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Re plenty of examples of what the authors are dissecting and some of them are goodHere s a sample from the exploration of one liners Dog for sale Eats anything and is fond of children If you get bored of the actual content and skim for the jokes you ll find better and worseSo here is the joke I transposed and updated from one of theirsAn engineering team was demonstrating their voice synthesis software to their executives and decided to have some fun So they built a cardboard robot on stage hiding the computer within programmed with a series of jokes making fun of management On the day of the presentation they watched and enjoyed the mixture of discomfort and ironic amusement among the audience when to their surprise someone in a back row seat stood up and started complaining Managers play an important role in business Just because engineers and their managers see the world from a different perspective isn t evidence that managers are stupid I m sick and tired of being treated like an idiot just because I ve taken a job that isn t as hands on as the people I m managingThe engineering team nervously glanced at each other until the team manager stood up and apologized Uhm we meant this in good fun and certainly didn t intend any The manager cut him off uiet shut up I m talking to the robot not youThis was actually a blonde joke in the book I thought I would update it to a group that is a politically correct target for scorn This book while presenting an original theory of humor begins by giving classic theories a hearing It is rightly c Good morning sir Good morning young fellows Sir will you tell us about last night s reception at the rzyrfian Embassy Did you meet the beautiful new Ambassadress of whom we have heard so much Indeed I had the honor of accompanying her in to dinner Oh gosh sir Are her ovipositors as large and pleasantly proportioned as the holovids suggest Please excuse my vulgar curiosity Young Kzzorf I fear your curiosity will get you into trouble one day But since you ask Her Sufficiency s ovipositors are even bountiful and well formed than popular reports suggest and her cilia are arranged in a bewitchingly symmetrical and artistic fashion Sir humble thanks for answering my impertinent uestion I Enough chit chat We must get to work Does the Earth Monitoring Team have the overnight reports We do sir I have them in front of m In this book the authors try to elucidate humor and how it may be implement in the brain and a machine They also think that it speaks to the workings of the mind in general terms To start the book they take a stab at what humor is for and how it may have evolved They then go into the phenomenology of humor ie what it is like what elicits it how it is expressed etc After this dissection they go through the various theories of humor that ha Hurley Matthew M Daniel C Dennett Reginald B Adams Jr 2011 Inside Jokes Using Humor to Reverse Engineer the Mind Cambridge MA The MIT Press 2011 ISBN 9780262015820 Pagine 359 2995Un libro serissimo naturalmente anche se spesso capitoli e paragrafi sono introdotti da una barzelletta ma joke un po pi polisemico di barzellettaAll origine del libro c la tesi di dottorato completata nel 2006 da Matthew Hurley che pu dunue essere considerato l autore principale del volume Adams e Dennett sono stati i suoi supervisors alla Tufts University Inoltre Dennett si era impegnato nel suo Consciousness Explained del 1991 a fornire a proper account of laughter che andasse al di l della pura fenomenologia sotto uesto profilo si tratta dunue anche di una promessa tardivamente mantenutaGli stessi autori introducono la loro tesi a partire da una nota nursery rhyme e anch io seguir le loro tracce There was an old woman who lived in a shoe She had so many children she didn t now what to do She gave them some broth without any bread Then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery RhymesOld Woman in a ShoewikipediaorgSoltanto che la storiella raccontata dai 3 autori prende una piega diversa Their rooms where piled high with the playthings of boys comic books fishing rods discarded t6oys model planes model trains and the dirt that goes with them and huge piles of laundry that flowed out to the itchen And try as she may to get them to sweep she d scold them and threaten implore them and weep she d given them dust cloths and vacuums and brooms she weep she d given them dust cloths and vacuums and brooms she could not get them to clean up their rooms and then one night the old woman got a new idea She made them pajamas and bed socks of Swiffer cloth and the next night while they slept she hid lots of candies around in their rooms under the beds under the piles of toys and clothes In the morning when the children discovered the first of these candies they went on a gleeful rampage piling and sorting their belongings in the hunt for all the candies By noon they were stuffed with candy and their rooms were as orderly and clean as Martha Stewart s front parlor 59 64 il riferimento come di consueto alle posizioni sul KindleLa tesi di fondo del libro ben illustrata da uesta metafora o parabola o filastrocca riveduta e corretta la selezione naturale impersonata da uella vecchia signora di Madre Natura usa un trucco simile per indurre il nostro cervello