lives but she certainly comes alive in her autobiography Born in Hancock County she moved with her then husband to Aroostock County where they farmed and raised three sons Her recounting and acknowledgement at times of I can t uite rememberof older times is just charming and truthful Wonderful portraits of local folk done without condescension Love the chapters Monsieur Pain entitled Defense of Old Woman My Brother Victor and I Live Alone I Think Smith covers a huge sweep of time and comes to the fore clearly about her belief in old values like hard work doing the best you can and keeping close to family and friends Her recounting of the adventures of Butchie the dog and various cats is hilarious What a wonderful collection of stories You felt as though you were right there with Glennaxperiencing life through her yes. Oks at her childhood on the Maine coast in the 1920s and 1930s to her observations of life under the big sky and among the rolling potato. Old Maine Woman