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And deal with these at the same time Marcos was so complex I didn t like him at first in fact I m still not sure if I liked him but he was a true Alpha male deliciously tortured yet incredibly caring and dedicated to making the world a better place The Journey the characters went on was amazing they had both been to hell and back and you know what reading this I felt like I had been right there with them and this made the HEA xtremely satisfying The writing is flawless how Lynn Raye Harris managed to contain this to 185 pages I ll never know I cannot praise this book Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era enough I just don t have the words Lynn thank you for writing this bookA must readOriginally posted at Francesca D Oro and Marcos Navarre have a past together and it s not a happy one When Francesca was 18 her and Marcos had gotten married Unfortunately he ran off on her and took a rare yellow diamond from her family that he believed belonged to his family Now that Francesca is older and wiser she decides it s time to reclaim the yellow diamond and that means facing Marcos once The Devil s Heart is a story of a damaged woman and a damaged man who learn to come to terms with the terriblevents of their pasts and move on to start living in the present together It s about living in the today rather than being trapped in the yesterday The addition of a theme of that depth was Convents and the Body Politic in Late Renaissance Venice enjoyable for me It turned the typical Harleuin Romance formula into something muchasier to connect to something intricate enjoyable for me It turned the typical Harleuin Romance formula into something much Edicts of Asoka easier to connect to something intricate accessible The characters started out distant to me but as the story progressed they became human Withvery passing chapter the author revealed something new and often tragic about the characters pasts The layers were peeled back to unveil characters that were genuinely likeable My only complaint with the characters is that I would have liked to delve a little deeper into "their back stories specially with regards to marcos "back stories specially with regards to Marcos definitely remained a bit of a mystery a very sexy mysteryI liked the settings in this book The author described the beauty of Buenos Aires but also described some of it s flaws like the homeless youth The settings cemented the story for me It made it feel authentic and realThe Devil s Heart is a short book at only 185 pages so it would make a perfect weekend read I recommend it to those looking for a fast fun sexy happily Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath ever after readWon as a Goodreads First Read Accidental re read The story opens with the heroine aiming a gun at the hero and demanding the diamond he took when he married her 8 years before and then left her within hours The cascading issues for the heroineview spoilerHer father commit Had a lot of potential for angst and love but somehow just missed the mark for me To much seemed to happen too soon I guess I didn t like the hero very well and felt that his atrocious actions in the past were not adeuately made up for There was story that fit neatly into the small HP format Thank you Goodreads First Reads I ll get back to youOkay so I ve now finished the book It was pretty good I could not decide whether to give it three stars or four I ll be honest though I sat down and read this book the whole way through so that should count for something It was a nice distraction from my work I loved the first chapter It instantly sucked you in Here we have a strong undeniably masculine character He knows what he wants He is ruthless VERY attractive And yet he s at the wrongnd of a gun clutched by although he doesn t know it his old nemesis I m a sucker for that kind of stuff The pacing of th. En Francesca a jewel for her finger but he stole another the Devil's Heart a dazzling yellow diamond he believed belonged to his familyYears later Francesca no longer so. Did not finish read 40% The writing style rubbed me wrong I was not Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 enjoying itWRITING STYLEThe writing style wasmotional Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist exaggeration contradictory feelings within the moment It was too back and forth for me It didn t feel logical It wasn t realnough I don t know what to call this It s not purple prose but it s something purple "Some xamples follow from pages 66 to 74He should be offended and yet he was mostly amused He should "examples follow from pages 66 to 74He should be offended and yet he was mostly amused He should be angry but verything was going his way and that pleased him She flashed him a look of pure loathing It was rather like a kitten trying to imitate a tiger She simply couldn t pull it offShe said Why do you have to be nice He said I can cease this niceness if it pleases you Oh no she said I want to see how long you can keep it up Marcos looked so cold so remote and cruel that she wondered He was so brutal beneath that layer of charm He said I would not stop his treatment She stared at him of charm He said I would not stop his treatment She stared at him was the last thing she d xpected Marcos had a human sideShe intended to honor the agreement Francesca did not go back on her word once it was given She had integrity no matter what he believed about her Then she told him she would wear the necklace Disbelief crossed his handsome face You just stated you would not Most adamantly Francesca shruggedNow maybe some readers will delight in this But it does not appeal to mePLOTThe plot is one of those overused Heroine steals something to pay medical bills for someone close When things go wrong she promises to do anything if Marcos will pay those bills I don t mind books with similar plots if other things are done well Do something interesting or uniue with it But that was not done here I felt let downDATANarrative