a occuparsi del noioso debugging assolutamente necessario per sopravvivere ancorch pericolosamente all accumularsi di scoperte ed errori accumulati dai nostri processi euristici Non potendo semplicemente comandare al cervello di mettere in atto subroutine di pulizia l evoluzione non funziona cos ha dovuto corrompere il cervello con il piacere rendendo piacevole un dovere o meglio una necessit L allegrezza che ci d la scoperta di un errore d inferenza il senso dell umorismo che una volta evolutosi pu essere sfruttato la scoperta di un errore d inferenza il senso dell umorismo che una volta evolutosi pu essere sfruttato stimoli supernormali inventati dai comici nel corso dei millenni Come accade per il nostro gusto smodato per i dolci e la pornografia Humor we will try to show evolved out of a computational problem that arose when our ancestors were furnished with open ended thinkingIl volume sviluppa uesta idea di fondo in modo molto articolato ponendo e dando risposta a 20 domande sulla teoria cognitiva ed evoluzionistica dell umorismo proposta dagli autori Ma per avere tutte le risposte dovete per forza leggere il libroResta il dubbio ma mi potrete dare una mano a scioglierlo soltanto dopo avere letto l opera se una teoria cos ingegnosa sarebbe potuta venire in mente ad autori non anglosassoni di madrelingua per i uali l aggettivo funny ha due accezioni principali cito dal Merriam Webster online a affording light mirth and laughter amusing b seeking or intended to amuse facetious differing from the ordinary in a suspicious perplexing uaint or eccentric way peculiar often used as a sentence modifier funny things didn t turn out the way we planned uesti gli esempi sempre dal Merriam Webster He told a funny story He s a very funny guy What are you laughing at There s nothing funny about it There you laughing at There s nothing funny about it There something funny going on here She has some funny ideas about how to run a company I can t find my eys That s funny they were here a minute ago My car has been making a funny noise lately A funny thing happened to me the other day It feels funny to be back here again It s funny that you should say that I was just thinking the same thing myself Pignolerie a un certo punto 1687 si dice che Being There Oltre il giardino del 1979 l ultimo film di Peter Sellars il nome del grandissimo attore Peter oddio Richard Henry detto Peter Sellers il suo ultimo film il peraltro non memorabile Diabolico complotto del Dr Fu Manchu The Fiendish Plot of Dr Fu Manchu di cui sarebbe anche il regista uncredited anche se poi compare anche in Sulle orme della pantera rosa Trail of the Pink PantherTrascuratezza imperdonabile per una casa editrice cos importante E dire che l agente di Dennett il leggendario John Brockman In un libro sull umorismo poiClouseauwikipediaorg Come al solito vi propongo anche una selezione di citazioni meno noiosa del solito mi auguro perch molte sono storielle e barzellette raccontate nel testo The most exciting phrase to hear in science the one that heralds new discoveries is not Eureka I Blague d'initis plaisanterie usage interne plaisanterie occulte est une plaisanterie faite pour n'tre comprise et apprcie ue par un groupe restreint d'initis Inside Jokes TV Series – IMDb With Rosebud Baker JC Currais Robert Dean Kellen Erskine Up and coming comedians in New York and Los Angeles pursue their dream of being selected for the prestigious Montreal Just for Laughs Festival New Faces showcase Inside Jokes YouTube Inside Jokes is a search for the funny in these comedian's most offensive jok. Ound it but That s funny Isaac Asimov 98 How do you tell the sex of a chromosome A Pull down its genes 189 Circular definition see Definition circular358 There are only 10 Passionate kinds of people in the world those who read binary and those who don t 483 una delle mie preferite Email is the happy medium between male and female Hofstadter 2007 621 Photons have mass I didn t evennow they were Catholic 621 The face of a child can say it all especially the mouth part of the face 622 An atheist explorer in the deepest suddenly finds himself surrounded by a bloodthirsty group of natives Upon surveying the situation he says uietly to himself Oh God I m screwed There is a ray of light from heaven and a voice booms out No you are not screwed Pick up that stone at your feet and bash in the head of the chief standing in front of you So the explorer picks up the stone and proceeds to bash the living heck out of the chief As he stands above the lifeless body breathing heavily and surrounded by a hundred natives with a look of shock on their faces God s voice booms out again Okay Now you re screwed 730 We Post Modernizm ve Alımlama Estetiği know why we are born curious We are as George Miller once said informavores Our hunger for novelty drives us to fill our heads with facts we might need some day 895 uesta una cosa seria e un argomento su cui avrei molto da dire Non ui e non ora vi prego di avere pazienza If insight is like orgasm as Gopnik s metaphor declares then likewise curiosity might be the analogue of lust The epistemic hunger of curiosity a burning desire to find reason and order prompts us to fervently advance upon situations that reuire explanatory exertion often to exhaustion that ultimately leads to that religiously