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Rocky Mountain Hero


A way with kids Of course as a mom Melanie is drawn to such a handsome caring guy who takes her son nder his wing spending precious time with him and becoming a hero in his eyes Or should I say a hero in her eyes too There were some great romantic scenes including one at the kitchen sink involving a knife and a fish Very niue and oh so sigh worthy There is great tension between Gabe and Melanie and I am so glad I got to Read Their Story AndGabe their story AndGabe two brothers who I am hoping need their own *story I am certainly looking forward to books from this wonderful author * I am certainly looking forward to books from this wonderful author cover was great The title was great The synopsis was great But in the end by page 70 I had to put it down There wasn t enough deep POV or action to hold my attention I wasn t enthused about the writing either This one is about a single mom and her son who are on their way to her job interview when her truck goes off the road and crashes big time She needs help but d Heroes come in many forms in romance novels They can be bad boys in need of redemption or men who have simply lost their way But sometimes they are rock solid men of integrity wrapped in a very handsome package Rocky Mountain Hero may be the title of Audra Harders debut book but it is also the perfect description of Gabe the cowboy who takes down on her luck heroine Mel. Epair job
And Provide Lodging For 
provide lodging for and her boy if she'll take coordinating the town barbecue off his busy hands Melanie accepts figuring she'll soon be on her way to her new li. Sigh Such an awesome book Gabe the hunky cowboy hero Is Adorable The Heroine Mealine Is Eually Add Her adorable The Mealine is eually adorable Add her year old son to the mix and you get a great book Low conflict very much appreciated and an epilogue My kind of book Moving on to book two in the series Well written book I loved the characters and their romance The setting was perfect for a gal like myself that likes westerns even though the book is set in modern day I hope to read of Audra Harders stories This debut novel by Audra Harders is a captivating read Set in the scenic Colorado Rockies the story features a single mom who gets sidelined by a broken down truck on her way to a job interview When a genuine Rocky Mountain hero rescues her and offers temporary housing and money to repair her vehicle in exchange for her help in organizing the town barbecue how can she resist Harders has created engaging characters that ickly work their way into your heart The romantic arc is touching and believable as they grow to trust each other and themselves and discover what really matters most I ll be looking forward to many stories from this excellent author Great story told well Hard to believe it was her debut novel I loved this book and I have to say I thought Gabe was breathtaking He is a tough cowboy with a soft nderbelly who has. With a broken down truck miles to go and little money single mother Melanie Hunter needs help It comes in the handsome form of rancher Gabe Davidson He'll pay for the three week ,
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