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A Seaman's Guide to the Rule of the Road The Undesirables Maritime Security: An Introduction (Butterworth-Heinemann Homeland Security) Report of Board of Secretaries on the uestion of Reducing Local Freight Rates
Day s politicians though she and Rodolphe both ended up joining the "Ranks Of Those They "of those they I don t think I understood the point of the story Maybe that mob rule is inevitable among societies That self awareness and finding truth reuire solitude 3 StarsThe Moral Bullet is a story of post apocalyptic survival after the chaos of an anti aging drug is released to the world 5 StarsThe Unthinkable is about two old antagonists discussing the end of the cold war in a world where the weapons are demonic rather than atomic 4 StarsWe See Things Differently is about an Arab Muslim journalist sent to America to meet a popular Rock MusicianPolitical FundraiserRevolutionary It s about the power of convictionand maybe a little bit of religious political propoganda brainwashing 4 StarsHollywood Kremlin is a beautiful little story about black market smugglers in Azerbaijan during the last days of Soviet rule 5 StarsAre You For 86 features Leggy Starlitz again from Hollywood Kremlin This time the smuggler from Azerbaijan is roadtripping with a couple of feminist political activists smuggling the abortion pill across country while evading a Christian activist group Hate the politics but it s a well written story and carries the narrative well 5 StarsDori Bangs is about the fictional life together of two real life people who died young It reads like an obituary than a story 3 StarsThe mass market paperback was formatted well There was one possible spelling error where they put DC where I think they meant CD An icon of the cyberpunk movement and a deservedly respected nonfiction writer as well Sterling is less well known for is short story output Globalhead an early collection is evidence that this is an oversight In fact I d rank is
short stories just 
stories just is nonfiction particularly The Hacker Crackdown and above Omega Beloved - Reimagined his novel length excursions in science fiction Standout stories include the faux book review Our Neural Chernobyl the odd coupling Jim and Irene theistorical Middle East magic of The Gulf Wars and the rock and roll infused economic SF of We See Things Differently If you The Nalco Guide to Boiler Failure Analysis have passed on Sterling s short stories in favor ofis other work I ighly recommend making a U turn and seeking out Globalhead. 1988 The Shores of Bohemia 1990 The Moral Bullet 1991 with John Kessel The Unthinkable 1991 We See Things Differently 1989 Hollywood Kremlin 1990 Are You for 86 1992 Dori Bangs 1989Cover illustration by Bruce Jens. .
Wentieth century politics that explores a mindset as relevant today as when e wrote it Other stand outs include Jim and Irene in which two drifters who ave put themselves nearly out of the world are able to reveal the many bonds that connect us to one another And The Gulf Wars
is starts off 
starts off like a story done many times before but Sterling manages to find a fresh take on it A very good collection worth tracking down Brilliant collection of short stories by "Sterling As with of these kinds of collections there are some duds "As with of these kinds of collections there are some duds the uality of the good ones than compensate for the duds A collection of Bruce Sterling s short stories with a softer cyberpunk feel than those of in Crystal Express but much better written He REALLY liked writing about Russia during this peri This collection of short stories by Bruce Sterling is pretty good Some of the stories are stronger than others I particularly liked Storming the Cosmos Jim and Irene The Moral Bullet and Hollywood Kremlin I wasn t real taken with Our Neural Chernobyl or Dori Bangs not because of content but because of style The Soviet UnionRussia and Islam make several appearances throughout the collectionOur Neural Chernobyl fictional book review about cross species medicaldrug contamination future istory I didn t care for the style though the concept surrounding the events was interesting 2 starsStorming the Cosmos tells the story 2 scientist who discover an alien artifact at Tunguska and Sesame Street Elmo's Easy as ABC Book and DVD Flap Book and DVD how the politicians screw it all up It was pretty entertaining I liked it a lot 5 starsThe Compassionate The Digital us the transcript of a future speechrally re AI who transits Space time It is basically a transcript of Islamic propaganda 3 starsJim and Irene is the story of two forlorn loners who escape to lonely lands and end up forging a connection 5 starsSword of Damocles is ailarious and disjointed tale of Damocles and Dyonysis 4 starsGulf Wars tells the story of two apless soldiers caught up in two different wars in the same area of the Persian Gulf separated by millenia 4 StarsThe Shores of Bohemia reminded me of today s politically correct bloviaters Amelie s little speech was certainly representative of the insufferably conceited attitude of to. Imaginative fiction's most exciting talentsContents Our Neural Chernobyl 1988 Storming the Cosmos 1985 with Rudy Rucker The Compassionate the Digital 1985 Jim and Irene 1991 The Sword of Damocles 1990 The Gulf Wars. ,
Some interesting stories Some weird stories I think those I liked the best weren t even science fiction or cyberpunk which is best weren t even science fiction or cyberpunk which is I was expecting Maybe a little dated and dealing with cold war or pre Soviet collapse "but still relativant in a way The most interesting contains a prescient view of a future with "still relativant in a way The most interesting contains a prescient view of a future with recently risen Islamic Caliphate that seems much less evil than the one we got Liked everything except the Lekhi Starlitz stuff Some ok stories some bad stories some stories with interesting ideas that end to soon a mixed bagOur Neural Chernobyl 2Storming the Cosmos 4The Compassionate the Digital 1Jim and Irene 3The Sword of Damocles 0The Gulf Wars 2The Shores of Bohemia 3The Moral Bullet 3The Unthinkable 2We See Things Differently 3Hollywood Kremlin 4Are You for 86 4Dori Bangs 2 Just comments on a few stories in Globalhead by Bruce Sterling not the whole bookOur Neural Chernobyl I remember reading this in its original appearance in Fantasy and Science Fiction and it just gets better on the second time A mock review of a pop science book from 2056 Bruce is transliterating the background and research from is The Hacker Crackdown Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier into a future where ge I remember first reading this collection of short stories when it came out in 1991 in the midst of all the great cyberpunk stories that were coming out in those days At that time I thoroughly enjoyed it and probably would Lest Darkness Fall and Related Stories have given it 4 or 5 starsad Goodreads been around Bruce Sterling is an excellent writer and I enjoy The Body Scoop for Girls his work and many of these stories are very well done But 20 years later a number of the stories are now uite dated with their Cold War references and other nuances that are no longer applicable It is ironic that the social commentary that makes Sterling s writing so good in this case also winds up limiting the applicability ofis work Excellent stories from the late 80searly 90s that You Don't Own Me: How Mattel v. MGA Entertainment Exposed Barbie's Dark Side hold up well The Cold Warangs FREE AUDIOBOOKS 01 How to download Free AUDIO BOOKS MP3 File Human Read or Computer Generated TKP 0027 heavyere but Sterling tends to treat it with satirical umor and that approach is always timeless Two stories featuring Leggy Starlitz later the protagonist of Zeitgeist are funny and cinematic trickster tales The Unthinkable does an alternate world take on late This second collection of short fiction by Bruce Sterling set in such disparate environments as ancient Assyria and posthuman France provides a stimulating and entertaining glimpse inside the global ead of one of.

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