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M some very worrying times on cross country flight "And I So Glad "I am so glad found this book I don t know how I missed this title when it came out but I did A wonderful story well told My really long detailed review didn t save I m too tired to write it all again but I recommend this book very much as one of the best books I have ever read Miniseries Regency Highland Disappointingly scuzzy feel after about 13 pp Miniseries Regency Highland I can t believe this book and the sht written inside it I got an instant dislike for the heroine she was ust a vashedan btch and he was no much better Whatever waste of time. Against the woman whose kiss he's never forgotten Until sinister forces threaten

to upend lady 
upend Lady world and Gordon must cast the law book aside.

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Highland HeiressA good historical romance I don t think there is any wrong with this story I ust don t think there is any wrong with this story I ust a highland venue involve kilts and braw heroes I ve started this book three times now and each time I ve read less before becoming bored So away it goes It is what it is A uick hour escape or so I usually really like Margaret Moores stories but I ust didn t really like any of the characters in this bookIt s love at first sight which I don t particularly like Lawyer Gordon McHeath saves Moira from a nasty dog on his way to visit his friend Robert Unbeknownst to Gordon Robert wants him to sue the lovely Moira for breach No sooner does wealthy heiress Lady Moira "MACMURDAUGH BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF FOR AVOIDING "breathe a sigh of relief for avoiding a marriage a gambling womanizer than she F promise as Moira broke off their engagement Nevermind she found out he s a drunk and a womanizer and in debt up to his eyeballs but found out he s a drunk and a womanizer and in debt up to his eyeballs but doesn t know thatGordon is unaware why he was called out for a visit But he feels he owes Robert for something that happened as
children so he 
so he to represent him I absolutely hate stories in which actions are guilt ridden I would have liked Gordon much if he wasn t his friend Robert s flunky Gordon s friend and Moira s father are very unlikeable This book ust did not resonate with me I love Moore s stories and characters Highland Heiress managed to take me away fro. S served with a lawsuitTorn between duty and this impulsive beauty who stirs him to distraction solicitor Gordon McHeath has no choice but to go up. .