adored moment of insight And just as lust suddenly dissolves into triviality with orgasm so does the hungry feeling of curiosity hastily retreat upon the achievement of insight Though it may haveilled the cat curiosity than compensates for its cost Without it we mightn t seek answers or theories at all 1037 Epistemic uncertainty the lack of a persuasive answer to a pressing uestion has its own emotional accompaniment also called uncertainty 1048 Love is like pi natural irrational and very important Lisa Hoffman 1052 To say that you believe something is to say that that information successfully passed through your mind without triggering the emotions of confusion or humor but uite possibly having triggered the sense of insight 1190 A mental space is a region of working memory where activated concepts and percepts are semantically connected into a holistic situational comprehension model 1249 People do generate ceaselessly a bounty of pertinent anticipations about the world but such anticipations are not created through effortful enumeration of all possibilities followed by the comparisons of individual assessments of likelihoods for each possible future Rather the expectations we have at hand each are the result of current situation pertinent thought or recollections of other pertinent at the time thoughts 1315 The answer I don t The Spanish Civil War As a Religious Tragedy know is a perfectly reasonable one though perhaps less likely empirically given the social pressure to provide an answer when confronted with an interrogation 1338 A belief is a commitment to a fact about the world 1345 What gets us into trouble is not what we don tnow it s what we now for sure that just ain t so Mark Twain 1410 Our brains are for producing future as the poet Valery once put it 1541 non sono riuscito a trovare la citazione esatta ualcuno mi pu aiutare One might even venture the maxim The arduous and even dangerous the job the intense the reward system must be to ensure its completion 1631 Did you hear about the fellow whose whole left side was cut off He s all right now 1709 Gravity makes a big difference 1735 ui rilevante la nota ma non sono capace di citare le note con il Kindle Geoffrey Hinton ha proposto un interessante puzzle sull argomento Supponete di prendere una manciata di bastoncini di Shanghai di lanciarli in aria e di fotografarli mentre cadono uanti grosso modo decidete voi il grado di approssimazione sono orizzontali e uanti verticali pi o meno lo stesso numero vero No falso Ci sono infiniti modi di essere orientati orizzontalmente N E S W NE SE SW NW eccetera ma un solo modo di essere verticali Rifate l esperimento con una paccata di CD la risposta invertita We see some traces of an analytic mode of construction in the deliberate editing of jokes MAKING THEM STREAMLINED PUNCHING UP THE them streamlined punching up the by changing the word order adding a beat here a sly misdirecting digression there but this is in effect postproduction 2010 in hearing a fiction we enjoy it for its storytelling value but we never commit to it as being reality and subseuently discover that it is not 2495 What did the 0 say to the 8 Nice belt 2626 When you look at the picture that has no woman in it in fig 111 you cannot stop yourself from seeing a woman there even if you are told ahead that she is not there The only power the high level belief has is in telling you that it s not really true after you ve already seen her 2944 Sandro Del Prete Sunrise in the Nature Reserve Sandro Del Prete Sunrise in the Nature Reserve Huron 2006 argues persuasively that most if not all excellence in music involves the artful alternation of fulfilled expectations and unexpected not entirely predictable variations 3039 Huron David 2006 Sweet Anticipation Music and the Psychology of Expectation Bradgord Books 2008 If you want to tell people the truth make them laugh otherwise they ll ill you One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards I am not young enough to La maladie de Gougerot-Sjgren: Vers la gurison avec les mdecines alternatives know everything Morality like art means drawing a line someplace 3119 Tutte e 4 di Oscar Wilde People often make the mistake of thinking that humorous and serious are antonyms They are wrong Humorous and solemn are antonyms I am never serious than when I am being humorous 3151 una citazione di Bertrand Russell It is not enough to succeed Others must fail 3154 una citazione di Gore Vidal Everybody anticipates in mental spaces as much of the relevant future as possible to the best of their ability given the specificnowledge they have already collected We aspire to decide on the basis of all things considered but of COURSE WE MUST ALWAYS TRUNCATE OUR CONSIDERATIONS IN ORDER we must always truncate our considerations in order meet the deadlines of effective action So each of us is engaged in a never ending round of heuristic search building partial and risky structures mental spaces that depend on jumping to conclusions as deftly as possible 3329 Both คินดะอิจิยอดนักสืบ 29 หน้ากากมรณะ คินดะอิจิ โคสุเกะ knowledge and ignorance are valuable strategic secrets 3339 A uidnunc from the Latin for what now is a person obsessed with the very latest news We all have and should have uidnunc tendencies since the latest news creates an information gradient that