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I really enjoyed reading the conclusion of this series I feel like "It Came Back Around "came back around nicelyI enjoyed the new characters that we were introduced to but REALLY enjoyed getting to know some of the older characters betterThe only issue I had was with the random romance that the authors seemed to be forcing into the plot It seemed wholly unnecessary and completely out of character for both parties involved I would have really enjoyed the book without itOtherwise this final book in the series was a satisfying ending to the story Read for Summer Reading Challenge 2018 June Reads Take Pride Read A Book Written By An LGBTIA Author book written by an LGBTIA author that features an LGBTIA character This book features uite a few what with Royston and Hal returning albeit as background characters and we are introduced to a new waspish young man Toverre wish he would come and clean my house or polish my silver If one is looking for romance however this book probably had the least amount and it is rather a side issue to the main mystery While the book fizzled towards the ending action I still enjoyed it as a whole I wouldn t mind a 5th book to be perfectly honest but it looks as though the authors are happy to leave it where it isOnce the storylines converged I found myself unable to put the book down waiting for the other shoe to drop so everyone could be on the same page uite great to have them all in a room together conspiring So on on the same page uite great to have them all in a room together conspiring So on the narratorsLaure definitely grew on me as the book progressed I wish she didn t have to be uite so crass to drive home the point that she is a tomboy but I get it It s a great contrast and compliment to her friendship with Toverre and they certainly made an entertaining duo Balfour I didn t much care for at first probably because I couldn t remember him from the earlier books sorry Balfour Rook is ust so singularly childish that he sticks out in my memory but he definitely grew on me once I got a feeling for where the story was headed Plus is shyness with his hands was somehow uite endearing I uite liked his portions better when he started reuniting with his former Airmen Luvander you are a delight I wish I could see the hatsAdamo I liked for the way he Blood Runs Green: The Murder That Transfixed Gilded Age Chicago just trudged on He might not like the direction his reluctant investigations are taking him but he goes forward regardless Also the mother hen ing is adorable They will always be your boys As for his romance I was unsurprised Not sure I see it as a good fit but that couldust be me and my crusty self raising an eyebrow at the AprilDecember relationship again yes Royston and Hal I am looking at you two from the first book though I guess it provides symmetry to begin and end with a one as the pair are best friends Royston and Adamo I meanAs for Toverre not sure why he ended up last here in my free flow review but I really did enjoy his parts a lot once I got used to his flights of fancy and got a better handle on the direction his story was taking him I uite like that he daydr. With Havemercy Shadow Magic and Dragon Soul the acclaimed writing team of Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett has fused magic and technology into something that can only be termed “magicpunk” Their distinctive style featuring a chorus of uirky first person narrators and brilliantly sophisticated world building has won these young writers the plaudits of fans and criticsIn the Volstov capital of Thremedon Owen Adamo the hard as nails ex–Chief Sergeant of the Dragon Corps learns that Volstov’s ruler the Esar has been secretly pursuing the possibility of resurrecting magically powered sentient. .