mode 3rd person Book length 186 pages Swearing language mild Sexual content probably some Setting current day Washington DC and Argentina Copyright 2010 Genre contemporary romance The story begins rather violently with the hero Marcos being held at gunpoint in his hotel room by a thief attempting to steal his family heirloom El Coraz n del Diablo a necklace with a large and valuable yellow diamond pendant The situation causes painful memories of Marcos s past xperiences of brutal warfare What Marcos doesn t realise is that the thief is Francesca the heroine and the girl he married Imaginary Runner eight years previously in order to reclaim the diamond which had fallen into her fathers hands by deceit Marcos had left as soon as Francesca had given him the diamond Francesca has stolen the diamond back in order to be able to sell it and pay for medical treatment for a dear friend and for revenge against Marcos Francesca has lived a difficult life in theight years since she married including being disowned by her family and a brutal attack and miscarriage When Marcos tracks her and the diamond down there is a fierce confrontation between them Marcos insists on them re marrying in order to stop any further claims over ownership to the diamond He is also determined to seduce Francesca something he never got to do before and make her want him back Well what a story I have tried to keep the description above as brief as possible as I really don t want to spoil it too much Throughout this book there are so many secrets and revelations that I couldn t wait to turn From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 each page It was a real roller coaster ofmotions I kept going from being on the Fresh Water edge of my seat to feeling heartbroken This book was dark with a capital DThe characters were really well developed both held scars from the past and wereach struggling to live their lives. Francesca D'Oro was just French Daguerreotypes eighteen when darkly sexy Marcos Navarre swept her up the aisle then fled before the ink on the marriage license had dried Marcos might have giv. E novel was pretty decent there wasn t any unnecessary clutter I am also glad that Ms Harris took the time to develop the charactersspecially since this is a short novel I do feel that perhaps Navarre s past could have been developed a little We know he lived on the streets and was tortured at one point but some of the details were still a little murky for me Frankie also had uite the history but that was much clearer I liked that she was so committed to saving JacuesThe only problem I really ncountered with this novel was in its length Frankly the book is short it s only 190 pages While I did say the pacing was good the shortness of the novel did make some scenes appear rushed This could be a prereuisite for this type of novel though But I know I speak for a lot of readers when I say that I would not have minded at least another 100 pages All in all there aren t really "any problems with this book The author is very talented "problems with this book The author is very talented It a paced completely self indulgent book Happy ndings all around Which is good Who wants to read a depressing story And if I read it in one sitting you know it s worth your timeThanks Ms Harris for signing my copy I completely wasn t From the Enemy's Point of View: Humanity and Divinity in an Amazonian Society expecting it The Devil s Heart by Lynn Raye Harris is about two wonderful and sympathetic lead characters who are both coming to terms with their difficult pasts hers a beating and a miscarriage due to a robbery at her store his as a kid growing up on the rough streets of Buenes Aires The author gives us a hero and heroine that you can relate to and want to root for to get their well deserved happyver after Some things I really liked about this book wereThe way the book started with the heroine holding the hero at gunpoint That s different for a Harleuin PresentsFrancesca s loyalty to her friend JacuesA lovely Doris Salcedo epilogue If you are looking for a deeper and darker Harleuin Presents with very well defined characters and lots ofmotion I recommend this book This is the first book I ve read by this author and I really look forward to reading many WOWwonderful intense motional second

chance at love 
at love the way story develops with tensions drama passion and love blossoms between themloved both Francesca Marco both have suffered so much in the past and have their own issues which makes them reluctant to accept their love for ach other but Marco takes the leap towards HEAthe way he convinces Francesca is sweetThe sudden marriage announcement by Marco confused mewould have liked of an insight on Marco s thoughts and feelings as to why Marco made that deal of 3 months MOC Overall a very good readRecommend it Wow What a goodread I blasted through this book while waiting on our youngest to fall asleep and it was worth the discomfort of sitting on the floorThe only thing that kept this book from being 5 stars for me was the Gods Choice extremely sudden proposal of re marriage on the part of the hero Oh well Other than that there was passionmotion drama and some painful real life issues that Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye earned than the usual syrupy sweetnding I liked this book much better than I xpected to Instead of a hero who is unreasonable arrogant and used to always getting his own way I found a hero who had a difficult background to overcome and is somewhat vulnerable because of it he is still an alpha male but one with a heart and soul Instead of a heroine who is a pushover or a vamp I found a heroine who is uncertain of her own worth and is fiercely loyal to those she loves The two of them together are practically combustible and I really liked seeing. Youthfully naive is determined to reclaim the precious gem But she's forgotten that Marcos lives up to the treasure's name and dealing with the devil is always dangerou.

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