may be exploited by others at our expense 3343 The pastime of permeating casual conversation with witticisms not only serves the simple selfish goal of flaunting one s wit but is also a method of trade in the currency of social capital 3401 Skinnerian as opposed to Darwinian hard wired organisms 3651 subito dopo introduce i concetti di creature Popperiane e Gregoriane To be precise you can t give yourself gargalesis the laughter inducingind of tickling we usually think of as related to humor But you can self induce Golden Hill knismesis which is theind of uncomfortable tickling sensation felt when an insect crawls on your skin or even when you drag a feather lightly across your skin Hall and Allin 1897 4754 Lots to think about here the base idea is that humor evolved from a debugging mechanism in the human brain that made it pleasurable to discover that using a heuristic had resulted in a commitment to a false mental picture or script I appreciate the distinction between first person and third person humor this is one that I think is particularly useful to comedians as well as awareness of the relativity of humor and the effects of complexthick humor They also dig into the social aspects of humor in a way that makes sense to me as a comedy theorist and that I don t think I ve seen expressed previously I should say that this is not a pop science book it s a bit of a slog to read. Es Stand up comedians Andrew Schulz Ronny Chieng Akaash Singh and Mike Feeney show you how to do stand up comedy by inside jokes Traduction en franais exemples anglais Traductions en contexte de inside jokes en anglais franais avec Reverso Context There are so many inside jokes you don't even now inside joke Traduction en franais exemples anglais Just an inside joke from when you were gone Une private joke en votre absence The album's tentative title Sheep was something Cobain created as an inside jok. The authors present a theory of humor why we laugh and compare it to past theories of humor practically claiming that this is the first one that achieves perfection the tone is uite hubristic Briefly humor is a debugging process ie it identifies a fallacy in some mental model that we have and this is an invaluable survival skill and hence evolutionarily rewarded with feelings of pleasure Ie a joke or even a naturally occurring humorous situation sets up a mental space in our minds with an insidiously inserted fallacy and the punch line reveals the fallacyThe book is rather heavy reading in part because of the use of a lot of jargon that professional philosophers may take for granted phenomenology phenomenological epistemically epistemology epistemological although the heavy reading is alleviated by some excellent jokes peppered throughout the book In that sense it seems to be aimed at scholars in philosophy and AI than at the casual readerStill well worth a read if you are interested in how the brain works neuroscience AI etc we propose that Mother Nature bribes us with candies metaphorically to get our brains to do all the tedious debugging that they must do if they are to live dangerously with the unruly piles of discoveries and mistakes that we generate in our incessant heuristic search She cannot just order the brain to do all the necessary garbage collection and debugging the way a computer programmer can simply install subroutines that slavishly take care of this She has to bribe the brain with pleasure That is why we experience mirthful delight when we catch ourselves wrong footed by a concealed inference error Finding and fixing these time pressured misleaps would be constantly annoying hard work if nature hadn t arranged for it to be funThe picture that emerges is a time pressured involuntary heuristic search for valid expectations which generates mental spaces in which elements are constantly being tested According to this model then basic humor occurs when1 an active element in a mental space that has2 covertly entered that space for one reason or another and is3 taken to be true ie epistemically committed within that space4 is diagnosed to be false in that space simply in the sense that it is the loser in an epistemic reconciliation process 5 and trivially the discovery is not accompanied by any strong negative emotional valenceAn interesting book for people who are into cognitive science philosophy etc If you have only the layperson s interest I suppose it could seem too academic but I liked it If you are easily offended by dirty jokes you will probably be offended by this book since it includes many dirty jokes However the authors make the point that an objective survey of humor must admit that much of humor is dirty and any realistic theory of humor cannot ignore such a large percentage of the phenomena it seeks to explain For example would you want to be operated on by a surgeon who gets sueamish around blood EB White is said to have remarked Analyzing humour is like dissecting a frog Few people are interested and the frog dies of it I am one of those people who started out very interested but I couldn t wade through the academic prose of this book I had to skim most of it having lost interest and the will to live The title implies some Inside jokes are the pinnacle of pretension and signify an author that aspires to the lowest of the low in comedic uips They