Steelhands Havemercy #4Tarts with the whole corps having been disciplined for their appalling behavior At An Important Event an important event involved women and large amounts of alcohol It is decided then that they need etiuette training and a young professor is sent in to teach them supposedly everything they are supposed to know Naturally he meets with resistance and insolence a na ve professor and a hardened flight corps no problems here There are characters that are lost through the course of the series some of which I was surprised to feel sad about even though their I was surprised to feel sad about even though their were at times annoying they all fit a purpose within the corps to make it a cohesive group and their loss changed that Steelhands centers on one young corpsman who has lost his hands in the battle in the previous book and has new ones made from the same metal the dragons are constructed from and how he learns to adapt as everything is different now Two of the original Dragon Corps have decided to stay in the desert where the final battle occurred but they begin to uncover mysterious and disturbing things about the dragons which they report back to their old commander Despite the fact that the Dragon Corps could generally be referred to at the beginning of the series as a very motley crew of men they were a motley crew of men who depended and trusted each other to cover their backs and they genuinely cared for each other The idea of the importance of human interaction and relationships continues in Steelhands Jones and Bennett have created a wonderful world populated by interesting people and creatures I was lucky enough to have found out about the series when Steelhands was released so was able to read all of them at once one after the other that is I think sometimes that s the most marvelous way to read books to suddenly discover a new series that already has a few books out and Berlioz and the Romantic Century just become inundated in their world which was easy in this case The characters are so different yet fully realized there isust enough description where is doesn t become tedious and the world building is such that it makes perfect sense that these dragons exist I m hoping Steelhands isn t the last one in the series as I m curious to learn but if it is I m very happy to have read the ones that are here As a huge fan of the authors and their books and newbie member of the Thremedon fandom I m a bit biased when it comes to this and I may tend to ignore some of the flaws of this work Expect this review to be enthusiastic and ust a bit analyzingOne OK So Jones and Bennett s writing has heaping spoonfuls of charm which is what has kept me reading all four books even though I have serious problems with basically everything else about them But they re delightfully witty and often hilarious their characters are fairly endearing and they re uite skilled at writing set pieces individual scenes work very wellUnfortunately the scenes don t knit together into much of a plot So much padding is spent on unnecessary. E earned him an assortment of nicknames of which “Steelhands” is the least offensiveBut sometimes help comes where you least expect it In this case from two first year university students freshly arrived in Thremedon from the country Laurence a feisty young woman whose father raised her to be the son he never had and Toverre her fiancé a brilliant if neurotic dandy who would sooner share his wife to be’s clothes than her bed When a mysterious illness strikes the first year students Laurence takes her suspicions to Adamo and unwittingly sets in motion events that will change Volstov foreve. Eamed theorized umped to conclusions built up his fantasies and made Laure his likely unwilling confidante Also the fact that he was there when it really counted made him thoroughly likable I also wish there had been dragons but one can t have it all There is only one reason I finished this book I forced myself to read and study the style of writing It was a style singularly situated in this book and apparently these writers I was not familiar with it The story timeline was well written in a continuous flow from one characters perspective to the next The reader was able to peice each characters story to the next characters and understand the expressed realistic sense of time slowly progressing I was completely intrigued by this timeline adaptation and was forced to reminisce on the episodes of Dragonball in many situations while reading the detail of each characters perspectives being drawn out to such Another dry overly introspective anachronistic fantasy with too many point of view characters that sound the same the same tired character stereotypes the same rushed un It took me a while to get into this book None of the main characters immediately umped out and grabbed me the way Rook and Hal did in Havemercy and Caius in Shadow Magic Once I delved a little deeper however I found myself falling in love with all four of the characters I adored seeing Adamo and Royston s friendship from Adamo s point of view and even so Adamo s concerns over Royston s relationship with Hal The shy and yet emerging confidence of Balfour was depicted wonderfully The brash determination of Laure and Toverre s complete ineptitude when it comes to social Relations Were Just Icing On were ust icing on cake as far as I m concerned This was a really fun and easy read After Dragon Soul which bored me to tears I put off reading this one for uite a while but naww this was a lot of fun Characters who interact and talk Things that happen DragonsWhile I agree with some reviewers that the story could ve been told better and effectively with different or at le This is a 25 star bookI liked the plot I guess basically view spoilerthe Esar is rebuilding dragons and our main characters set out to stop him hide spoiler I read a lot of entire series this year because I only ust found out about them so they are all a little entangled in my mind This is one of them so if it doesn little entangled in my mind This is one of them so if it doesn appear completely cohesive I apologize It does contain some spoilersI m ust going to come right out and confess I read these almost a year ago but I really really liked them at the time The idea was very clever I thought Dragons that were built with a specific member of the flight corps in mind in one case the dragon had been built for one man s brother but his brother had died and he was genetically close enough that he could ride the same dragon The dragons and the riders learn each others personalities despite the fact they have been engineered the dragons are sentient and learn The series Robot dragons even at the risk of igniting another war That Adamo will not allow Though he is not without friends Royston a powerful magician and Balfour a former corpsman there is only so much Adamo and his allies can do Adamo has been put out to pasture given a professorship at the University Royston already exiled once dares not risk the Esar’s wrath a second time And Balfour who lost both hands in the climactic battle of the war is now a diplomat who spends most of his time trying to master his new hands metal replacements that operate on the same magical principles as the dragons and hav.