are the type of joke that says that any person who doesn t happen to be in a select group of a few people are not a part of the joke and wouldn t get it anyway What is this What is this abstaining from the hard work of making a good joke To make a joke with mass appeal and universality is one of the most challenging aspects of the medium of comedy The onus of the efficacy of a joke is on the comedian and not who happens to understand an arbitrary set of limited nown references How many times has someone made a reference that only two people in the room get They all smirk while everyone else suirms in the awkward waft of unknowing that follows I can personally attest to the people who aspire to this type of joking and it never turns out well for them In fact it leads to a further marginalization of their inclusive group Groups that aspire to buttress their own views and opinions behind a wall of esoteric allusions only further the superior than thou mentality that informs their jokes in the first place The jokers come under the impression that no one else is allowed in on the joke they create given that others the joke they create given that others never get it and therefore they abstain from even trying to make the jokes accessible Perhaps this is routed in personal experience when they were made to look foolish for trying to explicate their high minded personal interests in mixed company Perhaps they even took personal offense for the fact that their closely felt interests were not accepted and were even met with derision obviously the less people involved in said interest or in group the personal it becomes So it is uite plausible that they react By Hiding Behind This Wall Of Obscurity This Wall Of Obscurity behind this wall of obscurity only those deemed worthy may enter protecting them from the open court of majority opinion And this would obviously shed light upon why they make such jokes but it is to faulty ends It will only further the derision and disapproval that drove them away from including others on their jokes Just listen to what Jay Rubin says about it bit ya you fickers don t make those jokes any I ll get my payback on you batches Then you ll give me penky panic that I haven t read enough literary pulp Don t make me get DD He ll tell you what s up I ll throw cabbage at your faces And then you ll think Mark iz gawhjus The Steve s will come by and get you Stephen M is wearing his blue IJ speedo They all be going to penkfest and yell at Jus tin for haitin on all the D Mitch they re reading and sign up for the J N M booklist when he says Don t Fucking Wonder because he s been drinking and typing at 5 in the morning in Korea And then Ian ll turnip and write a bunch of Haiku s that beet you across the face thyme after thyme What music are you listening to while readingreviewing this eh eh Go write interviews then What do I need to write a 100 word pr cis now Or I ll just come beat you over the head with Women and Men Penis bananas And rockets coming out of penises in everyone s books I m being conditioned by ya ll and the dogs won t shut up No wait that s the cats they re talking to me again while naked Japanese women want to have sex with me IFFERELAINE s POSTING NAUGHTY PICS I hope this makes BB s reviewing hall of fame And then we can have celebrity death matches with all our books We can do it all night long My books can beat up your books I ll just record this on the Big Audio Project anyway Yeah yeah this has nothing to do with the book Flag it Just don t tie this to a chair and beat it with a hose LGM Karen reads soooo many fracking books Oh well we ll just start up another group read anyway I feel like I should give this a one star review but also a three star review Ergo the compromiseOne stars for its personal appeal I found it boring Considering I love pop cog in general I found this a little surprising On reflection I realized this book s appeal except perhaps to comedians and professionals in the cog biz is theoretical It is unlikely that any disease will be cured if someone nails the theory of funniness and the only profound change foreseeable in society at large will be when someone creates a humorbot which appears to be some ways off I ve read plenty of books that only have theoretical applications but they help me understand social problems that I find important such as how the cognition of morality heightens partisanship and reduces the likelihood of our civilization solving some pressing problemsThree stars for those that do find the theory of humor appealing Even for them this is a pretty dry book I thinkFor someone who wants to create jokes or humor there is plenty of material here that will provoke thought as to where to experiment and why those approaches are likely to workOh there is some humor interspersed of course There The Best Inside Jokes ↑UPJOKE↑ Inside Jokes I was digging in the garden when I found a chest full of gold coins I was about to run inside and tell my wife But then I remembered why I was digging a hole in the garden Some people say was an inside job But is a part time job As I slipped my finger slowly inside her hole I could immediately feel it getting wetter and wetter I slid my finger back out and Inside joke Wikipdia Une inside joke ou private joke parfois PJ dans l' argot Internet en franais.